Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Only Suckers Pay Church Tax in Austria

The Austrian old liberals have it good: the Bishops feed them by hand -- and are released on demand even from church fees.

[] It is an open secret that the church-hating organization 'We are Church' are put under wraps by the Austrian Bishops.

This was stated in Vienna by the sitting Hans Peter Hurka -- the president of the society -- in an e-mail yesterday to his supporters.

Hurka explained in his correspondence about a "great expectation (trust fund)", that his society had concocted last year.

The goal of this fund is according to Hurkas words, "for the quiet, individual exit from the Church in solidarity to advocate for reforms in the Church."

Under his desire old liberal reforms Hurka understands a further undercutting of the decadent Conciliar Church beneath the dictates and dogmas of the world.

Even his newest project receives support from the Austrian Bishops by Hurka, an expectant enemy of the Church:

"In conversations with the financial chambers of the Diocese there would be from now on a stipulated intermediate step" -- he said, pleased.

His planned trust fund can be applied partly or wholly pay church fees - with the agreement of the ordinariate -- directed for a supposed development project.

The paid fee can in any event can be redeemed for Church-tax.

- The collection which -- infiltrated by left extremists == Austrian Caritas for the flood catastrophe in Pakistan.

- A collection of the stone rich western media bosses cuddling with Austrian Bishop Msgr Werin Kräutler (71), of Xingu in Brazil.

- A collection of the world enriched Viennese development 'assistance -clubs'.

For Catholic projects the old liberals are well known for giving nothing to Catholic causes.

The paid dough will be from the fund -- less the allowable expenses of six euro per calendar year -- forwarded to the selected project.

Members of 'We are Church' will serve expense free.

The anti-Church organization apportions a remittance for the appropriate financial department.

This then reduces the church contribution fee by the amount transferred to by the trustee.

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