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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Prize Withdrawn: Leftist Child-Predator Avows it Not

Edit: while the Bishops cringe in the face of the abuse-hoax, the Left uses those claims to conceal its own very real child abuse scandals.

( The community service Comenius-Foundation has withdrawn the prize conferred on alleged educational reformer Hartmut von Hentig, which was originally given to him in 1994 on 18 October.

The 'Frankfurter Allgemeinen' reported this on Thursday.

The prize of the Comenius Foundation was given for the support of needy children and youth.

Homosexual, Child abuser, Atheist

Von Hentig has been celebrated for decades in Germany as the left-liberal star pedagogue.

He lived with the child abuser and director of the Hessian Odenwaldschule, Gerold Becker in a homosexual relationship.

But there's more, von Hentig is a member of the board of the German anti-Church organization "Humanistische Union'.

Attacks instead of Information

The money associated with the Comenius prize at that time of 20,000 D-Mark had to be passed, according to the statutes of the prize winners, to needy young people.

Hentig directed the money toward both institutions Odenwaldschule and Helene-Lange School in Wiesbaden, which have been notorious in the past for child abuse.

When the Comenius Foundation came to know of the offenses in those schools, they asked for clarification from Hentig.

But Hentig and the administrators of these schools accused the founder and chairman of the foundation of "prejudice".

The Foundation presented three questions about his possible homosexual involvement as well as regarding the homosexual rape of children in the Odenwald School.

Hentig left them unanswered.

Therefore, the Foundation came to the conclusion that Hentig was only prolonging his "concealment, trivializing and covering up".

It asked him to transfer the prize money then into the victims' fund of the Odenwald School, "so that at least one substantive gesture of reparation will be apparent."

"So that's one of those boys'

In 2010, former students from Odenwaldschule accused Hentig.

As Becker's homosexual partner, he was involved with the school and didn't work out.

He is said to have overnighted with at least one of Becker's victims.

The Odenwald victim Jürgen Dehmer describes in his book "How loud should I scream?", that he met Hentig sitting in Becker's living room, while the latter sat in a flat leather chair:

"I had just gone through Becker's apartment to smear me a loaf of bread, or perhaps to get something to drink, when Hentig looked at me with a penetrating, almost greedy eye. He looked at me, he looked at Becker, back to me and said, "So that's one of those boys."!

Von Hentig had stated in the past that the child abuser Becker is perhaps the object of child seduction.

On 21 October, he was to give a paper on Golo Mann- despite his history - in the German National Library in Frankfurt at the invitation of 'Golo Mann Society'.

He cancelled his appearance, when he learned that abuse victims were planning a demonstration to ask him to account for himself.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Evil Nun to Receive Award from Fake Jews

Editor: If St. Patrick could chase all the snakes out of Ireland, can he chase all the Modernists out of Minnesota? No sooner have we been talking about the Visitation which is supposed to straighten dysfunctional elderly Nuns than this pops up. Also prominent is part of the "theology" department at the University run by the Modernist Monastery and the heretical Fr. Micheal O'Connell. It's a love fest involving all of the evil forces in the Midwest. Be sure to contact the number below and the Archdiocese of St. Paul to let them know how much you appreciate the fact that they've made a comfortable zone for evil and Modernism.

Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis

Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis
226 Summit Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55102

Map & Driving Directions

Phone: (651) 291-4400
Fax: (651) 290-1629

Sister Marge Boyle to receive interfaith award from Temple Israel

By Larry Etkin
Free Speech Zone
March 17, 2011

On March 25, 2011, Minneapolis Reform Jewish congregation Temple Israel will bestow its 2011 Interfaith Award to Sister Marge Boyle, Minneapolis. The award is given to exceptional leaders who have worked to build bridges and facilitate dialogue and interfaith understanding with the Jewish community.

Created in 1990, during the tenure of the late Rabbi Max Shapiro, the award recognizes individuals in other faiths who have worked tirelessly toward interfaith understanding. It's symbol is a "shofar," a ram's horn, given to award recipients. The shofar is used to symbolize the Jewish call to listen to the voices of others.

"In her Catholic community Marge is an incredible advocate for the Jewish people," said Temple Israel Senior Rabbi Marcia Zimmerman. "She is devoted to the study of Judaism and has been a part of our Temple family for many years." Sister Boyle has been heavily involved with Catholic-Jewish reconciliation activities for more than 30 years.

She will blow the Shofar Horn

Past award recipients have included Father Michael O'Connell, current pastor of the Church of the Ascension in North Minneapolis, College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University professor of theology John C. Merkle, and most recently, in 2009, Reverend James Gertmenian of Plymouth Congregational Church, Minneapolis.

The award will be presented by Rabbi Zimmerman during the Friday evening Shabbat service, which begins at 6 p.m. Sister Boyle will deliver the evening's sermon. The service will be followed by a Congregational Dinner, requiring reservations and for which there will be a charge, and that will be followed by a discussion session with Sister Boyle which will begin at 8:15 p.m. Contact Temple Israel for more information: 612-377-8680.

Sister Boyle is a graduate of Stanford University, and earned a Master's Degree from the University of California at Berkeley, where she was involved in various social justice issues and interfaith activities, particularly Christian-Jewish activities.

In 1982, while in Israel, Marge encountered the Sisters of Our Lady of Sion, a small Roman Catholic international congregation. The primary work of the Sisters of Sion is Catholic-Jewish reconciliation.

Known formally as The Congregation of the Religious of Our Lady of Sion, the order was founded in 1843 by an Austrian convert from Judaism. Their principles, notes their website, include "a particular responsibility to promote understanding and justice for the Jewish community, and to keep alive in the Church the consciousness that, in some mysterious way, Christianity is linked to Judaism from its origin to its final destiny."

Sister Boyle's passion for interfaith work includes regular participation in interfaith and adult learning activities at Temple Israel, such as the weekly Saturday morning Torah Study. She also contributes her time an energies to broadly working for justice and equality in many arenas of society. She actively supports worker rights to collectively bargain and society's need to assist the disadvantaged.

The Interfaith Award Program is supported by the Knelman Family Fund for Interfaith Relations at Temple Israel.

H/t: Tom at AQ

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