Saturday, September 30, 2017

Cardinal Burke Back at the Apostolic Signatura

Edit: how can the press not criticize Bergoglio for having Daneels, who covered up rampant sex abuse on his watch, in a position of vital importance? Doesn't the Vatican need sweeping andnmopping? [Correction, wrong Daneels!. Anyway, why does Cardinal Daneels still have a position of trust in Bergoglio's inner-circle?]
[Catholic Herald] Pope Francis has reappointed Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke to the Apostolic Signatura, nearly three years after removing him as prefect. 
The Holy See announced Saturday morning that the American cardinal had been appointed to the Vatican’s highest court along with Cardinal Agostino Vallini, Cardinal Edoardo Menichelli, Archbishop Frans Daneels and Bishop Johannes Willibrordus Maria Hendriks. 
Cardinal Burke served as prefect of the court for six years before being removed in 2014 and appointed cardinal patron of the Order of Malta, a largely ceremonial post. It was highly unusual at the time to remove such a high-ranking cardinal without assigning him comparable responsibilities elsewhere. 
He has since become a strong defender of traditional Church teaching and was one of the four cardinals who signed the ‘dubia’ requesting clarification on Amoris Laetitia.


Anonymous said...

Wrong Daneels---this one is younger, and previously served on the Signatura. Godfried is the St. Galen Mafia fellow, not Franz

susan said...

is it just me or does anyone else smell farts all over this?

*bergoglio isn't gonna listen to +Burke on ANYthing.
*the old saw, "keep your friends close and your enemies closer" just screams from this move.
*++Burke now will NEVER issue a 'correctio', being in 'such a high and exalted place by "the pope"'.
*++Burke is no longer free and time-available to do the traveling he's been doing; talking, offering TLM Masses, writing and general shoring up of the moral of the Remnant in the diaspora.
*OH, and did I this position, he will N.E.V.E.R. issue a correction to the bergoglian heresies already on the book, being implemented, and spreading like a cancer across the Body of Christ.

this was a master chess move by bergoglio...shut-up, constrict, control your main thorn-in-the-side. And the sheep are left to dangle in the breeze with the wolves ripping off bloody pieces as they will. I don't see Branduller doing anything alone.

++Burke is in a most dangerous place now. If he doesn't speak up boldly and publicly against the outright heresy that IS the bergoglian anti-papacy (ground being PERFECTLY softened up, plowed and readied by the lay/clergy Correctio), then he would have been much better off spiritually had he eaten the last dinner with ++Caffara and ++Meisner.

this is another massive fulcrum moment....I don't hold out much hope in human terms for Burke coming thru in the clutch here, Buuuuuuuuut....with God all things are possible. Pray.

TLM said...

Anyone else see a snake slithering through the Vatican hallways?

Anonymous said...

No not snakes, But a infestation of rabbits.

Anonymous said...

Big deal. Not really.


M. Prodigal said...

Cardinal Burke has had way too much freedom and has been speaking and teaching truth all over the world. Gotta reign him in a bit because he is having too much influence.

Ana Milan said...

Cardinal Burke should only consider taking up this appointment AFTER the formal 'fraternal' correction has been publicly issued. It should have been done ten moths ago & could have prevented much of the filth from this Apostasy from occurring.

Kathleen1031 said...

It certainly has the appearance of a payoff. Actually, it puts a great deal more pressure on him to act.

JBQ said...

Burke has the Lord behind him. He will figure it out and recognize the "snake slithering through the hallway".

Charles said...

Burke is free to decline the appointment.

Bill O'Malley said...

I see no reason to cynical about the appointment of Cardinal Burke to an advisory position at the Sacred Signatura. His Canonical expertise remains a great asset to the Holy See.
In October 2016, Cardinal Burke was sent to Guam to investigate sexual abuse charges against the Archbishop, Anthony Apuron. On Burke's recommendation, Apuron has had to face an Canonical trial and a coadjutor Archbishop has been appointed.
None of this has prevented him from his role in the Dubia matter or his other pursuits.

susan said...

But he most likely won't; and that is part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

I hope Burke declines, and sees this as a move by Bergoglio for all the wrong reasons.
How stupid does Francis think Burke is?
I hope the Cardinal doesn't fall victim to this powerplay.
Regardless, Francis has his payback coming to him sooner or later....another Correction by the Cardinals, or worse.
But ya' gotta hand it to Francis. What a slimeball, dirty maneuver. Pure evil, 100% proof.
Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

A quick second thought....
Burke was appointed Prefect of this office, a mark of Papal favor, in 2009, It was a powerful and prestige office. Francis threw him out in 2014. Francis made him Prelate of the Soverign Military Order of Malta, and later disgraced him there.
NOW Francis wants to put Burke back as basically a lower member of the same office Bergoglio threw him out of in 2014? Appointing him back for all the wrong reasons?
I hope Burke has some pride and says no,
He should tell Francis to go ---- himself.
Damian Malliapalli

Tom A. said...

Go to Louie Verrechio's Aka Catholic site. He just posted a video of Burke saying SSPX is in schism. For this, Bergolio gave him a day job.

JBQ said...

@Damien: Pretty much. Well thought out.

TLM said...

And while he will probably accept the appointment, he should by all means hire a food tester as well.

susan said... should have NOTHING to do with his pride. That would only lead him down the wrong path. Pride shouldn't enter into it in any is a poison, and you can see it's clear effects on bergoglio.

It should have everything to do with Truth... speaking it clearly and loudly; protecting the flock and the Deposit of Faith; standing against the entire world if needs-be and witnessing for Christ and His Church, against those who would tear it down. He should (IMHO) refuse this appointment because even the most obtuse ('Bill O'Malley' excepted) can see this as a chess move by bergoglio to hamstring, silence, confine, control, and closely monitor Burke.

M. Prodigal said...

Cardinal Burke is humble and will follow the directives of the pope as best as he can as long as it does not involve a sin or the condoning of sin. He walks a fine line and is 'damned if he does and damned if he doesn't".

Anonymous said...

Now if he would only call Jorge schismatic.