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Friday, March 31, 2017

Brothel Owner Charges Austrian Cardinal of Being Regular Visitor

Edit: as one of the commenters at points out, it is unlikely that a Viennese Cardinal would go to such a place where he could easily be identified, and another points out that whoever it was didn't pay enough money to keep her absolute silence. The teller of the tale, Nina Janousek, is mordantly obese and has had two heart attacks, hence her stated reason for writing the book is that she will die soon. It's also a strong indicator of her character that she named Charley Sheen, but favorably, as one of her best customers, since he enriched some of her girls and was very generous. She said, "the best kind of Kavalier."

A bishop was also implicated.

It's not enough that +Schönborn benefits from selling pornography, and honoring aberrosexual Communist "artists", or throwing faithful priests under the bus, but it probably isn't him she's violating her professional discretion over.  We should already know that +Schönborn has done far worse things already than visiting a brothel.

Austria's most legendary brothel operator has published an explosive book and also charged an Austrian cardinal, who has regularly visited the brothel

[] The owner of the Nobelbordell Nina's Bar, Nina Janousek, published a book on Friday, which also explosive as regards the Catholic Church. The book tells of how prominent suitors came and entered. Among other things, she tells about the "sexual preferences" of a cardinal. According to the report of the newspaper "Österreich", the Cardinal did not spend much money in the establishment. He chose a girl and retired with her to the student room. After sex he stayed alone back there. "As I later learned from one of my ladies, he prayed for a while, probably asking for forgiveness, because his lust had led him to the bar, and after this devotion, he always left my nightclub in a hurry."

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