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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Marx: "German Bishops Stand Behind Kasper" -- Schönborn Also

Cardinal Marx and behind, Archbishop Zollitsch
(Rome) "The majority of the German bishops are in agreement with Kasper's proposal," Cardinal Reinhard Marx said on Monday, and so made outright admission of remarried divorcees from Communion. He took in the Synod Hall     immediately after the Relatio of the Rapporteur Cardinal Erdo.  Austria's Cardinal Schönborn agreed with Kasper. The German-speaking bishops in the Synod of Bishops immediately went on the offensive and sought to assume leadership. The new edition of the Rhenish alliance has already taken place in the German language area. The "Liberal" party is well organized.
Cardinal Marx, Archbishop of Munich-Freising, Chairman of the German Bishops' Conference , soon also Chairman of the Conference of European Bishops' Conferences, representative of Europe in the C9-Cardinals' Advisory to advise Pope Francis for reform of the Curia and management of the universal Church and chairman of the new Economic Council of the Holy See. A man with influence and in full awareness of his power .

German Offensive

"The Synod has a very open atmosphere," said the German cardinal. Even his Austrian counterpart, Archbishop of Vienna, Christoph Cardinal Schönborn immediately signaled a readiness to be open  regarding the "positive elements" of civil marriage.
"We have discussed and deepened this topic and I've written the Secretariat of the Synod to inform him" about the German position, Cardinal Marx, whom Benedict XVI. named in 2008 as Archbishop of Munich-Freising, with which he has enabled his rise to his the current positions. Marx, born in 1953, has been Bishop of Trier since 2002  and before that  in 1996, he was Auxiliary Bishop of Paderborn.  
"In Germany we have decided that the debate should be public. Pius XII. had spoken of the public opinion in the Church and we need to see the family as it is today and talk about all issues and all challenges with pastoral sensitivity. For Christians, the truth is not a system of ideas, but a living person with whom we are in  dialog," said  Marx at the press conference of Vatican Radio .
In the Synod Hall there is  no climate of conflict, just to listen and be respectful. One must look at the complexity of reality and also to the life stories of people who are or were not always all positive or all negative.

No to Faster Approval of the Nullity of Marriage Instead of Communion for Remarried Divorcees

Marx also added that the German bishops were not interested in an acceleration of the marriage annulment process.  Benedict XVI. had already called for an acceleration of  methods while dealing with the same content, as a possible answer to the drama of failed marriages, because it is lawful to examine the validity of the marriage.

Cardinal Schönborn stands behind Kasper: the new Rhenish Alliance
But the German bishops  do not want to keep putting it off. They demand as the only acceptable response to  current "real life", the approval of remarried divorcees to Communion. At least, this is the suggestion  of Cardinal Marx.  Because if the marriage foundered after many years, it is difficult to decide whether the marriage validly occured or not. Finally, want to "we do not want to think about   a kind of 'Catholic divorce'', said the Cardinal dialectically.

Cardinal Burke Spokesman of the "Conservatives"

On the afternoon of the first day   Synod,  after Cardinal Walter Kasper , Cardinal Raymond Burke also took the floor. He belongs with four other cardinals, as  the author of a book against Kasper's proposal. Cardinal Kasper is,  with papal benevolence, the spokesman of the "liberal" party, Cardinal Burke is regarded as the spokesperson of the "Conservative" party. In psychological guerrilla warfare that was tried before the Synod, to set the traditional to beset the Cardinal with rumors and threats of pressure. It is noticeable also that in the external perception of the Synod, what penetrates widely to the outside was represented as the opinion of the "Liberals", while those of the "conservatives" on the other hand,  should have been largely suppressed. The progressive Dehoniana journal Il Regno, which is close to the school of Bologna, set up a special website to continually report on the Synod's activity. A filtered reporting.

Cardinal Schönborn's (expected) Shoulder to Shoulder with Kasper

In the afternoon, Archbishop Christoph Cardinal Schönborn of Vienna and President of the Austrian Bishops' Conference and Ratzinger disciple, spoke up. He shared a number of Kasper's statements about the existence of elements of Christian marriage in the civil marriage: the public obligation, the duty to the spouse, the stability and more. As the Second Vatican Council has recognized that the true Church of Christ subsists in the Catholic Church, but it is possible to recognize elements of  Church also in the other churches and Christian communities, so it would be possible, given these positive elements of Christian marriage to recognize civil marriages. Therefore, with Kasper's  consideration, one could, for a time of penance, consider the situation of remarried divorcees on a case by case basis, and admit them to the sacraments.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Il Foglio / eponymousflower.blogspot
Trans: Tancred
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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Highest Court in India: Homosexuality is a Crime -- Cardinal Gracias: "Homosexuals Aren't Criminals"

(New Delhi) The Supreme Court of India lifted a judgment of the Supreme Court of Delhi from 2009 that legalized homosexual acts. Aberro-associations accuse Hindu, Islamic and Christian organizations to have exerted pressure to enforce the reinstatement of the ban. In contrast, Cardinal Oswald Gracias, Archbishop of Mumbai took a position: "No to gay marriage, but the Christian community is against any form of discrimination. Homosexuals have the same dignity as any other person. "

The Supreme Court made ​​its decision, the law restores the punishment of the homosexual act as a "crime against nature". The highest court of India previously toppled that ruling in 2009, which decriminalized homosexual acts. "Gay" activists are now criticizing religious organizations and are condemning Hindus, Muslims and Christians, of having exerted pressure so that the prohibition is restored. Cardinal Gracias told Asianews that "the Catholic Church has never been against the decriminalization of homosexuality, because we have never considered homosexuals as criminals." [False]

Repealed Decriminalization of 2009 

On 2 July 2009, the Supreme Court had canceled paragraph 377 (crime against nature) from Delhi of the Indian Penal Code which came from the British colonial period. The Court stated that sexual acts that take place between consenting adults, are part of the private and therefore not a crime. Until then, someone could even be convicted of homosexual acts and face to up to ten years in prison, in severe cases, to life imprisonment. However, the paragraph was not in fact applied.

Shri BP Singha, a leader of the Hindu Nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), who praised the judgment, who raised his objection, because "homosexual acts are illegal, immoral and against the ethos of Indian culture."

Cardinal Gracias: "Catholic Church pays tribute to Homosexuals With Full Respect"

Cardinal Garcia emphasized to Asianews: "As Christians, we express our full respect of homosexuals. The Catholic Church opposes the legalization of gay marriage, but teaches that homosexuals have the same dignity as anyone else and condemns all forms of unjust discrimination, persecution or abuse."

Criticism of the statements of Cardinal were leveled by Christian groups such as the Christian Mission Movement. "Respect" you have to pay every man as such, but not because someone is gay, because then one would respect his homosexual acts. But they are sin. That is why the choice of words by the Cardinal are "inappropriate" and not useful for communicating the Christian faith among people who practice homosexuality.

Cardinal Gracias represents Asia in Pope Francis's C-8 Cardinals' Advisory erected last April, to advise him in the reform of the Roman Curia and the leadership of the Church.

Text: Asianews / Giuseppe Nardi image: Asianews
Trans: Tancred

NB: Cardinal Gracias is also hostile to the TLM from what we can gather from a local traditional Indian blog. It appears he has closed the TLM down there.

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