Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Marx: "German Bishops Stand Behind Kasper" -- Schönborn Also

Cardinal Marx and behind, Archbishop Zollitsch
(Rome) "The majority of the German bishops are in agreement with Kasper's proposal," Cardinal Reinhard Marx said on Monday, and so made outright admission of remarried divorcees from Communion. He took in the Synod Hall     immediately after the Relatio of the Rapporteur Cardinal Erdo.  Austria's Cardinal Schönborn agreed with Kasper. The German-speaking bishops in the Synod of Bishops immediately went on the offensive and sought to assume leadership. The new edition of the Rhenish alliance has already taken place in the German language area. The "Liberal" party is well organized.
Cardinal Marx, Archbishop of Munich-Freising, Chairman of the German Bishops' Conference , soon also Chairman of the Conference of European Bishops' Conferences, representative of Europe in the C9-Cardinals' Advisory to advise Pope Francis for reform of the Curia and management of the universal Church and chairman of the new Economic Council of the Holy See. A man with influence and in full awareness of his power .

German Offensive

"The Synod has a very open atmosphere," said the German cardinal. Even his Austrian counterpart, Archbishop of Vienna, Christoph Cardinal Schönborn immediately signaled a readiness to be open  regarding the "positive elements" of civil marriage.
"We have discussed and deepened this topic and I've written the Secretariat of the Synod to inform him" about the German position, Cardinal Marx, whom Benedict XVI. named in 2008 as Archbishop of Munich-Freising, with which he has enabled his rise to his the current positions. Marx, born in 1953, has been Bishop of Trier since 2002  and before that  in 1996, he was Auxiliary Bishop of Paderborn.  
"In Germany we have decided that the debate should be public. Pius XII. had spoken of the public opinion in the Church and we need to see the family as it is today and talk about all issues and all challenges with pastoral sensitivity. For Christians, the truth is not a system of ideas, but a living person with whom we are in  dialog," said  Marx at the press conference of Vatican Radio .
In the Synod Hall there is  no climate of conflict, just to listen and be respectful. One must look at the complexity of reality and also to the life stories of people who are or were not always all positive or all negative.

No to Faster Approval of the Nullity of Marriage Instead of Communion for Remarried Divorcees

Marx also added that the German bishops were not interested in an acceleration of the marriage annulment process.  Benedict XVI. had already called for an acceleration of  methods while dealing with the same content, as a possible answer to the drama of failed marriages, because it is lawful to examine the validity of the marriage.

Cardinal Schönborn stands behind Kasper: the new Rhenish Alliance
But the German bishops  do not want to keep putting it off. They demand as the only acceptable response to  current "real life", the approval of remarried divorcees to Communion. At least, this is the suggestion  of Cardinal Marx.  Because if the marriage foundered after many years, it is difficult to decide whether the marriage validly occured or not. Finally, want to "we do not want to think about   a kind of 'Catholic divorce'', said the Cardinal dialectically.

Cardinal Burke Spokesman of the "Conservatives"

On the afternoon of the first day   Synod,  after Cardinal Walter Kasper , Cardinal Raymond Burke also took the floor. He belongs with four other cardinals, as  the author of a book against Kasper's proposal. Cardinal Kasper is,  with papal benevolence, the spokesman of the "liberal" party, Cardinal Burke is regarded as the spokesperson of the "Conservative" party. In psychological guerrilla warfare that was tried before the Synod, to set the traditional to beset the Cardinal with rumors and threats of pressure. It is noticeable also that in the external perception of the Synod, what penetrates widely to the outside was represented as the opinion of the "Liberals", while those of the "conservatives" on the other hand,  should have been largely suppressed. The progressive Dehoniana journal Il Regno, which is close to the school of Bologna, set up a special website to continually report on the Synod's activity. A filtered reporting.

Cardinal Schönborn's (expected) Shoulder to Shoulder with Kasper

In the afternoon, Archbishop Christoph Cardinal Schönborn of Vienna and President of the Austrian Bishops' Conference and Ratzinger disciple, spoke up. He shared a number of Kasper's statements about the existence of elements of Christian marriage in the civil marriage: the public obligation, the duty to the spouse, the stability and more. As the Second Vatican Council has recognized that the true Church of Christ subsists in the Catholic Church, but it is possible to recognize elements of  Church also in the other churches and Christian communities, so it would be possible, given these positive elements of Christian marriage to recognize civil marriages. Therefore, with Kasper's  consideration, one could, for a time of penance, consider the situation of remarried divorcees on a case by case basis, and admit them to the sacraments.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Il Foglio / eponymousflower.blogspot
Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com
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Anonymous said...

Why would Korean bishops, who are growing the Church, want to listen to Germanic bishops, who are shrinking the Church?

Anonymous said...

So let them try to destroy Our Lord's Bride completely .They won't be able to do it. ..they are nothing but a bunch of heretic Protestants with.not a Catholic bone in them....and are very dangerous ...leading so many souls to perdition... God help us...

They won't get away with it ...and as the Church is TESTED and really shrinks at such a rapid rate I hope I manage to find myself still faithful to the ONE HOLY CATHOC AND APOSTOLIC CHURCH founded by Our Lord Jesus Christ Himself..

I wish He'd come soon ...and find me ready ...this world is a disaster and the institutional Church stinks of the world...there is no hope in these men..we just have to go through this terrible trial of faith...


Clinton R. said...

What does it matter what these heretical bishops say? They have overseen the near destruction of the Catholic faith in Germany. Placating the masses won't do anything to bring people to the Church. Oh, will they ever learn? Just more sophistry and straw man arguments. The truth is not in them.

Anonymous said...

The German cardinals want to give communion to people living in adultery yet they refuse communion and burial to. Catholics who refuse to pay the. Church tax. A bunch of phonies who have no fear of God.

Genty said...

The Protestant Reformation genes seem to have survived through each generation of German clerics. They could at least be honest and join the Lutherans, but they want to retain their self-perceived power and prestige. Hypocrites, the lot of them.

Anonymous said...

Let's tell the sinners they are correct, that'll send em back to church!

susan said...

"the institutional Church stinks of the world"....smell of the sheep baby! The majority of our prelates are just rolling in the (as the Icelandics say) "seep sit".

I say it again, the SSPX is looking more and more like Pella everyday. They are the haven of preservation, and one day far off (in church time), when sanity once again reigns, Lefebvre will be raised to the altar.

God help us, the storm is breaking bad, and the wolves are viciously emboldened...where is our Athanasius?

Long-Skirts said...

Susan asks:

".where is our Athanasius?"


Five times banished
Exiled seventeen
Excommunicated champions
God puts at each scene.

Saint Athanasius,
Feast day of worth
On the second of May
The month of great mirth.

Out in the deserts –
As history has charted –
You preserved the true Mass
Great lion-hearted.

Now Lefebvre
And the sixties egalitarians
Like Athanasius,
His time his Arians.

For He who abolished
Death by death
Sent him to absolve
Sin width and breadth.

And yes the same moon
The same sun we're all under…
We venal rain - but Lefebvre

Righteous thunder!!

Dane said...

Of course they stand behind Kasper. That's where you have to be if you want to hear all his crap.

Woody said...

"The truth is not a system of ideas..." So I guess I can throw away my catechisms, no? Funny how those old things all talk about faith as response to revelation, certainly implying that the faith IS a system of ideas, or propositions, so also funny how the undisputed councils,much as Trent, emitted nothing but ideas in the form of decrees and the like. These guys do not have the Faith.

LeonG said...

"We have discussed and deepened this topic" - by this liberal modernists mean that they are going to do what they want.

Enoch said...

St. Athanasius was still alive during the worst of the Arian crisis. Archbishop Lefebvre is not alive today to offer support in these difficult times. We can look to his words and example, which are quite helpful, but we need someone who is still alive to offer support and encouragement during this new phase of modernism which infects the Church. If the synod decides to allow communion to be received by those groups not previously allwed to do so, there may be a fallout from those devout Catholic priests who refuse to go along with it. The SSPX is safe from these problems, but the traditional priests who are connected to a diocese may have much to suffer if they remain true to Our Lord's commandment regarding marriage, if they refuse to give communion to someone in an irregular marriage, or who are living in sin.

Anonymous said...

They are following the diabolical. Catholics ought to denounce their evil behaviour, ideas and propositions. It is so extreme, anyone with a modicum of Faith and goodwill must recognise it as so.

susan said...

y'know, first rule of commenting is to make it comprehensible.

the one thing I did understand was this..."Cardinal Laghi and Cardinal Bernardin must have had some reunion last night and today in heaven". I don't know Laghi, but BERNARDIN in heaven??? Friend, whatever you're smoking is destroying brain cells by the bushel...stop now!

Damask Rose said...

"...I hope I manage to find myself still faithful to the ONE HOLY CATHOC AND APOSTOLIC CHURCH..."

Yes, Barbara, but how are we going to make this choice?

Damask Rose said...

Yes, it's going to be hard for the good priests.

In the meantime, orthodox Catholics are going to be marginalised by homosexualist clerics backed by homosexualist states.

Now is the time to start praying the Rosary in earnest.

We've just had a Blood Moon, the last should appear around 2015. Signs and portents anyone?

With all that we know that has happened in the Church, I shouldn't be surprised about all this, but I still find myself being dumbfounded.

Damask Rose said...

"As the Second Vatican Council has recognized that the true Church of Christ subsists in the Catholic Church, but it is possible to recognize elements of Church also in the other churches and Christian communities, so it would be possible, given these positive elements of Christian marriage to recognize civil marriages. Therefore, with Kasper's consideration, one could, for a time of penance, consider the situation of remarried divorcees on a case by case basis, and admit them to the sacraments."


There you have it. VII, Universalism, ecumenism, denial of the Second Covenant, no EENS, the whole shebang. It's all come full-circle.

It's merely an extension of... [fill in the gap here].

They want to eventually ratify gay sex/gay families. Read between the lines. Each Sunday Mass in every parish will be a Soho Mass. It's started with the baptisms of the children of the transgender/lesbians in the cathedral, no less. A total mockery of Genesis and Cana. (I don't think God the Father, or His Son, Jesus, dreamt that up.) That's why they're not interested in strengthening or looking at the current Catholic annulment process.

Conversely, one could argue that as these prelates are discussing Communion for adulterers using this VII thesis, these progressive prelates have shot themselves and VII in the foot, because what they are doing is going directly against the Trinity. We can see this, unfortunately they can't. They will damn many Catholics and clerics to Hell.

Anonymous said...

Bishop Athanasius... Schneider must live to his namesake's reputation.


Anonymous said...

By following the remnant Church when the schism comes. www.thewarningsecondcoming.com

Anonymous said...

It makes perfect sense ,when you consider that they now serve Man not God.

Anonymous said...

A good question Damask Rose.

My conscience won't allow me to accept what most of the present hierarchy are doing to the Church ...including Pope Francis...

If I dwell to long on them , or see them or hear their voices..I begin to feel nausea....I kid you not....I want to cover my eyes from them ...they are such a disgrace to Our Lord...
So I won't be staying with them ..cause in fact they are the ones that have "stepped out" the Church with their wild modernist heresies..

It's all too much...

But the modernists won't win...as we know

Must stay together and spiritually pray together to get through this my dear Catholic friends..


Anonymous said...

With all the happening tragedy in our holy Church, I must remind myself that God is in charge not pralates or us, and that obviously permits the present situation. Keep your eyes on the crucifix and say your daily Rosary.

Anonymous said...

these SOB should join the Lutheran Church.

Anonymous said...

Susan - I don't know what Bishop Robert Lynch smokes (quote is from his blog). I do know he's been sued for sexually harassing men:

The Catholic Diocese of St. Petersburg paid slightly more than $100,000 to a former (male) employee who claimed he had been harassed by Bishop Robert Lynch

He's also the bishop that 'failed to intervene' in the Terri Schiavo murder and who just five days ago accused prolifers of attacking the Church to raise money :

Lynch is blowin' the same smoke of Satan he's been blowin' for decades. The question is why do you keep smoking it? These queers aren't hiding. They're right there in plain sight. You people refuse to see it or to remember the names and connect the crises. You don't want to be enlightened about what's happening in the Catholic Church.

In the above paragraph Lynch coNNected NY Bishop Dolan w/the queers Bernardin, McCarrick, and Cupich.

We were all led to think that Dolan becoming head of USCCB was better than Kicanis. Read this article about how the Bernardin era is over -- but what Lynch just told us is that Kicanis & Dolan are two heads of the same coin:

At the time when this was announced, I sort of suspected what was going on, but Lynch's statement is further proof:

"Bishop Kicanas, the outgoing vice president of the USCCB, succeeds Archbishop Dolan as CRS chairman. Archbishop Dolan vacated the CRS position upon his election as the new president of the USCCB November 16."


Lynch gives much the same spiel in this post when Dolan became Cardinal: I have known Cardinal-designate Timothy M. Dolan since the mid-eighties when I returned to Washington to work at the bishops’ conference and he was working at the Apostolic Delegation (only later with full diplomatic recognition first given by President Ronald Reagan would it be called the Apostolic Nunciature). At that time, working alongside of soon-to-be Cardinal Dolan were now Archbishop Dennis Schnurr, Bishop Blasé Cupich, Bishop Michael Cote, and a saintly priest named Monsignor Bernard Yarrish of the Scranton diocese who subsequently was diagnosed with MS and is today in a nursing home in Wilkes-Barre, PA. They were a wonderful group of men who made our work, then at the other end of Massachusetts Avenue, easy and easily conducted between Archbishop Pio Laghi and ourselves a delight (as did the Apostolic Delegate/Nuncio Laghi). We would recreate together on occasion but it was always hard to get on Father Dolan’s dance card - See more at: http://bishopsblog.dosp.org/?tag=usccb&paged=2#sthash.Yonyf0If.dpuf

C.J. said...

Maybe they will excommunicate us and we could be rid of their stench.

Tancred said...


Anonymous said...

That's solid proof their god is Mammon.

Anonymous said...

Our modern day Athanasius is in heaven praying for us. In this period of Church history it won't be a saint like Athanasius, Ignatius of Loyola, or Marcel Lefebvre that saves the Church, it will be Our Lady herself. Our Lady gave us a weapon with infinite ammo to fight our modern war, the rosary. Each bead of the rosary is to Satan what a silver bullet is to a werewolf.

Consider yourself lucky if you have a SSPX chapel near you, I know people (large families) who travel 2-3 hours (one way) to Mass each Sunday. When I looked at the diocesan websites Mass location map, there were roughly 200 parishes that were closer to where most people were coming in from. That speaks for itself.

Anonymous said...

There was a man named Marx who:

1. Hated Catholic teachings on marriage
2. Wanted to change the definition of marriage to bring about revolution
3. Thought that praying in Latin was a method of enslaving the worker.
4. Criticized traditional Papal attire.
5. Wanted to get rid of devout Catholics who didn't go along with revolution.

Who was this Marx? a.) Karl Marx b.) Reinhard Marx c.) All the above