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Monday, October 15, 2012

Obéissance or Explusion -- Bishop Williamson Receives Ultimatum

(Menzigen)  The break, indicated since October 2011 between Bishop Richard Williamson and the Society of St. Pius X has come to an end phase.  The General Superior of the Society of St. Pius X, Bernard Fellay, should have issued an ultimatum to his English colleague in the office of Bishop.  With the document he demanded that Msgr. Williason, within ten days, accept the legitimate authority of the General Superior.  This was reported by Andrea Tornielli.  Should Bishop Williamson continue to maintain his disobedience,separation would be the logical consequence.

The relations between the General Superior and Bishop Williamson has been in a dive since the previous year.  Williamson is the most famous and combative opponents of the General Superior and his efforts in preparing to reconcile with the Holy See.  The seriousness of the quarrel was shown with the reconciliation talks between the Society and the Holy See was shown in Autumn of 2011, as Msgr. Fellay called all superiors of the Society to Albano Laziale, in order to inform them about the "Doctrinal Preamble" of the Holy See, and to discuss continued procedures.  The General Superior demanded Msgr Williamson then not to participate in the Council.  Actually, the insubordinate Bishop did not come to Albano Laziano near Rome.  Since Spring of 2012, the General Superior told +Williamson not to give any more lectures, to act pastorally or to act in the distribution of Sacraments.  At the General Chapter of 2012 Msgr. Williamson was again not invited.

Then the definitive moment of clarity took place, according to which Msgr. Williamson active in Brazil definitively against the will of the Society.

Because of Williamson's 2009 statements about the "Shoah", Rome was given observable stomach pains about a reconciliation with the Society and also to his recognition and acceptance as Bishop.  The exclusion of +Willaimson from the Society did not directly affect the reunification talks with Rome, but would certainly be taken with lightening toward recognition.   After that it became known that the other Bishops had written a severely critical letter against their General Superior and against unification with Rome, and  the Congregation of the Doctrine and the Faith explained that the position of Bishop Williamson, Tissier de Mallerais and de Gallereta would be handled independently in a possible unification.

For the General Superior of the Society, there the question in any case is not the mental state of Rome, rather the continued disobedience which Bishop Williamson shows to date.  The sedevacantist fringe of the Society has exerted a process of eroding on the Society for months.  In the USA there is in place a new type of "Society", which is now describing itself as the "true" Society of St. Pius X.  Its members insist that Msgr. Fellay is the legitimate successor of Archbishop Lefebvre,  whom they never the less refuse to obey, and who wish to enact in miniature, the situation between the Society and Rome.

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

New German Charges Against the British Hero-Bishop

Illegal According to International Law

The muzzle-justice of the organizations pursuing the Third Reich continue to embarrass themselves.  The attorney of the Society has already announced that he is prepared to appeal against the new summary order of punishment.

Bishop Williamson at
Confirmation in 1991
© Jim, the Photographer, Flickr,CC
 ( The Nazi-mad Federal Court of Regensburg has renewed its summary order of punishment against Hero-Bishop Richard Williamson (72) for incitement of the people.

The new accusation is seeking a penalty of 100 days at the daily rate. (It's indeterminate now what they'll charge him per day, but it will probably be similar to the 65 euro amount, which is 6,500 euros total)

 A court speaker is angered -- that Msgr Williamson -- is not punishable by German law -- has allegedly defamed the gas methods during the anti-Catholic Third Reich. The German summary punishment is illegal according to international law. 

Now they will once again roll out the failed court case. Preliminarily, the attorney of Bishop Williamson has announced, that he is against proceeding in the case of a new summary punishment.

Occupational Therapy for Muzzle-Justice

The proceedings have been ongoing since 2009.

At the appeal in 2011 the German State desired 100 days at a daily rate of 65 euros, therefore, 6,500 euros.

The Supreme Court of Nurnberg declared the Society Bishop free of any adverse judgements resulting from the trial, but allowed for a new trial. [Can you say double-jeopardy?]

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I consider Cathcon a friend, but we don't always agree.  His take is somewhat more conventional to say nothing of politically correct.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bishop Williamson Will Be Expelled

The only conceivable result of the Vatican negotiations with the Society of St. Pius X consists in that Rome in the future will have two Societies to confront.
Bischof Williamson bei der Distriktswallfahrt
der Deutschen nach Fulda, 2006

( Society Bishop Richard Williamson (72) will be shut out of the Society of St. Pius X.

This was learned by and reported recently.

A Hot Potato

The last cause for the exclusion was an unauthorized Confirmation by the Bishop in South  America in the past August.

Already for years, the General Superior of the Society, Bishop Benard Fellay, in vain, had put a muzzle on Msgr Williamson.

So also it was expected of him that he would cease his weekly e-mail commentary.  But the Bishop continued to publish.

Another Society?

It is yet to be seen that the Bishop will found another Society with other exiled priests.

Then it may be only a question of time, till he will ordain Bishops.

It is still in question, if he has the necessary organizational talent and energy to build a new structure.

Besides it passes as egocentric.

In view of the expected scenario many observers regard the shutting out Bishop Williamson as a fatal mistake.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bishop Williamson: "Get Rid of Bishop Fellay"

Bishop Williamson spoke just briefly before the General Chapter in a video that appeared on youtube between the 10th and the 19th on youtube.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

SSPX Priest Urges Bishop Williamson to Come to General Chapter

Edit: Now the pieces have to be picked up and the men have to be rallied for other battles in the future against the spirit of Modernism.  I found a translation of the letter at the Bellarmine forum, here.
Altar bei der Piusbruderschaft
© Jim, the Photographer, Flickr,CC

A unification did not take place --- but perhaps it will produce at least a division?

(  On the 29th of June Father Charles Moulin -- the prior of the Society of Saint Pius X in the 340,000 population city of Nice in the southernmost part of France -- has written an open letter to Bishop Richard Williamson.

 The letter is a reaction to the exclusion of the Bishop's appearance from the next General Chapter in Econe.

Good wishes only for the enemy?

Father Moulin is a fellow student of Bishop Fellay.

He notes on this that the "enemies of yesterday" have been treated with enormous friendliness:

For that reason it is also the case that his old "brothers in arms" who have, after so many years, could be excused a certain lack of obedience.

The freedom to defend the true Doctrine

Father Moulin stresses that the freedom to speak of Bishop Richard Williamson would be an enormous benefit to the General Superior.

Finally, he was very concerned about future prospect of independence of the Society in Apostolate and speech during  the negotiations with the Vatican.

This freedom, to defend the true doctrine, is a "true and traditional privilege of every Catholic Bishop".

Attack on unity

Father Moulin can also not imagine that the General Superior by the next chapter would bypass the wisdom and insight of Msgr. Williamson.

He recalled then that Msgr Fellay as a seminarian was one of the most acute listeners of the "masterful lectures" of Bishop Williamson at the seminary in Econe.

The Father can also not imagine that the General Superior would want to shut a Bishop out from the Chapter, whom Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre (+1991) himself chose.

That would break the close unity of the Society which the Archbishop desired.

He knows the enemy.

For Father Moulin, Msgr Williamson is an effective bulwark as a convert from Anglicanism, to prevent the "ever possible" protestantization of the Society.

He described Msgr Williamson as one of the greatest students of the subversive tactics of the Modernists, Old Liberals and enemies of the Church.

Solidarity of the Other SSPX Bishops?

Finally, Father feared even that the two other Bishops, Msgr Bernard Tissier de Mallerais and Msgr Alfonso de Gallareta, will stay away from the General Chapter out of solidarity.

The Father wishes that the participants of the General Chapter will find time to observe the words of St. John Chrysostom:

"There are more reasons to trust the wounds inflicted by a friend, than the kisses bestowed by an enemy."

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pope Complained of German Bishops Forsaking Him

The Vaticanleak Book is a Hastily Built, Chaotic and Untrammeled Thing

It is to laugh:  As the Church-hate media use Bishop Richard Williamson as a pretext to get started on the Pope, he expects backing from the German Judas-Bishops. 

(, Vatican)  The book from Italian journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi, armed with books from the 'Vatican Leaks', is a hastily knit messy framework.

This was established by the German news "Welt" yesterday.

Nuzzis' book is entitled "Sua Santita -- Le Carte Segrrete di Benedetto XVI" -- Or, His Holiness -- the Secret Letters of Benedict XVI.

It was published two weeks ago.

"Only civilly married"

Nuzzis' book cites hundreds of secret documents or memos and handwritten notes from the Pope.

The facsimile of thirty confidential letters are in the appendix at the end.

Many of the  papers are confidential letters concerned only with Italian affairs -- "a dinner between the Pope and the President of Italy, also the dismissal of the chief editor of 'Avvenire', the newspaper of the Italian bishops' conference,"  says the newspaper.

At dinner with the ex-Communist and Italian President Giorgio Napolitano they discussed family law, euthanasia, abortion and children.

There is only one note about the Italian president on the Vatican document, "Only married civilly."

Massive Donation Slump

Another letter comes from the emeritus Cardinal Paolo Sardi (76) -- the Pro-Patron of the Order of Malta.

He criticized the poor coordination of the various departments in the Vatican.

A letter of the Papal delegate to the beleaguered congregation of the Legionaries of Christ, Cardinal Velasio De Paolis (76) reported on the massive donation slump of the order and their severe financial situation.

A protest against the Pope insultress

A memo to the German Nuncio, Archbishop Jean-Claude Perisset, asked for "a clear word of protest" directed at the Bundeschancellor Angela Merkel.

This statement refers to her interference in the lifting of the Excommunications against the four Bishops of the Society of St. Pius X in 2009.

The chapter on the German Chancellor contained seven pages.

Benedict XVI noted himself in his report the word "media tsunami".

In Nuzzis' book, there were also conflicts specified  between the Old Liberal Mainz Cardinal Karl Lehmann and the Pope.

But there's even more -- at 'Weltbild'

In an interview with the German 'Tageschau' Nuzzi said that onoly some documents in his book come from the Pope himself.

During the media scandal regarding Bishop Richard Williamson the Pope personally criticized to the German Nuncio that the German Judas-Bishops did not defend him. [Remember when Father Schmidberger of the SSPX did just that?]

Nuzzi explained still more that there were still more documents regarding "Weltbild" [The pornography distributor of the German Bishops].

This information could be included in a planned German version of the work.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

German Supreme Court Acquits Bishop Williamson of Sedition

Update: In well over a month, the paranoid  Regensburg Chief prosecutor, Wolfhard Meindl, will continue a second complaint against Bishop Richard Williamson.  This was threatened by the 'Katholschen Nachrictenagentur' [KNA].  The complaint will involve again the supposed sedition.  It still allows, however, new charges in the same case.  Do German courts really allow double jeopardy?

Edit: apparently the Black Scare is being checked in Germany's highest court somewhat as Bishop Williamson is acquitted of sedition. It wasn't clear that he had intended his remarks for a wider audience in Germany.
Bishop Williamson at Pilgrimage
 in Fulda, 2006

The German muzzle-justice system, condemned throughout the world, must save what there is to save.  They have given the brave British have given absolute justice.

(kreuznet, Munich) The Supreme Court in Nürnberg have discontinued legal proceedings against British Hero Bishop Richard Williamson.

This was reported by the Court's press office on Wednesday.

Msgr Williamson had -- supposedly-- effected only an act of preparation.

It is being handled as "a (still) not punishable conduct" -- says the press office.

In order for a charge of sedition, Msgr Williamson would have had to express himself in public or to a gathering.

The criminal division stressed that the judgment does not testify that the historical inquiries are legal in muzzle-Germany.

The German Media Bosses are the Seditious Ones

The Regensburg Court did not specify in its verdict in which manner and where exactly in Germany the Bishop's interview had been published.

The evidence, therefore the facts of the case, were not adequately demonstrated.

It says only, that Msgr Williamson had to have understood that the interview also concerned Germany .  (Despite it being in English]

On the contrary, it was never explained, how and where there was any exception to giving a public interview for broadcast in Germany.

The Media Bosses Are Blamed

The State Prosecutor could, given the same facts of the case still make formal charges.

Then the whole case could be rolled out again.

The blameworthy German media bosses are interpreting the free speech as a "error of proceedure".

Muzzle-Justice From the Pressure of the Media Bosses

Regensburg Court had charged Bishop Williamson with a fine of 10,000 Euro.

The State Court confirmed the judgment and lowered the fine to 6,500 Euro.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Berlin's Archbishop Woelki For Dialogue With the SSPX

Edit: this is the first that it's clear that the Society is expected, at least according to Archbishop Woelki, to accept the Second Vatican Council completely. It's also important to note that the Society continues to distance itself from and isolate Bishop Williamson.

The leadership continues to hold out hope for the "conservative" leadership of the Church.

Deutschlandradio Kulture interviewed Berlin's Archbishop Woelki about a relationship with the SSPX.  Here is an excerpt from the interview.

D-Radio:   But to whom is this rejection directed -- perhaps even to a Pope, who still directed a reconciliation with the Ultra-orthodox Society of St. Pius X, even though aware a member was a holocaust denier? [This again...]

Woelki:  For that reason, I believe the Pope has performed a very importance service.  His task consists precisely in forming reconciliation and unity, and in fact it comes straight from his office and in Tradition, which is also that of Taizé.  So it is not enough now to just close a group out, rather we stress here also the political arena is just as important as dialogue, to get to know people, and only then, when one speaks to another, can one integrate and then reconcile.  And I think that this is the important mission of this Papal office, to stand for the unity of the Church and seek this unity of the Church.

D-Radio:  But isn't it difficult to communicate and integrate this group of all things?

Woelki:  I don't know.  Therefore I think one doesn't know about this group ... It is surely a difficult group, it is not my group and one has to be very careful to maintain that now all, who belong to this group, are holocaust deniers or even belong to radical right bodies of thought.  There is in fact one of these, completely  insensible and irrational men, who did this, and so far as I know, the other so-called Bishops, who are also not approved by us,  by the Catholic Church,  have even distanced themselves from this man.

No, there is a group, that has problems with accepting certain statements in the Second Vatican Council in a certain way.  And I think that the dialogue has shown that the Pope is clearly on the level with the Second Vatican Council, and that he and now also these men, whom he has commissioned to lead this conversation has made it clear that the SSPX must accept statements about the Second Vatican Council otherwise no communion with the Catholic Church is possible.

Commentary from SSPX German District:  HE Bishop Woelki here represents the represents the course of most conservative Church leaders: In contrast to the enemies of the Society, they do not throw all the Bishops and priests in the Williamson-bag and recognize that the Priestly Society of St. Pius X has nothing to do with right--wing ideologies.

Because the current course is now set in Rome is on reconciliation and brotherhood,  the discussions with the Society will continue.

The Society of St. Pius X is regarded in this way as a mule, who has simply not yet understood that the Council "as a whole" has to be accepted.

This approach completely bypasses the problem of course:  The Catholic Church is in complete collapse 50 years after the Council.  You must pray for Msgr Woelki and all the other more or less conservative bishops that they come to appreciate at last this context:  the reason for the massive apostasy is the Council, at least those portions  that the progressives exploit with their new theology of the equality of all religions,  to prey on the Church.   This is how the Church has lost its purpose and consciousness of mission, and in consequence the loss of Holy Mass (replaced by a community meal) and therefore also vocations.

So long as the bishops do not recognize the crisis in the Church and their causes, there will remain a dialogue, which completely misses the point.

Link to SSPX German District...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pope Benedict May Have Something Better for SSPX: Bishop Williamson "Lashes" out at Jews

Edit: The Pope may have something even "better" in store for the Society in this round of deliberations over the Preamble, despite misgivings on the part of Bishop Fellay about the course of this.

Meanwhile, Bishop Williamson is in the Jewish press with his recent Eleison Comments, which are really non-controversial.
A report on the conference given by H.E. Bernard Fellay SSPX in Our Lady of Victories Church, Cubao, Quezon City, Metro Manila on October 16, 2011

I attended Pontifical Mass from the throne (two assistant deacons and all) in the SSPX church in Metro Manila on the morning of October 16. The Mass was offered by Bishop Fellay and he was assisted by the District Superiors for Asia and for France. The church was packed to overflowing thanks to the presence of delegates from the SSPX-guided Praesidia of the Legion of Mary from all over the Philippines. (This is not to say that the church is not full on ordinary Sundays.)

During his sermon for the Mass, Bishop Fellay focused mostly on the need to trust in God, and the fact that the Lord who performed the miracle described in the gospel for that Sunday (the forgiving of sins and healing of the man sick with palsy) is the same Lord who is in the tabernacle. He has lost none of His power, and therefore we must have recourse to Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament with complete trust. He also related the following story from Lourdes, which according to the bishop took place a few years back: there was this little girl who was very ill, and who had gone to Lourdes in the hope of being healed. She stood in line to be blessed with the Blessed Sacrament, as is the practice in that shrine. However, when the priest blessed her with the Blessed Sacrament, nothing happened to her. She then pointed to the Blessed Sacrament (which by then had been brought over to another person) and said, "I'll tell this to Your Mother!". At that instant, she was healed! The bishop did not neglect to speak about the need to pray the rosary and to have trusting recourse to the intercession of the Blessed Virgin. In the course of this he remarked that the crisis in the Church was so great that, humanly speaking, it can't be raised up, and only divine intervention can do so.

After the Pontifical Mass, the bishop gave an hour-long conference (open to the public) on the state of the relationship between the Vatican and the SSPX.

From Rorate Caeli...

Monday, July 11, 2011

Now the German Muzzle Still Demands 6.500 Euros from Bishop Williamson

The German Heil-Hitler Regime have rendered an illegal judgment, according to International Law, against Hero-Bishop Richard Williamson.
Bishop Williamson Bows to God, Not Germany

(, Regensburg) The District Court of Regensburg has punished Pius-Bishop Richard Williamson (71) still with a 6.500 Euro fine today.

This was according to the German media bosses.

For this reason, the court was affirming a judgment of the British Hero-Bishop from 2010 in what is, according to International Law, illegal.

That was the point at which the free Brit was fined for a combined 10.000 Euro fine.

The District Court is clearly still under the direction of the Nazi-crazy State Bar. They were seeking a punishment of 12.000 Euro.

The Bishop's defense severely criticized the German laws against free speech to the court.

It cast serious doubts as to whether a German court could condemn a British Citizen, merely because he gave an interview for Swedish television on German soil.

Further, the interview was conducted as a deceptive set-up with Swedish journalists on the Internet and for that reason, not subject to the German muzzle-laws, said the defense.

The German Nazi-mad Regime will not be able to collect this illegal judgement in Great Britain, where Msgr Williamson lives.

Link to original...

Correction: "The Regensburg appeals court on Monday confirmed the 2010 incitement conviction of Bishop Richard Williamson, though it lowered his punishment to a fine of €6,500 ($9,136)from the original €10,000, according to DAPD news agency."

Monday, July 4, 2011

Maximilian Krah Sells Bishop Williamson Out: Holds him to Ridicule for Germany's Anti-Catholic Press

Editor: Bishop Williamson may face jail time, included in the 'dapd' report, complete with denunciations from SSPX Legal representative Maximilian Krah who also ridiculed Bishop Williamson for believing in the Apocalypse.

Here's an excerpt from the google translation from anti-Church 'suddeutsche zeitung':

Much further in a Catholic community of priests probably can not dissociate from one of their members. An eccentric is Bishop Richard Williamson, one who had a "persistent problem with recognition of reality" and "monotonous regularity every two years, believes in the apocalypse."
You Look Fabulous, Dolly

^Italics ours.

Here's our translation of the end of the 'dadp' article, which contains the suggestion that Bishop Williamson may even face jail time for his comments for Swedish television:

The legal representative of the Society of Pius X, the Dresden Attorney Maximilian Krah, had also said as a witness for the courts that, Williamson's [sic] Holocaust-denial comes from conviction. "He believes that", explained Krah, who shortly after the publication of the Interview removed the Bishop's mandate.

According to Krah's account Williamson [sic] is valued in the Society as an eccentric, "colorful bird" and has no significant position of leadership. The Bishops of the Society of St. Pius X are first and foremost in there for Priestly Ordinations and Confirmations and not automatically entrusted with leadership.

The appeal is to take place, because after the first process before the Regensburg Court, both sides are seeking legal means against the judgment. The book of sentencing identifies punishments for denial or downplaying the crimes of the National Socialists prescribe a fine or incarceration of up to five years. (dapd)

H/t: Ignis Ardens

News Updates: Bishop Willimason Stops Appeal Process

Montag, 4. Juli 2011 08:08:02

Pope on the Environment

Vatican. In the poor lands in people suffer material need. In the wealthy regions people are dissatisfied and depressed. Pope Benedict XVI said this at yesterday's Angelus Prayer. With reference to the environment -- not perhaps on abortion -- he lamented, "the aggressive character of destruction, with which the last century has been dominated."

Three New Priests for the Immemorial Mass of All Ages

Germany, on Saturday, Jean-Pierre Ricard of Bordeaux blessed three Deacons for the Priestly Society of St. Peter in the Immemorial Rite as Priests. This was according to the site, ''. The three new priests are Father Clément Darmet from Tarare near Lyon, Father Guilhem de Labarre from Bordeaux and Father Martin Micheal Klein from Cologne.

Hero Bishop isn't Coming to the Show Trial

German. On Saturday, the manager of the e-mail column of Bishop Richard Williamson, Nicholas Wansbutter, is to stop his appeal in muzzled Germany. The German media reported on it yesterday. Actually, Wansbutter published an disclaimer. Bishop Williamson has been at Ecône in Switzerland for the priestly ordinations last weekend.


Monday, June 20, 2011

Bishop Williamson Fires Attorney

The hearing of appeal of hero-Bishop Williamson is being understanding now by an honorary professor of the University of Marburg.

(, Regensburg) Society Bishop Richard Williamson (71) has separated himself from his council now just before his July 4th hearing. This is according to 'dpa'.

In April the Court of Regensburg fined hero-Bishop Williamson for an offense of Holocaust denial in muzzleland Germany for 10.000 Euros.

He is challenging German legal clauses, which according to International Law, are illegal.

The Fourth Attorney

Msgr Williamson is taking his fourth attorney before his appeal.

First of all, he separated himself from the Extreme Left, Green Attorney, Comrade Matthias Lossman.

This one resigned his brief in November 2010 in a mutual agreement.

After the Comrade, followed the race conscious attorney Wolfram Nahrath.

The Society of St. Pius X protested this choice. They threatened their Bishop with ouster in case he didn't fire this new attorney.

Thereupon Msgr Williamson engaged the Heilbron prosecutor Norbert Wingerter (72).

Msgr. Williamson has no separated himself from him.

This Brit doesn't Want to wear a German Muzzle

Wingerter explained that between himself and his brief there are different positions about the defense strategy.

The attorney sees good prospects for free speech, "if one were to argue to the court, that the expression for the camera of a Swedish television crew were not intended for broadcast in Germany".

Actually, Msgr Williamson repudiates this kind of argumentation: "He believes that one could put the Holocaust in doubt."

Wingerter sees this strategy as senseless before a German court.

As his successor, Wingerter has named a practicing honorary professor of the University of Marburg.

'Dpa' doesn't name this individual.

He doesn't want to give any information about the case.

The Court of Regensburg also is giving no ruling, if a delay to the appeal hearing will be permitted.

Friday, December 10, 2010

New Attorney for Hero-Bishop Richard Williamson

On the telephone Bishop Williamson asked his new attorney if he would want to take the case and if he's really Catholic.
Martyr Bishop Richard Williamson

( Richard Williamson has a new attorney.

This is according to the Online-edition of the newspaper 'Heilbronner Stimme".

Bishop Williamson's case will be taken up by defense attorney Norbert Wingerter (72). The attorney is five times a father and works half days in his office still.

Wingerter quickly explains that there is no denying the so-called Holocaust and -- in Germany-- the official numbers.

Msgr Williamson asked him on the telphone if he would take up his defense and if he were really Catholic.

Wingerter said yes to both.

The attorney is according to the "Heilbronner Stimme" a percise specialist in appeals.

He has already successfully defended two other Holocaust cases before the Federal Courts.

Msgr Williamson could have researched that and chose him for that reason --- surmises the attorney.

To assume the mandate is for Wingerter a matter of professional ethics. Every client has the right of a defender he can trust.

Till now Wingerter has never assumed briefs from Regensburg.

He has spoken already several times with the Bishop by telephone.

Wingerter expects the case to begin at the earliest in March.

The attorney sees a defense strategy as, to ask, if Msgr Williamson was certain that his statements would be broadcast to the German public.

In addition Weingerter wants to establish the sum of 100 Euro as a daily rate.

He doubts that the Bishop has the "money in his coin purse",  in the amount of 100 Euros per day.

The German process against the hero-Bishop is illegal according to international legal standards.


Friday, November 26, 2010

British bishop agrees to drop 'far-right' lawyer < German news | Expatica Germany

Editor: Checking on the effectiveness of this attorney. In Bishop Williamson's defense, it must be said that this attorney might be exceptional at getting his clients a fair shake in the German Courts when it comes to these kinds of cases.

British bishop agrees to drop 'far-right' lawyer < German news | Expatica Germany

Additionally, it seems that the hiring of this particular attorney was a good idea in terms of Bishop Williamson's defense.  He's been very effective.  Here's a response from Ignis Ardens forum:

Yes, he has handled such cases: This is from a friend of mine:

Dear friend,

I am following the news regarding the upcoming hearing of appeal. The decision to employ Wolfram Nahrath was a good one. Nahrath is the only one who dares to submit factual evidence as evidentiary motions in such trial. And he is very versed and defended recently Kevin Kaether. The court dropped eventually the case in order not have official witnesses being questioned.

The bishop, no doubt, is a hero. The higher echelons of SSPX are a despicable bunch, unfortunately.

May Jesus be with the bishop in the months to come.

We do think of this man every day and wish him all the very best.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bishop Williamson Complies with Bishop Fellay's Order

From DICI:

The Superior General, Bishop Bernard Fellay, has learnt by the press of Bishop Richard Williamson’s decision, just ten days before his trial, to dismiss the lawyer charged with his defense, in favor of a lawyer who is openly affiliated to the so-called neo-Nazi movement in Germany, and to other such groups.

Bishop Fellay has given Bishop Williamson a formal order to go back on this decision and to not allow himself to become an instrument of political theses that are completely foreign to his mission as a Catholic bishop serving the Society of Saint Pius X.

Disobedience to this order would result in Bishop Williamson being expelled from the Society of Saint Pius X.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Jews Interfere in Catholic Affairs

Sat Nov 20, 2010 4:52pm EST
PARIS (Reuters) - A Holocaust survivors group urged Pope Benedict on Saturday to ban an arch-traditionalist bishop from the Catholic Church because he hired a lawyer close to neo-Nazi groups to defend him in court in Germany.

Bishop Richard Williamson, one of four rebel bishops re-admitted to the Church in January 2009, recently hired a far-right lawyer to conduct his appeal against a 12,000 euro fine imposed last year for denying the Holocaust.

His ultra-traditionalist Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX), which is now negotiating its return to the Church with Vatican officials, also threatened to expel Williamson from its ranks if he did not distance himself from Nahrath. 

Jewish group urges banning of +Williamson, more here...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Martyr-Bishop Williamson Changes Lawyers

He is now going to challenge his guilty verdict in German for "holocaust denial".

The news story at Haeretz, here.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bishop Williamson to Appear in Court Against his Alleged Holocaust Denial Conviction.

Editor: is not friendly to Traditionalists very often, and their editors are almost invariably hostile to the FSSPX.One of the other news services had already covered the story in English, but is Catholic (and very reliable) and the other news service isn't, so we translated the article you see now.

Munich ( British Bishop Richard Williamson will stand before the court for the judgment he received from the Regensburg Court for sedition and "trivializing" the Holocaust. The appeal against the April fine of 10,000 Euro is set for the 29th of November. The speaker of the National Court of Regensburg, Johann Piendl, verified this for the German Catholic News Service, KNA. "I am pretty certain, that my client will participate", explained Williamson's attorney, Mattias Lossmann, on Thursday.

In April Williamson, who belongs to the Society of Pius X, which is not recognized by Rome [ just had to throw that in there], has been living in London and had not personally appeared at his trial. Representatives of the Society had ordered him not to come. According to Lossman's estimate this will not happen again, because the Society had "not captured any good press".[For not allowing him to appear]

The Bishop, not recognized anywhere in the world, had an interview with a Swedish TV-Station where he estimated the number of Jews killed in the Holocaust at 300,000 and doubted the existence of gas chambers. The interview happened at the end of 2008 at a priest seminar of the Society in the Bavarian town of Zaitzkofen.

The Regensburg court evaluated it as a fact that Williamson had denied the Holocaust on German soil and also trivialized it. The Judge saw this and accorded that the Bishop with the publication of his ideas in Germany and that with these he attested that he had appealed to Germans. Williamson's attorney, Lossmann will appeal to his client's free speech, that this "had been denied". After the judgment he filed an appeal. The State Prosecutor also did the same, which now seeks a penalty in the amount of 12,000 Euros.

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