Monday, June 20, 2011

Bishop Williamson Fires Attorney

The hearing of appeal of hero-Bishop Williamson is being understanding now by an honorary professor of the University of Marburg.

(, Regensburg) Society Bishop Richard Williamson (71) has separated himself from his council now just before his July 4th hearing. This is according to 'dpa'.

In April the Court of Regensburg fined hero-Bishop Williamson for an offense of Holocaust denial in muzzleland Germany for 10.000 Euros.

He is challenging German legal clauses, which according to International Law, are illegal.

The Fourth Attorney

Msgr Williamson is taking his fourth attorney before his appeal.

First of all, he separated himself from the Extreme Left, Green Attorney, Comrade Matthias Lossman.

This one resigned his brief in November 2010 in a mutual agreement.

After the Comrade, followed the race conscious attorney Wolfram Nahrath.

The Society of St. Pius X protested this choice. They threatened their Bishop with ouster in case he didn't fire this new attorney.

Thereupon Msgr Williamson engaged the Heilbron prosecutor Norbert Wingerter (72).

Msgr. Williamson has no separated himself from him.

This Brit doesn't Want to wear a German Muzzle

Wingerter explained that between himself and his brief there are different positions about the defense strategy.

The attorney sees good prospects for free speech, "if one were to argue to the court, that the expression for the camera of a Swedish television crew were not intended for broadcast in Germany".

Actually, Msgr Williamson repudiates this kind of argumentation: "He believes that one could put the Holocaust in doubt."

Wingerter sees this strategy as senseless before a German court.

As his successor, Wingerter has named a practicing honorary professor of the University of Marburg.

'Dpa' doesn't name this individual.

He doesn't want to give any information about the case.

The Court of Regensburg also is giving no ruling, if a delay to the appeal hearing will be permitted.

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