Friday, December 10, 2010

New Attorney for Hero-Bishop Richard Williamson

On the telephone Bishop Williamson asked his new attorney if he would want to take the case and if he's really Catholic.
Martyr Bishop Richard Williamson

( Richard Williamson has a new attorney.

This is according to the Online-edition of the newspaper 'Heilbronner Stimme".

Bishop Williamson's case will be taken up by defense attorney Norbert Wingerter (72). The attorney is five times a father and works half days in his office still.

Wingerter quickly explains that there is no denying the so-called Holocaust and -- in Germany-- the official numbers.

Msgr Williamson asked him on the telphone if he would take up his defense and if he were really Catholic.

Wingerter said yes to both.

The attorney is according to the "Heilbronner Stimme" a percise specialist in appeals.

He has already successfully defended two other Holocaust cases before the Federal Courts.

Msgr Williamson could have researched that and chose him for that reason --- surmises the attorney.

To assume the mandate is for Wingerter a matter of professional ethics. Every client has the right of a defender he can trust.

Till now Wingerter has never assumed briefs from Regensburg.

He has spoken already several times with the Bishop by telephone.

Wingerter expects the case to begin at the earliest in March.

The attorney sees a defense strategy as, to ask, if Msgr Williamson was certain that his statements would be broadcast to the German public.

In addition Weingerter wants to establish the sum of 100 Euro as a daily rate.

He doubts that the Bishop has the "money in his coin purse",  in the amount of 100 Euros per day.

The German process against the hero-Bishop is illegal according to international legal standards.



Anonymous said...

this blog is worse than ignis ardens if it thinks Bishop Williamson is a hero!

Tancred said...

You'll probably never know the meaning of the courage and integrity Bishop Williamson exemplifies.