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Monday, June 10, 2019

Prominent Jesuit Compares Salvini With Judas — Bergoglio-Church Takes Another Hit in Polls

Pope Francis with P. Bartolomeo Sorge SJ.

(Rome) The former editor-in-chief of the Roman Jesuit magazine La Civiltà Cattolica comes to his successor's aid and compares Matteo Salvini, the de facto leader of the European sovereignty movement, with Judas.

Matteo Salvini, leader of the Lega, Italian Home Secretary and Deputy Prime Minister, has been the "EU superstar" superstar since last May's EU elections. He has succeeded in forging a cross-party alliance. The sovereignty movement provides, which probably only Steve Bennon thought possible, more than a third of all MEPs, which is concealed by the media as much as possible, because this strengthening is not desired. Of course, the Alliance must first prove how closed it is on individual issues and how well it can get involved in the European Parliament. The first option is the appointment of the EU Commission President.

With 29 seats, the Lega is represented after counting all votes even with the same number of mandates in the EU Parliament as the Brexit Party by Nigel Farage and CDU and CSU together. Farage and Salvini represent the two strongest single parties.

The AfD had felt the headwind of the German Bishops' Conference under Cardinal Marx. An unusual scenario, since for decades the Church has rejected any partisanship as downright indecent, as if such things had never happened.
In Italy, the pressure against Salvini and the Lega was even more massive. Almost verbatim attacks by Church representatives against the AfD and the Lega suggest an ordered, but at least concerted party take. On the Apennine peninsula, however, everything was still a bit more emotional, aggressive and unconditional. In the Federal Republic of Germany it was a Protestant pastor who was caught destroying AfD posters. In Italy, however, it was Catholic monasteries that issued anti-Salvini banners.

The politicization of the Church, initiated by Pope Francis six years ago, has taken on an irritating course.

This includes a message from P. Bartolomeo Sorge SJ, who joined the Jesuit order in 1946 and was ordained a priest in 1958 for the Order. He was born on the island of Elba. His German surname was brought by his ancestors, who arrived in the 18th century to Sicily, whether still under the Habsburgs or already the Bourbons, is no longer known. The origin of the family Sorge, which is at least clear, is found in the Lower Franconian region and is located in the province of Zealand in the Netherlands today.

The seven-years-older P. Sorge was counted, like Fr. Jorge Mario Bergoglio among the group of brothers who were promoted by the Jesuit General Pedro Arrupe. Under Arrupe P. Sorge became the editor of Civiltà Cattolica, the most important Jesuit magazine in the world. At the time, Sorge was already a political strategist of "democratic Catholicism": he advocated a strong Christian DemocraticParty that was to be left-leaning, while rejecting "integralist" Catholic directions and organizations. The opponent for Sorge was on the right. Thus, in the 1970s, he struck the political nerve of the time when the Western European Communists proclaimed "Euro-communism" to emphasize their independence from the Soviet Union, and when in Italy the left wing of the Christian Democrats sought the "historical compromise" with the Communists.

According to a book published in 2017 by journalist Stefania Falasca, Pope John Paul I seriously contemplated P. Sorge in 1978 as a possible successor to the Patriarch of Venice, although he was "associated with some, somewhat suspicious, Catholic currents," as the then Pope himself in a personal letter to the Archbishop of Milan, Giovanni Cardinal Colombo, noted. General Arrupe had already given a positive opinion of Sorge. Resistance came, however, from Antonio Cardinal Poma, the Archbishop of Bologna and then President of the Italian Episcopal Conference. Reason was the public support on the part of Sorge for a "dialogue" with the Communist Party of Italy (PCI). The pontificate of John Paul I lasted only 33 days, and under John Paul II, P. Sorge was no longer eligible for the Patriarchal Office or another episcopate.

Sorge who will turn 90 this October is mentally fit and does not keep his opinion behind the mountain these days. In February 2018 he described his satisfaction with "myChurch  between Martini and Bergoglio". These are the two Jesuit Cardinals Carlo Maria Martini and Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who were also candidates for the papal throne. Cardinal Martini failed at the first attempt in 2005, but Cardinal Bergoglio was successful in the second attempt in 2013. A quick success, considering that only in 2005 the first attempt was ever made in the nearly 500 years of religious history to make a Jesuit Pope.

Father Antonio Spadaro SJ, acting editor of the Civiltà Cattolica, has not been squeamish with Salvini and the Lega in recent weeks. P. Sorge, his predecessor, intensified the tone after Salvini's election victory. The Democratic referendum aroused the Jesuit so much that he drew a drastic comparison:

"Italy is leghistic, not Christian anymore. The Lega follower says, 'The Italians First', the Christian says, 'The Excluded First'. It is not enough to kiss Jesus in public, that's what Judas did. "

Already in advance, bishops, theologians and Jesuits had loudly heard who chose Lega, "is not a Christian.” Something similar was already to be heard from episcopal mouths in Germany.

A Tweet from P. Sorge, in which he compares Salvini  with Judas. Salvini himself spread the anathema from P. Sorge on Twitter to add his answer:

"See what this theologian writes ... All that is missing is that someone demands my excommunication so that we have experienced everything ... Forward: with faith, respect and modesty!"

It is unclear what benefit Santa Marta expects from such a confrontation. Because of the unconditional Refugees Welcome line has lowered approval ratings in Italy for Pope Francis before the EU election even lower than its previous low, according to a survey by opinion pollsters Demos.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Who’s Worse? Mirus Attacks Taylor Marshall — Thinks Denying Communion to Adulterers is Extreme

Edit: Jeff Mirus has been a horrible, but not very talented opponent of Catholic tradition for years. He’s been presiding over this really low energy website and he ranges from really flat-footed CUF [Catholics United for the Faith] apologetics and analysis. Now he’s taking shots at Taylor Marshall’s ironically named new book “Infiltration” by the Opus Dei publishing house, Scepter.  ( I used to love reading Father Diogenes on Mirus’ site.)

In short, it looks like Mirus thinks Opus Marshall is kooky and extreme for saying adulterers can’t receive Communion.  

Since Opus Marshall has discovered the Masonic conspiracy, he’s talking about it like no one else has heard of it before. You’d think an Opus guy would have been to a Lodge meeting already....

Would the real Catholics please stand up?

Catholic Monitor has this take. He doesn’t seem to perceive the dance between two who are really on the same side. Mirus is absolutely “idiotic”.

[Catholic Monitor] It just makes you want to laugh when Dr. Jeff Mirus shrieks that Dr. Taylor Marshall's new book "Infiltration" and it's publisher Sophia Institute Press are not "sound" in their "Catholic editorial judgment."
(, "Infiltration: An idiot's guide to the problems of the Church, May 31, 2019)

Mirus in his review of the book reviles Marshall and apparently the pre-Vatican II eleven Popes since 1738 for calling out "the secret machinations of the Masons" with his really funny attempt at trying to sound reasonable with his accusations in what appears to be a attempt to smear their reputations.

Here are some of his never ending name calling ravings which are so left-wing "crazy relative"-like you want to laugh:

- "idiot's"
- "absurdity of a crazy relative"
- "McCarthyism"
- "conspiratorial"
- "Catholic far-right"
- "Marian apparitions"
- "papal visions"
- "loss of sanity"
- "Satan's human tools"
- And on and on he goes in crazy left-wing relative-like shrieks...

Read further:


Monday, February 11, 2019

Brazilian Intelligence Service Warns Amazon Synod Will Be Abused by “Leftist Clergy”

(Rom / Brasilia) The Amazon Synod, convened by Pope Francis this coming October, wants to use the "progressive clergy" to attack the new Brazilian government. A report by the Brazilian secret service warns.

Yesterday's edition of the Brazilian daily O Estado de Sao Paulo opened with a big headline on the front page.

"The upper echelon is to fight the action for the 'left clergy'".

According to information from the Brazilian intelligence agency Agência Brasileira de Inteligência (ABIN), the "progressive clergy" wanted to use the Amazon synod to attack the new Brazilian government of President Jair Bolsonaro.

Bolsanaro’s Vice President  is Antônio Hamilton Mourão. Mourão was general of the Brazilian army. He is from the state of Amazonas and is of indigenous descent. The Amazon as a space and the indigenous peoples are, according to official Church information, the central themes of the synod.

Conflict between Brazil's government and leftist clergy. 

Report of "O Estado de S. Paulo".

It is not part of the Synodmakers' Amazon image that the state of Amazonas was won by Bolsonaro and his coalition last fall. Since January 1, Wilson Lima of the Christian Social Party (PSC) is Governor of Amazonas. The Partido Social Cristão was also Bolsonaro’s party, until he founded in 2018 for the presidential elections his own party ticket. The Deputy Governor of Amazon represents with Carlos Almeida, the party of Vice President Mourão.

The state of Amazon spreads over a gigantic expanse of more than 1.5 million square kilometers, but is inhabited by only four million people. According to the Brazilian statistics office, only 0.1 percent of them refer to themselves as members of indigenous peoples. The Brazilian statistics office lists five "races". A quarter of the population are whites, three quarters are pardos ("browns"), which in Brazil means the different mixes of the other four races (whites, blacks, Asians and Indians).

The figures have prompted observers to assume that there is a "deeper agenda" behind the synod topics that are publicly mentioned.

The Brazilian intelligence service ABIN bases its report on its own findings and information from various military commands. The secret service report, says the daily O Estado de Sao Paulo, also discusses Pope Francis' recent meeting with Brazilian cardinals at the Vatican, which discussed the themes of the upcoming synod.

Organizer of the Amazon Synod is founded in 2014 Church network REPAM, which consists of an umbrella organization and national offshoots in the Amazon riparian states. Of real weight is only REPAM Brazil. The umbrella organization and the Brazilian offshoot are led by two Church representatives belonging to the progressive fringe of the Church. The umbrella organization is headed by Claudio Cardinal Hummes and REPAM Brazil, and emeritus missionary bishop Erwin Kräutler from Austria. Hummes and Kräutler are in favor of the abolition of priestly celibacy  nd the admission of married priests. Both have spoken repeatedly in the past for the introduction of women's priesthood. Both are close to the political left. Hummes is a personal friend of ex-President Lula, who has been imprisoned for corruption since April 2018. Kräutler is a darling of the left-wing media, as every home visit to Austria has confirmed.

The political left in Brazil, Latin America and beyond refuses to recognize Lula's condemnation. It claims that it was a political process to repress the influence of the left. Pope Francis expressed his sympathy and closeness to Lula. Even more unforgivable was Bolsonaro's election victory. The Brazilian left suffered a defeat in the fall of 2018, comparable to that of the Democratic Party in the US against Donald Trump.

Above all, Pope Francis again bet on "the wrong horse". His warning of a political electoral defeat in Brazil led to the new leadership recognizing the Catholic Church, significant parts of the Brazilian hierarchy, and the church leadership in Rome as declared government opponents.

Bolsonaro is a Catholic, his wife is a free-church member. In the election campaign, the new president has relied mainly on the Protestant free churches. Behind it is a massive emigration movement from the Catholic Church to the Free Churches. The reason is the massive political and theological left pressure in the nation’s Catholic Church which has been developing for decades and has led to an alienation of the faithful from their Church.

The Amazon Synod is pushing, as the intelligence report shows,  the intention of the world Church to install a new "other", "second" priesthood, the secular political dimension to score also by social and environmental statements in the left-liberal mainstream, but also an intra-Brazilian dimension of political explosiveness.

The impression is confirmed, with friends and opponents, that Pope Francis acts more as a politician than as a Church leader.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Wikicommons
Trans: Tancred

priestly celibacy

Thursday, January 10, 2019

With New Sexual Abuse Case Francis May Go From Cleanup Man to Accused

(Rome) In July 2017, Bishop Gustavo Oscar Zanchetta, although only 53 years old, became emeritus diocesan bishop of the Argentine diocese of Oran. The reason given was his health. "Many were worried that he was suffering from a deadly disease, because it was not even enough to celebrate a mass for farewell," said the US Daily Beast on January 4th. The departure from the diocese was extremely abrupt. Now the evidence is mounting, that the reason for it was a completely different one.

A true Bergoglian

Monsignor Zanchetta belongs to the circle of Bergoglians among the bishops with whom the Pope's former Primate of Argentina is rebuilding the Episcopate of his native land. On July 23, 2013, Francis Gustavo had appointed Oscar Zanchetta Bishop of Oran.
Four years later, the bishop left his diocese in a shambles on August 1, 2017. He subsequently justified his hasty disappearance from an unknown location with unspecified "health problems". He merely said that these problems would have to be dealt with elsewhere. 

Then, as is now known, he stopped in Corrientes, 900 kilometers away, and then reappeared further away in Madrid - and apparently in good health again.

Bishop Lopez Celebrates Mass for the Aberrosexual Lobby

Raul Vera Lopez is known as the bishop of the gay lobby and is tolerated by the Vatican.

Edit: and not a word was said from Rome.

(Mexico City) On the 20th of January Bishop Raul Vera Lopez, Bishop of Saltillo, will be celebrating Mass at the 17th founding of the Comunidad San Aelredo. The aberrosexual organization is part of the gay lobby.
José Raul Vera Lopez, born in 1945, belongs to the Dominican Order. In 1975 he was ordained a priest by Pope Paul VI. in Rome. Pope John Paul II appointed him Bishop of Ciudad Altamirano in 1987. In 1995 he was appointed bishop coadjutor of San Cristobal de Las Casas. In 1999 he was appointed Bishop of Saltillo.
His mediating role as coadjutor in the Diocese of San Cristobal de Las Casas after the Zapatista riots and his social commitment accelerated the inner-church rise of the Dominican. Since then, he has received numerous awards for his commitment to the indigenous population and human rights. However, this is also an agenda that is in open contradiction to parts of the Church doctrine.

Under Benedict XVI. he was warned, under Francis gets free ride

While Bishop Raul Vera Lopez under Pope Benedict XVI. was warned by the Vatican in 2011, he enjoys free travel under Pope Francis.

Bishop Lopez with homo colors in the church
Under the current Pope, the Mexican bishop was noted for his open commitment to abortion [murder] and aberrosexuality. Both the killing of unborn children and the practiced aberrosexuality are claimed by Vera Lopez in step with the left mainstream as "human rights".
On October 3, 2015, one day before the start of the Second Synod of Bishops on the Family, the bishop appeared as the "star guest" of a meeting of the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics, which are gay organizations calling for aberrosexuality to be recognized by the Catholic Church. In his speech, Bishop Raul Vera told deviants:
"You are our saviors. Please help us! Pope Francis needs you now. He has set aside the doctrine and has taken up the gospel of mercy, peace and love. Please help us! The little ones, but well-organized ones defeat the monsters, and you're well organized and you'll win."

The bishop likes to be "different"

Several months later, the Mexican newspaper Capital Coahuila published photos of a carnival party. Thereupon the bishop was disguised like a female doctor or male doctor remained unclear.
The journalist Emiliano Ruiz Parra, sympathetic to the bishop, wrote about him:
"The Bishop of Saltillo is convinced that there is no salvation in heaven without deliverance on earth. (...) He defends the Central American migrants, the miners, the homosexuals, the Indians, the sex workers, the families of the disappeared in the civil war"
The journalist sums up the behavior of Bishop Raul Vera Lopez by saying that he likes "being different".
Other media already saw it in 2011:
"People think that the bishop is not Catholic."
The reason for this was the request of the bishop to legalize abortion in Mexico. Since 2011 Raul Vera works together with abortion organizations. His nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize 2012 can be seen in this context.

Homosexuality "God-given"?

The bishop is of the opinion that deviant behavior like sodomy is willed by God, which is why no aberrosexual can do anything about his inclination. In an interview with El Pais, Bishop Raul Vera Lopez proudly related what he said to a mother who had come to him to complain to him about her homosexual son:
"You have to judge yourself, because your son has become like that in your womb. If he has become as he is, then he came from your womb."
Criticism of Pope Benedict XVI.  during his pontificate was given a "good hearing" in the Church paper of Saltillo.
In 2013 Vera Lopez spoke at the 33rd Congress of Liberation Theology in Madrid and ridiculed what the Catholic Church's Catechism teachings about aberrosexuality. The bishop did not mind that the congress was sponsored by organizations that advocate abortion.

Whoever rejects homosexuality "is insane"

Anyone who rejects homosexuality, according to the bishop, is "homophobic" and "homophobes" are "mentally ill". Mexican Catholics protested in Rome against petitioning the bishop "who calls the Catholic teaching on homosexuality insane".

Energetic for false "human rights"
But Bergoglian Rome did not respond. While Pope Francis intervened quickly against conservative and traditional bishops and sent an Apostolic Visitor, the opposite happened to Bishop Vera Lopez.
When Pope Francis visited Mexico in February 2016, he held the Mexican bishops a veritable pomp. Bishop Raul Vera Lopez, on the other hand, belonged to a small group of 20 chosen, mainly lay people, including journalists, who were invited by Francis to a confidential meeting.
Francis thus made the episcopate of the most Catholic country in America to understand for whom its doors are closed and for whom they are open. At that time, the Mexican episcopacy was still led by Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera, who was at the beginning of the second family synod among the signatories of the complaint letter, which weighed against the manipulation of the synod with its prefabricated results.

Pope Francis is "muy cuco"

Raul Vera Lopez had described Francis in early February 2016 in an interview with the newspaper El Universal attesting him to be "muy habil, muy cuco", so "very clever, very smart". The bishop thus meant how it is that Francis paves the way of the sacraments to the remarried divorced. That was two months before the publication of the controversial post-synodal letter Amoris laetitia.
The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, says the bishop on the same occasion, has nothing to do with homosexuality. The two cities were "barbarian" inhabited "economic centers" that "exploited" other people. Such is the liberation theological reinterpretation.

Faust and dove of peace united in the diocese
In 2016 , Raul Vera, who likes to show his aberroosexual flag, christened the child of a lesbian couple. It is not an issue for the bishop to this date that homosexuals who use artificial insemination to "bear" children in vitro often have their sex selected. Gay men prefer a son, lesbians a daughter. Bishop Vera Lopez also christened an in vitro the "begotten" daughter on 25 May 2016 in Monclova for the lesbian couple who live in a "gay marriage".
He also didn't worry about their "gay marriage". The two lesbians, one of them the mother of the child, described the bishop as a "parent". He justified his actions by saying, "How could I refuse baptism? If the parents want it, it's because they have a Christian faith." He did not ask where the girl's father was, and whether she was conceived naturally or through artificial insemination. "Does it matter?" The bishop said in a telephone interview with

The community of San Aelredo

The year 2019, Bishop Raul Vera Lopez began with a Mass for the gay lobby. For the Comunidad San Aelredo it is the start of their activities in the new year. In their invitation it states:
"As a community and social group, in 2006 the Comunidad San Aelredo helped to create a law that brought major changes for the LGBTTTI people in the state of Coahuila and across the country: the Civil Solidarity Pact, which was adopted in January 2007; Talks on the introduction of equal civil marriage, adopted in September 2014, and the Citizens' Register of the Civil Code in Coahuila de Zaragoza, introduced by the Comunidad San Aelredo in June 2017 and adopted by the State Parliament on 13 November 2018.
San Aelredo organizes various events in Coahuila, including the Lesbian Gay Film Festival, Saltillo Diversity March, Sexual Diversity Cultural Week and Homosexual Homosexuals in Saltillo."
The community was founded in 2002 by the American Robert Coogan. The New York journalist moved to Mexico, where Bishop Vera Lopez consecrated him a priest for the diocese of Saltillo. When it came to the conflict with the Vatican in 2011, the bishop claimed that it was all about "dialogue". The community was then formally unbundled from the diocese, but the relationship of the bishop did not change anything. The predominantly gay male community promotes the participation of children and adolescents in gay pride.
Their representatives, assisted and encouraged by Coogan and Bishop Vera Lopez, are invariably practicing homosexuals.

Abuse of a saint

The great Agelred of Rievaulx (1110-1167), an important mystic, came to the dubious honor of becoming the patron saint of this and other homosexual organizations because a British historian put forward the no less dubious thesis that the saint could have been homosexual. Such "homosexual" reinterpretations of history are especially popular since the 90s in fashion and in the gay milieu, albeit mostly arbitrarily. The reason for the misinterpretation in this particular case is the Christian love commandment, which today is often mistaken for lack of understanding with sexuality. Saint Aelred dealt intensively with his love of God and neighbor in his mystical texts.

Rievaulx was destroyed under Henry VIII
In fact, all that can be said of him is that the saint, who entered a Cistercian monastery at the age of twenty-four, may have previously sinned at the Scottish royal court. What kind of sins these were is not known. As a monk, he championed chastity and virginity in his writings and warned against extramarital relations and aberrosexuality. Any form of sexuality, he emphasized in his writings, was a threat to the celibacy of priests and religious.
He was one of the most important religious men in England and Scotland. The monastery Rievaulx in the north of England, whose abbot he was in 1147, he led to great flowering. The convent of initially 25 monks grew under his spiritual guidance to 300 monks. Records say: "Monasticism and love tripled". At that time, 58 Cistercian abbeys were built in the British Isles.
As with so much, Bishop Raul Vera Lopez is not bothered by the abuse of this saint by the gay lobby.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Facebook / Wikicommons (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred

Thursday, December 20, 2018

The Decline of a Seminary

When there were many seminarians in the diocesan seminaries.

(Rome) The seminary of the diocese of Vicenza was still in its prime just a few decades ago. From this diocese comes Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin, who was ordained a priest in 1980 for the diocese.

Until the early 1970s, the Major Seminary had a constant 130-150 seminarians. The Minor seminary, the episcopal high school, was attended by about 200 students. Every year 20-25 new priests were ordained.

That was not uncommon, but in whole European regions the rule.

The diocese had a well-known Schola Cantorum, which consisted of a hundred singers who belonged to the two seminaries. It was headed by Msgr Ernesto Dalla Libera (1884-1980), who took piano and organ lessons at his own expense as a student and trained in Gregorian chant with the Benedictines of Parma. He was commissioned in his home diocese to become the main representative of the Cecilia Movement and the then bishop, Msgr. Ferdinando Rodolfi, Bishop from 1911, with the implementation of the liturgical renewal in the diocese. From 1908-1968 Dalla Libera was choirmaster of the Schola Cantorum of the episcopal seminary, which performed her musical service at the Duomo of Vicenza.

The Schola has not existed for a long time.

The Seminary currently has nine seminarians in the academic year 2018/2019, although the population in the diocese has increased by 30 percent since 1970, from 670,000 to 867,000.

In 2018 there was no ordination. Also in 2019 and 2020, as it currently looks, there will be no new priestly ordinations.

The minor seminary was closed three years ago, and the task of the vocation ministry among high school students transferred to a retreat and meeting center for young people. The seminary building, which was rebuilt in the 1950s under great financial sacrifice of the faithful, was sold to the National Health Service in 2015.

Now it became known that the private school H-Farm will move into the former small seminary. It describes itself as a "school of the future.” There are "neither blackboards nor school desks,” but "mobility and networking.” The main tools are "McBook and iPad from primary school.” Digitization and the use of modern, technical aids is a central component of the "school philosophy.” Particular emphasis will be placed on "robotics and artificial intelligence,” but also "magic hour to meet the superheroes of our time" and "soft skills to train capable managers with leadership and empathy.” H-Farm wants to develop a "completely new school model" and test it on some "thousands of students" in the H campus in order to gradually export it.

The spectrum should reach from kindergarten to post-university and further education. "A span from the age of 3 to 33," says the founder and CEO of Riccardo Donadon. Half of the money is privately owned by the insurance company Cattolica Assiscurazioni, whose largest single shareholder is Warren Buffett. The other half are financed by the public sector through a credit institution controlled by the Ministry of Economy and Finance. The cooperation had been entered into by the previous government.

According to the traditional website Messa in Latino, it is "sad" that one Diocesan high school closes down while another private board closes.

Messa in Latino accuses the incumbent bishop of Vicenza of being the confirmation that the "typical" activity of a bishop today, that of a "steward of decline" is to "shut down, let go, sell.”

"Is it possible that nobody realizes that he needs a course change?"

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Picture: MiL
Trans: Tancred

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

NYT: International Conspiracy to Topple Pope Francis

Princess Gloria von Thurn and Taxis is the linchpin of a conservative conspiracy against Pope Francis for the New York Times.

(New York) The New York Times (NYT) tries to give the impression that there is an organized and conspiratorial group in the Catholic Church that wants to overthrow Pope Francis. And at the center would be Princess Gloria of Thurn and Taxis.

If it were another medium, you could break a smile about it. However, the article was published by the New York Times on December 8th, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. The New York daily newspaper is not only regarded as an influential newspaper worldwide, but above all is the leading organ of the global, left-liberal mainstream.

Their weight can be briefly illustrated by two examples.

The New York Times issued the slogan on the day after the 2016 US presidential election that the Internet, which the same newspaper had praised eight years earlier when Barack Obama was elected, as the ingenious instrument of a new grassroots movement, allowed and spread "fake news" which was the only thing that made the election of Donald Trump possible. A direct consequence of this article is the "Fake News" discussion and the Network Enforcement Act in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Several articles show how much careful attention even in the Vatican, the pronouncements of the New York daily newspaper are listened to. Several times Pope Francis responded to direct calls from the editorial office, and not only in the withdrawal of the cardinal dignity of Theodore McCarrick.

On December 8, Jason Horowitz published the article “80s Party Girl Now Has a Salon for Conservative Catholics. " 

We are talking about Gloria von Thurn and Taxis. Noteworthy is not the distinctively drawn portrait of the princess in residence in Regensburg, but the attempt to whisper a new slogan to the world public.

The New York Times is introducing the mainstream slogan that there is an internationally organized, conspiratorial group in the Catholic Church to overthrow Pope Francis. It is not said that the princess is the head of this conspiracy, but at least its central hub. Her castle is something like the place of conspiracy.

The story sounds familiar and commemorates the inner-church secret circle of St. Gallen, which Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini SJ, who at that time Archbishop of Milan, founded in the 1990s. The difference: the secret circle of Sankt Gallen really existed, while the alleged conservative conspiracy is an invention of the New York Times. Cardinal Godfried Danneels, not suspected of being a conservative, chatted about the existence of the progressive secret circle to his biographers and self-confidently performed a feat in the 2015 book launch, revealing that the members of the secret circle called themselves "the Mafia":

"The group was called 'Sankt Gallen'. But we called it 'the mafia'.”

Every day, 300 warm meals are served  in the castle for the poor

Horowitz makes every effort to put the idea of ​​the existence of a conservative "secret circle of St. Gallen" in the reader's and probably especially those minds of the disseminators. In addition, he throws everything arbitrarily into a pot, of which he must certainly be aware.

There is the Princess who invites and collects everything that is against Francis, "conservative and traditionalist Catholics," and of course there is somehow a connection to US President Donald Trump, the archenemy of the New York Times par excellence. It goes on with the former nuncio in the USA, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, with Cardinal Raymond Burke, with the traditional Institute Christ the King and High Priest, although one does not exactly understand how and why, then of course there is Cardinal Gerhard Müller, who prior to his appointment to Rome was Bishop of Regensburg, and even Steve Bannon, the former Breitbart leader charged with the unpardonable "offense," of organizing the successful election campaign of Donald Trump. Bannon is currently trying to repeat his hussar's charge in view of the European elections in 2019.

Reporting by the NYT

These ingredients seem to have more the purpose, even to less religiously interested readers, to facilitate the "political" assignment. After all, it should be clearly communicated who is friend and who is enemy, and that the fight takes place globally. No doubt remains as to which side Pope Francis stands or is ranked. The Wall Street Journal wrote in late 2016, when the first shock over the Trump election victory had passed and the ranks were rearranged:

"Pope Francis is the new leader of the global left."
There is no doubt that there are enough faithful people in the Catholic Church who would rather have another pope sooner than later. There are also some circles who still view Benedict XVI. as the truly legitimate successor of Peter. Thats the one thing. But a very different matter is a conspiracy to overthrow Pope Francis. Of course Jason Horowitz knows that too. If he nevertheless suggests the story, it does not lack intentionality. The most common intention is to distract. Above all, a more typically leftist outlook is projected onto the opposite side. There is more evidence that it has become more difficult to understand each other inside and outside the Church. Even more: On the left side of the enemy's delusion against the right seems to have progressed so far that only the smallest idea of ​​"opposition" thinking and feeling is apparent. It simply lacks the willingness to even deal with it.

The article reveals something else: Pope Francis has become very dear to certain circles of the left-liberal establishment. So much so that since the day of his election he has been generously supported by the media; so much that since then they have defended him to such an astonishing degree; so much so that, if necessary, they are eager to brush aside even serious issues.

Elvina Princess Pallavicini

Horowitz uses another blueprint. He portrays the German princess as a new princess Pallavicini. The Roman princess (1914-2004) once said: Anyone who can transform his house can become anything in Italy, even president. Above all, the two princesses share the faithfulness and love of the Catholic Church. The subliminal comparison honors the mistress of the castle of St. Emmeram. Because one thing the energetic Roman woman did not do: neither conspired nor did she want to overthrow a pope. Nothing would have been further from their thinking, but it's not only Horowitz who does not seem to understand that anymore.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: NYT / Wikcommons / CR (Screenshots)
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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Pope to Canonize Terrorist Marxist Bishop and Marxism

Enrique Angelelli: a disquieting beatification despite a dubious background and with an ideological stale smell.
(Rome) It had already become apparent and some had feared that the Argentine Bishop Angelelli would be beatified. The train of dubious canonizations continues unabated.

On October 17, the new substitute of the Cardinal Secretary of State, the Vatican diplomat and Archbishop Edgar Peña, signed a letter (Protocol No. 423.517) as one of his first acts, appointing Msgr. Marcelo Colombo, emeritus bishop of La Rioja, the date for the beatification of Bishop Enrico Angelelli Carletti, former Bishop of La Rioja.
"It is my pleasure to inform you that the Holy Father grants that the celebration of the beatification rite of the Reverend Servant of God, Enrico Angelelli Carletti, Bishop of La Rioja, will take place in this city on Saturday, April 27, 2019. "
The Pope will not attend in person, but will be represented by Cardinal Angelo Becciu, Prefect of the Congregation of the Congregation of the Causes of Peña, as a substitute in the State Secretariat.

Who was Bishop Enrico Angelelli Carletti?

Beatification of Angelelli
Bishop Angelelli was a representative of Marxist liberation theology, who had had friendly contacts with the Communist Eastern Bloc since the 1950s, particularly the Pax Movement, which infiltrated the Catholic Church on behalf of the regime. Since the 60s, he was closely associated with the left-wing terrorist movement Montoneros. The Montoneros were part of left-wing extremism that was radicalizing and seeking a violent seizure of power in Argentina, as was attempted in many Latin American countries by communist revolutionary movements with Soviet and Cuban support. The result was terror and counter-terror, with - this is an Argentine feature - right and left Peronists faced each other as enemies. When terror threatened to overthrow the country, the military intervened to restore order, as the generals declared in 1961.
Not only did the dubious left-wing orientation make Angelelli a controversial Church leader during his lifetime, he was described a contemporary pamphlet:
"Anyone who thinks like a Marxist and speaks like a Marxist is also a Marxist!"

Doubtful circumstances of death

Doubtful are the circumstances of his death. Officially, he died in a tragic traffic accident, most likely due to a mistake made by his companion, another liberation theologian and priest belonging to the left-wing Third World Priestly movement supported by Angelelli. His passenger said that he could no longer remember the accident. He quit the priesthood shortly thereafter.

"Who thinks and speaks like a Marxist is also a Marxist"
Several years after the death of Angelelli, another Marxist priest, the Capuchin Antonio Puigjané, suddenly declared that the bishop had actually been assassinated. The order was given by the then military dictatorship. Since then, he has been diligently elaborating on the myth of the murdered "Bishop of the Poor."
Puigjané himself hit the headlines as a left-wing terrorist, as he wanted to topple even then in 1988, five years after the end of the military dictatorship, the already democratic government of Raul Alfonsin.
There were no lack of circles in Argentina and in Western Europe, inside and outside the Church, who willingly jumped on this unusual move and indignantly denounced any involvement of the hated military regime as fact, although no evidence could be presented for such a daring assertion. None of the eyewitnesses of the accident and at the accident testified to anything like this.
Under quite different political auspices - meanwhile, in Argentina, under the moderate left-wing Peronists - the case of the traffic accident was reopened 38 years later and two leading military figures were convicted without concrete evidence, as the principals of an assassination attempt. In the same period, the ex-Capuchin Puigjané was pardoned prematurely, although his terrorist attack had cost eleven lives.
The issue is still controversial in Argentina. Critics speak of a political process, which served less the truth, but to the settling of old scores (see to Angelelli, the situation in Argentina and left myths: The Unequal "Martyrs" ).

Did Angelelli die in odium fidei?

However, whether a traffic accident or assassination, neither in one case or the other are there indications that the death of Angelelli occurred in odium fidei. But hatred of faith is a prerequisite for recognizing a death brought on as a martyrdom for Christ.

Angelelli, a leftist taboo
After Francis had declared Pope John XXIII. an unmiraculous saint, no less doubtfully, he declared the death of Bishop Angelelli an assassination and the bishop as a martyr. The recognition of his death as martyrdom shortens namely the lengthy path of the beatification process, since no miracle is needed.
With the miraculous beatification of Bishop Angelelli by an event, whether a traffic accident or assassination, which is reinterpreted to be a martyrdom, Pope Francis is creating a new, questionable category of "political martyrs."
Last August, another Argentine archbishop, Msgr. Hector Aguer, broke the Angelelli taboo . He asked why not a contemporary of Angelelli, the Catholic intellectual Carlos Alberto Sacheri, to be beatified, who really became a victim of terrorism, but of Marxist terrorism. Sacheri was executed in front of his own children. He had previously pointed out and criticized the Communist infiltration of the Catholic Church with a book.
But in this, the political left is always blind. Meanwhile, the Church leadership seems to have become blind.
What conclusion can be drawn from Pope Francis' unusual approach?

Probably only one: The confirmation of a long-standing suspicion that the obstinate, Argentine Pope wants to canonise a disturbing, highly politicized and long-overstated direction in the Church, the alliance between Christianity and socialism, historically compromised by Soviet dictatorships, terrorism, hostility towards the Church, denunciations, abortion ... Should we list more?

Text: Andreas Becker
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