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Saturday, June 1, 2019

Who’s Worse? Mirus Attacks Taylor Marshall — Thinks Denying Communion to Adulterers is Extreme

Edit: Jeff Mirus has been a horrible, but not very talented opponent of Catholic tradition for years. He’s been presiding over this really low energy website and he ranges from really flat-footed CUF [Catholics United for the Faith] apologetics and analysis. Now he’s taking shots at Taylor Marshall’s ironically named new book “Infiltration” by the Opus Dei publishing house, Scepter.  ( I used to love reading Father Diogenes on Mirus’ site.)

In short, it looks like Mirus thinks Opus Marshall is kooky and extreme for saying adulterers can’t receive Communion.  

Since Opus Marshall has discovered the Masonic conspiracy, he’s talking about it like no one else has heard of it before. You’d think an Opus guy would have been to a Lodge meeting already....

Would the real Catholics please stand up?

Catholic Monitor has this take. He doesn’t seem to perceive the dance between two who are really on the same side. Mirus is absolutely “idiotic”.

[Catholic Monitor] It just makes you want to laugh when Dr. Jeff Mirus shrieks that Dr. Taylor Marshall's new book "Infiltration" and it's publisher Sophia Institute Press are not "sound" in their "Catholic editorial judgment."
(, "Infiltration: An idiot's guide to the problems of the Church, May 31, 2019)

Mirus in his review of the book reviles Marshall and apparently the pre-Vatican II eleven Popes since 1738 for calling out "the secret machinations of the Masons" with his really funny attempt at trying to sound reasonable with his accusations in what appears to be a attempt to smear their reputations.

Here are some of his never ending name calling ravings which are so left-wing "crazy relative"-like you want to laugh:

- "idiot's"
- "absurdity of a crazy relative"
- "McCarthyism"
- "conspiratorial"
- "Catholic far-right"
- "Marian apparitions"
- "papal visions"
- "loss of sanity"
- "Satan's human tools"
- And on and on he goes in crazy left-wing relative-like shrieks...

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