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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

NYT: International Conspiracy to Topple Pope Francis

Princess Gloria von Thurn and Taxis is the linchpin of a conservative conspiracy against Pope Francis for the New York Times.

(New York) The New York Times (NYT) tries to give the impression that there is an organized and conspiratorial group in the Catholic Church that wants to overthrow Pope Francis. And at the center would be Princess Gloria of Thurn and Taxis.

If it were another medium, you could break a smile about it. However, the article was published by the New York Times on December 8th, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. The New York daily newspaper is not only regarded as an influential newspaper worldwide, but above all is the leading organ of the global, left-liberal mainstream.

Their weight can be briefly illustrated by two examples.

The New York Times issued the slogan on the day after the 2016 US presidential election that the Internet, which the same newspaper had praised eight years earlier when Barack Obama was elected, as the ingenious instrument of a new grassroots movement, allowed and spread "fake news" which was the only thing that made the election of Donald Trump possible. A direct consequence of this article is the "Fake News" discussion and the Network Enforcement Act in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Several articles show how much careful attention even in the Vatican, the pronouncements of the New York daily newspaper are listened to. Several times Pope Francis responded to direct calls from the editorial office, and not only in the withdrawal of the cardinal dignity of Theodore McCarrick.

On December 8, Jason Horowitz published the article “80s Party Girl Now Has a Salon for Conservative Catholics. " 

We are talking about Gloria von Thurn and Taxis. Noteworthy is not the distinctively drawn portrait of the princess in residence in Regensburg, but the attempt to whisper a new slogan to the world public.

The New York Times is introducing the mainstream slogan that there is an internationally organized, conspiratorial group in the Catholic Church to overthrow Pope Francis. It is not said that the princess is the head of this conspiracy, but at least its central hub. Her castle is something like the place of conspiracy.

The story sounds familiar and commemorates the inner-church secret circle of St. Gallen, which Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini SJ, who at that time Archbishop of Milan, founded in the 1990s. The difference: the secret circle of Sankt Gallen really existed, while the alleged conservative conspiracy is an invention of the New York Times. Cardinal Godfried Danneels, not suspected of being a conservative, chatted about the existence of the progressive secret circle to his biographers and self-confidently performed a feat in the 2015 book launch, revealing that the members of the secret circle called themselves "the Mafia":

"The group was called 'Sankt Gallen'. But we called it 'the mafia'.”

Every day, 300 warm meals are served  in the castle for the poor

Horowitz makes every effort to put the idea of ​​the existence of a conservative "secret circle of St. Gallen" in the reader's and probably especially those minds of the disseminators. In addition, he throws everything arbitrarily into a pot, of which he must certainly be aware.

There is the Princess who invites and collects everything that is against Francis, "conservative and traditionalist Catholics," and of course there is somehow a connection to US President Donald Trump, the archenemy of the New York Times par excellence. It goes on with the former nuncio in the USA, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, with Cardinal Raymond Burke, with the traditional Institute Christ the King and High Priest, although one does not exactly understand how and why, then of course there is Cardinal Gerhard Müller, who prior to his appointment to Rome was Bishop of Regensburg, and even Steve Bannon, the former Breitbart leader charged with the unpardonable "offense," of organizing the successful election campaign of Donald Trump. Bannon is currently trying to repeat his hussar's charge in view of the European elections in 2019.

Reporting by the NYT

These ingredients seem to have more the purpose, even to less religiously interested readers, to facilitate the "political" assignment. After all, it should be clearly communicated who is friend and who is enemy, and that the fight takes place globally. No doubt remains as to which side Pope Francis stands or is ranked. The Wall Street Journal wrote in late 2016, when the first shock over the Trump election victory had passed and the ranks were rearranged:

"Pope Francis is the new leader of the global left."
There is no doubt that there are enough faithful people in the Catholic Church who would rather have another pope sooner than later. There are also some circles who still view Benedict XVI. as the truly legitimate successor of Peter. Thats the one thing. But a very different matter is a conspiracy to overthrow Pope Francis. Of course Jason Horowitz knows that too. If he nevertheless suggests the story, it does not lack intentionality. The most common intention is to distract. Above all, a more typically leftist outlook is projected onto the opposite side. There is more evidence that it has become more difficult to understand each other inside and outside the Church. Even more: On the left side of the enemy's delusion against the right seems to have progressed so far that only the smallest idea of ​​"opposition" thinking and feeling is apparent. It simply lacks the willingness to even deal with it.

The article reveals something else: Pope Francis has become very dear to certain circles of the left-liberal establishment. So much so that since the day of his election he has been generously supported by the media; so much that since then they have defended him to such an astonishing degree; so much so that, if necessary, they are eager to brush aside even serious issues.

Elvina Princess Pallavicini

Horowitz uses another blueprint. He portrays the German princess as a new princess Pallavicini. The Roman princess (1914-2004) once said: Anyone who can transform his house can become anything in Italy, even president. Above all, the two princesses share the faithfulness and love of the Catholic Church. The subliminal comparison honors the mistress of the castle of St. Emmeram. Because one thing the energetic Roman woman did not do: neither conspired nor did she want to overthrow a pope. Nothing would have been further from their thinking, but it's not only Horowitz who does not seem to understand that anymore.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: NYT / Wikcommons / CR (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred

Monday, August 8, 2016

Do Jews and Muslims Decide the Conditions for the Recognition of the SSPX?

(Rome) The news platform Vatican Insider  has allowed the American Jewish Comittee (AJC) to say, "what is negotiable and what is not" on the way to "the Reconciliation of the Lefebvrians with the Catholic Church". The "conditions" are significantly different from those named by he who is in charge of the talks, Curial Archbishop Guido Pozzo.
The article, signed by Lisa Palmieri-Billig, the "representative of the American Jewish Comittee to the Holy See," was published on 28 July. The American Jewish Comittee and Islam representative, Yahya Pallavicini, explained the conditions under which the Catholic Church could recognize the Society of St. Pius X.
The ecumenical [diabolical?] intervention was provoked by an interview by Curia Archbishop Guido Pozzo included in Christ und Welt (issue 32/2016). Archbishop Pozzo is officially entrusted with the talks with the SSPX as secretary of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei.

If the Vatican will "sacrifice" Conciliar Documents for SSPX?

The author summarizes what is clear from the interview that the "Society is no longer excommunicated, but has not yet been reintegrated canonically, and despite some initial concessions, continues to reject some important documents of Vatican II."  This raises  "more questions", say Palmieri-Billig. The "obvious", but so far unasked questions are:
"On what specific points is the Vatican willing to compromise?" And "If the Vatican is prepared to sacrifice the authoritative nature of some documents of the Second Vatican Council, which - although not a dogma - have become valuable tools for Interreligious Dialogue"

American Jewish Comittee

Two key areas are in play. The first area concerns the "Pope Francis' very strong desire for pastoral unity within the church and for reconciliation of theological breakthroughs." This precludes the second region, namely "the important impact on the future of basic documents of the Second Vatican Council". Palmieri-Billig explicitly names the document Nostra Aetate , particularly "the relationship of the Catholic Church and the Jewish people", and Dignitatis Humanae on religious freedom.
The authors complained in the statements about  Archbishop Guido Pozzo's "complete absence of any reference" to the historical roots of these documents of Vatican II and "thus the reasons why  John XXIII., Paul VI. and the Council Fathers felt it was important." Specifically,  Palmieri-Billig referred to  "Paragraph 4 of Nostra Aetate on relations between the Catholic Church and the Jewish people". This "omission" was all the more serious because of the "seemingly entrenched theological anti-Semitism" of the SSPX.

"Distorted indoctrination" and "ingrained theological anti-Semitism"

The representative of the American Jewish Comittee  then insists that Nostra Aetate of John XXIII. was intended finally to "extinguish the distorted indoctrination" of the charges of "deicide", an accusation that "had already been declared false and absurd by  the Council of Trent." The "need for this decision" by John XXIII. was beause he had "become aware through an encounter with Jules Isaac, a survivor of the Holocaust" where Isaac had convinced the pope from the fact that "this rhetoric circulating in Europe had created a suitable environment for the development of wild anti-Semitic stereotypes, which in turn fueled the hatred that made ​​the Shoah possible."

AJC demands conditions for the canonical recognition of the SSPX

Then the American Jewish Commitee comes to the point: If the SSPX can be canonically recognized "before" talks "about the validity" of Nostra Aetate found a "satisfactory solution", it "would create serious questions".
Palmieri-Billig  extensively cites Chief Rabbi David Rosen, the international director of the American Jewish Comittee for interreligious relations with the words:
"I have every confidence in the declaration of Cardinal Kurt Koch, President of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, who explained that the adoption of Nostra Aetate as a binding document by the SSPX, is a necessary step to ensure that the members of the Society may be formally recognized by the Holy See; and I can not believe that Pope Francis could accept less than that. In addition, I hope that the Holy See, regarding Judaism and the Jewish people, insists in the addition to recognition of the teaching of the Magisterium, on the denial of anti-Semitism that was part of the culture of the SSPX. It was not just about Bishop 'Williamson and a couple other people: The website of the organization has been full of anti-Jewish rhetoric in the past. I want to hope that there is a formal recognition of the statement of Pope Francis in line with his predecessors, which states that it is impossible to be a true Christian if you have anti-Semitic opinions." [David Rosen gets to decide who's Christian.]

The Crux: SSPX or Dominus Iesus ?

Palmieri-Billig shows themselves further concerned about the differing levels of dogmatic binding, which is applied to the various conciliar documents, as Archbishop Curia Pozzo explained in his interview. Pozzo appealed to the will of the Council Fathers on this issue. On November 18, 1964, the secretary for Christian Unity on Nostra Aetate explained that his secretariat had no intention of adopting dogmatic declarations about non-Christian religions but only practical and pastoral norms, which is why Nostra Aetate has no dogmatic commitment. It is therefore, says Archbishop Curia Pozzo, not possible to ask someone, to recognize this document as "binding."

Imam Yahya Pallavicini

The American Jewish Comittee representatives were also offended at the finding of Archbishop Pozzo, that any interpretation of Nostra Aetate, must include the Declaration Dominus Iesus , on the unicity and salvific universality of Jesus Christ and the Church 2000, which is "without foundation and should therefore be rejected." The Secretary of Ecclesia Dei warned explicitly in this context against a false  interpretation of the "Spirit of Assisi".
Palmieri-Billig represented the statements of Imam Yahya Pallavicini, vice-president of the Italian Islamic Religious Community (COREIS) to the contrary, who is considered to be the "internationally recognized representative of a temperate 'traditional Islam'." Pallavicini had in turn warned the Vatican:
"The international Islamic community follows closely the development of this convergence process of the SSPX for reintegration into the Catholic Church. It is about the sensitivity to find a coherence regarding the pastoral implications of the outcome of the Council and of the document Nostra Aetate. While Pope Francis and the Catholic Church, together with the spiritual authorities of many other religious denominations, celebrate the prophetic value of this Council that initiated the historical cycle of 50 intense years of inter-religious and ecumenical dialogue on providential way, the SSPX appears to downplay at least the  this path and this orientation  to maintain a traditionalist interpretation that actually denies the spiritual need of respect and fellowship with believers and other confessions believing in a God. In a moment of dramatic international crisis in which the manipulation of religion becomes a hostage of some fundamentalist groups, there seems to arise a claim of 'legitimate violence' against Muslims, Christians and Jews, concerns us and the anachronism and the lack of sensitivity of movements that the Society even wants to force the Church  or  to teach a different hierarchy of values, than   the Council and obedience to the saints and the popes."

"Vilification and delegitimization of the 'Aggiornamento'- John XXIII's Will."

Although the AJC representative noted that Society, representing 70 countrieswith 750Mass locations  in the "enormous Catholic world" has only a "relatively small influence" ... "but nothing that happens in this world without effect". Concessions to the SSPX "could easily" lead to a "return of the old prejudices" against other confessions and to "transform to the militant conviction of possessing the only true way to God".

Pallavicini has already been received several times by Pope Francis in the past three years

That would be a further step towards the "insulting and delegitimization of the burning desire of John XXIII. according to the 'aggiornamento' of the Catholic Church and to return to the pseudo-religious, anti-Semitic stereotypes that  provoked immense suffering of many centuries and ultimately led to the diabolical persecutions and genocides of the 20th century. "
After the authors  thundered against SSPX , using the Antisemitism club, they praised "the deeply meaningful silence" of Pope Francis in Auschwitz as "deafening".
Director of Vatican Insider, the papal house vaticanist  Andrea Tornielli,  explains why his articles and products published by his platform are of particular attention. This also applies to this article by the AJC representatives to the Holy See, where Tornielli allows Jews and Muslims to designate the conditions about which the Holy See should conduct a canonical recognition of the SSPX. Vice versa this means: Should these conditions not be met, it would open up "serious questions". It's a statement in the article of the American Jewish Comittee that someone could read as a threat. Anyway,  Tornielli offered the American Jewish Comittee and the Islamic Religious Council the opportunity to be the warning sign for the Vatican.  It's an "unusual procedure", because they revolve "around internal Church matters" which are also to be clarified within the Church. It's an "interference" from the outside which must be "considerations rejected in principle" ipso facto, so Messa in Latino .
It is also dubious indeed that the American Jewish Comittee and the Islamic Religious Council  are pulling  together, to warn the Catholic Church of a "return" to their traditional claim that it was entrusted by Jesus Christ as the "only way to salvation."

Lisa Palmieri-Billig and Yahya Pallavicini

Lisa Palmieri-Billig was born in Vienna. With her ​​Jewish family, she emigrated in 1938 as a small child to New York. During the Second Vatican Council, she worked in the Roman branch of the World Jewish Congress (WJC). She was 25 years, Deputy Chairman of the European section of the World Conference of Religions for Peace, based in New York, founded in 1961 and is today Chairman of the Italian section of this organization. Since 2005, she is the Jewish Vatican expert AJC representative  in Italy and the Holy See.
Yahya Pallavicini, born in 1965, is the Imam al-Wahid Mosque of Milan. His mother is Japanese, his father, Felice Pallavicini is from Milan, descendant of a branch of a famous Italian noble family [With strong Masonic connections, fighting against the Church in the 1860s], converted in 1951 at the age of 25 years in Lausanne to Islam. He prefers to speak of a "convergence" and "realignment". Since then, he calls himself Abd al-Wahid and has traveled 30 years in the Islamic world, where he was in Istanbul, Jerusalem and finally introduced in Singapore to Islamic Sufism. In 1980, he himself became a Sheikh (Master) and as such, head of the Sufi brotherhood, Ahamadiyyah Idrissiyyah Shadhiliyyah in Europe. Abd al-Wahid Pallavicini represents a syncretic religious view that all religions lead to "a god". In a chronological sequence have revealed this, the Hinduism, according to Pallavicini, the first link in this  chain of revelation that leads to  the three monotheistic "Abrahamic" religions, whose perfection is Islam.
In 1986 he took part in the  very controversial Assisi Meeting for Peace as the Islam representative, which was organized by the Community Sant'Egidi  with the participation of Pope John Paul II.. His son was counted among the 500 most influential Muslims in the world of 2009. In 1998 father and son negotiated as Islamic representatives for the recognition of the Islamic religious community by the Republic of Italy. In 2000 he created the organization called the Islamic Religious Community (COREIS). He is a member of the State Islamic Council of the Italian Ministry of Interior.
Both are part of the elite interreligious establishment.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: SSPX / ajc / coreis (screenshots)
Trans: Tancred
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