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Monday, August 17, 2015

Pontifical High Mass at Basilica with Cardinal Burke Cancelled

Update: it looks like Cardinal Burke is going to be in the itinerary of some kind of Neo-Knights Templar Conference, leading a Pilgrimmage to the Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine in La Crosse, on Monday the 21st of September. Again, thanks to reader for the information.

Edit: Cardinal Burke, who has a lot of time on his hands after being fired by the Pope from his position at the Apostolic Signatura was still in a position to do some a lot of good by saying the Immemorial Mass of All Ages in a historic event at one of the most evil parishes in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis.   The event was to take place at 10:00 in the morning on Saturday, September 19th at St. Mary's Basilica in Minneapolis. After making some inquiries we have no reason why the Holy Mass was cancelled, except that perhaps the rector and the Devil himself don't approve of it.

In addition to the possible disapproval on the part of the  questionable leadership at the parish, things are especially bad recently in the Archdiocese as a whole, since one of the Cardinal's confreres, the faithful Archbishop John Nienstedt, has been hounded from his position as Archbishop owing to the all-too-familiar media blitzkrieg and a host of disloyal elements among his clergy and even his own chancery.

Perhaps the reason is the evil reputation of the Basilica itself?

When they're not prostituting themselves to the zeitgeist, promoting deviancy at various fairs and events, surely leading souls into Hell, they're probably the most singular anti-Catholic presence in the Archdiocese as a locus of dissent and disobedience.

The place needs to be reconsecrated anyway, in our humble opinion.

The Immemorial Mass was to be celebrated in the context of an event sponsored by the Knights of Malta of the Holy Sepulcher meeting, which will hold some events at the Basilica, which is somewhat understandable since Cardinal Burke is the Patron of the Order of Malta another equestrian order. [Hence our initial confusion that these people were Knights of St. John (Malta).]   What doesn't make sense is why an equestrian society of Catholic gentlemen would associated themselves with the evil St. John's Bible and the Faux-Benedictines of Collegeville. One of the events in the bulletin so kindly provided by a reader shows:

"Artist as Preacher" - Presentation of St. John's Bible -
Rev. Eric Hollas, OSB, KHS

Father Hollas' biography reads as follows from Collegeville's website:

Fr. Eric Hollas, OSB - Deputy to the President for Advancement in the Office of Institutional Advancement at Saint John's University.  Fr. Eric received his BA degree in history from Princeton in 1971, completed seminary studies at Saint John's School of Theology·Seminary and received his PhD in medieval studies from Yale.  Fr. Eric is a member of the Medieval Academy of America.  Fr. Eric is also a member of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre and chaplain in the Western Association of the Order of Malta.  Since 1980, Fr. Eric has been a member of the faculty of the School of Theology • Seminary and Department of Theology at Saint John's University.  From 1993 to 2002, he was Executive Director of the Hill Monastic Manuscript Library at Saint John's University.  Among his many activities, Fr. Eric was instrumental in initiating The Saint John's Bible and has spoken on that project at venues throughout the United States.

One of the principal problems with the bible, apart from the false claims surrounding it, and its price tag, is the calligrapher, who is himself an atheist.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Minneapolis Basilica Lights Dome Lavender in Time for "Coming Out Week"

Edit: In light of Archhbishop Nienstedt's current campaign to oppose abberosexual marriage in the state of Minnesota, it seems self-defeating that one of his largest and most visible churches, the Basilica of St. Mary's in downtown Minneapolis, is illuminating the consecrated towers and dome of this august building, with purple lights.

Apart from being a frivolous expenditure, it's clear that these flashy things lack a spiritual dimension. And in point of fact, it's time for "National Coming Out Week" which involves homosexuals having parties where they tell their poor families that they are sodomites. This event begins on the 11th of October. You might think this is all minor stuff. We hope not, but this current confluence of events and lights seems to mesh well with the Basilica's other projects, like useless and scandalous interfaith events where Rabbis, Imams and Protestants are invited to give talks. One Rabbi was even invited to give the "homily" on Good Friday Liturgy, when a the liberal Rabbi who promotes Cabbala, was allowed to take over the pulpit and do the priest's job.

St. Mary's has also participated in the Gay Pride Festival with their presence at a booth representing area "churches" who all recognize abberosexual marriage.

Of course, Father Corapi, Father Pavone, Father Donat Gionet in Canada, Father Micheal Rodriguez in Texas and Father Andreas Skobliki of Austria and the saintly Father Michel of Thieberville, France, are singled out for suspension and other canonical punishments often based on the flimsiest evidence. Some of these priests are able to speak to much larger groups of people than the others, but they all preach to churches overflowing with faithful eager to hear what they say, and by their example they reach a lot of people, by their gentleness and prayerful outlook, they bring people into the Church.

Meanwhile, creatures like the present pastor of this lavender hangout keep their jobs.

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Basilica Block Party in Minneapolis Actively Promotes Sodomy

Purple Lights on Basilica Look Gay

Editor: [Minneapolis-St. Paul] We thought that a very small and ineffective contingent of homosexual activists did protest too much as they stood outside an infernal event held for the last decade or so to raise money for a parish so devoid of Catholicism that if the supports for the building were Catholicism, it would have fallen in long ago, irrespective of the fund raising attempts.

Now the Archbishop is protesting the insignificant and mostly elderly CCCR, but he'd probably be better off getting rid of those people who say they are Catholic and work for him. This is most quixotic since the Archbishop assigned the homosexual enabling pastor of the Basilica to oversee the parish closings this winter, but still, they weren't even publicly admonished for allowing a Reform Rabbi to "preach" on Good Friday from the ambo. The homosexual enabling pastor of the Basilica was permitted to close one of the parishes offering the Immemorial Mass of All Ages at St. Augustine's parish in the Archdiocese.

The following is an eyewitness descriptions of events are links from various publications about what took place at the Basilica Block Party... which is gay.

We've been sent purple lights highlighting the dome on at least two occasions, we've shown how the Basilica gives tacit approval of homosexuals by participating in a booth of area churches that are ,promoting, not so much as admonishing sinners who have fallen to the sin of Sodomy as is the duty of the pastor and his staff.
Degenerate Art

Even fired artist Lucinda Naylor, who was relieved of her post as "artist in residence" last year during the Bishop's campaign in defense of marriage, where she took a collection of as many of the informational CDs she could find and made a sculpture out of them. For a few weeks, her "artwork" which was briefly taken down, have now been put back up on display for almost a year now, although they don't resemble the story of the passion in the slightest.

Alleged Fifth Station

Basilica Block Party Best moment from day 2: During a song break in
the Drive By Truckers show, the Basilica bells began to chime, and the
band launched seamlessly into an amazing version of Hell's Bells by
AC/DC, as reported from the anti-Catholic Tribune.

"Let's party as if we already have marriage equality," read one of
the signs belonging to Catholics for Marriage Equality, whose stickers
("I support marriage equality") were plastered all over concertgoers.
Co-founder Michael Bayly said his group did not want to discourage
people from attending. "We want people to feel welcome and know that
there are many, many Catholics who believe in equality," a homosexually disturbed activist said, according to the Tribune.

One headliner, Michael Franti, met with members of the gay rights group and pledged his support to them, here.

Local rockers the Jayhawks dedicated a new song, "Hide Your Colors,"
to "free choice in marriage."

Illinois songstress Lissie drew cheers when she said, "It's really
not anyone's business how people choose to love one another. Love is
always a good thing."

"I'm taking 10 percent of the fee that we're getting, and I'm
donating it to a pro-gay-marriage organization," said Franti, and here.

At every one of my shows, I speak about equality. I have a song I
wrote recently called "Love Somebody" that is specifically about
equality in marriage and people being able to choose whoever they
choose to love. In 1991, with the Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, I
put out a song called "Language of Violence" that was about
gay-bashing. In 2000, [Spearhead] had a song called "Do You Love?"
that's about loving whoever you choose to love.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rabbi Takes Over Priest's Role at Midwestern Basilica's Good Friday Prayer Service

Lucinda Naylor is the former "artist in residence" who was fired from her position at the Basilica of St. Mary's in Minneapolis  for opposing  Archbishop John Nienstedt's pastoral CD regarding the defense of marriage. For a time, her paintings disappeared from the Basilica's walls where the homosexual painter's works are said to be stations of the Cross. They have since returned, as the Basilica itself plays host to a man who does not hold the Catholic Faith, but is tolerated to preach.

"Painting" of Judas' Betrayal

As a reform rabbi took over the prayer service from the pastor of the parish, Father John Bauer, a wooden cross was passed around over the heads of the crowd like at a rock concert. Doctor van Parys, who's responsible for that spectacle, contrasts his good Friday Liturgy and celebration with those which came before, by saying that before, it was an opportunity for Christians to persecute the Jews,

“Prior to the Second Vatican Coun­cil, Good Friday was seen as a day when Catholics would traditionally persecute the Jewish people, blaming them for the death of Christ. Jews would literally hide from Catholics on that day,” said van Parys. “We thought it would be a jarring yet enlightening experience to invite a rabbi to speak to our congregation during Tenebrae.”[Tenebrae is what they referred to as their Good Friday Service]

The Diocesan newspaper is unconcerned and unmoved by the strange oddities taking place at this prayer service, with rose petals falling from the ceiling and a moment when there is a whimsical and cultic bedlam as the lights are turned down and the laity bang their pews for about five minutes in the darkness, as if to waken things below that would be better left asleep.

Laymen may not preach, may certainly not preach vague humanistic messages having nothing to do with the Gospel.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Lucinda Naylor Finishes her Magnum Opus

The Pro-Homosexual artist had to find an additional thousand DVDs to complete her sculpture made from Archbishop Nienstedt's defense of marriage materials. Like a lot of these dissidents, whether officially within the Church or outside of it, she has to rely on a lot of credulity to support her claims, either that what she's doing is actually art, or that she indeed is a Catholic in good standing with such views as she has.

The Basilica and the Archdiocese now insists that Ms. Naylor was suspended without their coercion.

[Stella Borealis] Lucinda Naylor used almost 2,000 DVDs [.25% of those mailed to Minnesota Catholics; she claims in the story that she had to get have of the DVDs herself as the returns only came to about 1,000] to create the wave-shaped sculpture. It will be on display through the weekend at 2756 Hennepin Av. S. in Minneapolis. Naylor painted one side of the discs light blue while also making cuts and interlocking the DVDs.

Link to Stella Borealis...

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Pastor of Purple Basilica Put in Charge of Parish Reorganization

Friday, October 15, 2010

Pastor of Purple Basilica in charge of Cutting Parishes in Archdiocese of St. Paul

Editor: Pastor who refuses to give definitive teaching from the pulpit or a firm public statement on the sin of homosexuality and publicly implies that one need not hold all the teachings of the Catholic Church to be Catholic is in charge of "strategic planning" for which parishes are cut.

Is it wise to have a man who doesn't agree with the core philosophy of your company in charge of cutting parishes? It doesn't sound like wise management.

We can think of a few pro-homosexual parishes that need to be cut.

St. Paul, Minn. — The Catholic Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis will announce significant changes to its parishes over the weekend.

A strategic plan, 20 months in the works, will recommend some parishes merge and close churches, and others will cluster and share priests.

Father John Bauer, pastor of the Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis, helped lead the strategic planning. He said declining enrollment in the core cities, priest shortages and financial strain made the changes necessary.

Read further at NPR....

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sending Strange Signals: America's Oldest Basilica

In a fit of urban renewal, this once poorly attended inner-city parish has been brightened and made comfortable for the childless children of the upper-middle class and others.

The pastor insists that this Purple Dinosaur hue, which shares a certain resemblance to his erroneous theological opinions, isn't for any particular feast on the Roman Calendar, it's supposedly for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

We've heard from certain sources that a correction is under way since Saturday. This is clearly a message of being of the world and not in it. The people who run this parish clearly don't have their feet on the ground at all.

The Pastor of this parish insists, amid all of the liturgical abuse and his soft-shoe doctrinal routine that he's against homosexuals being married, but he doesn't want to be quoted. Surely, he was forced to fire his 'artist in residence' who has been visible in the media lately for her "brave" dissent from the Church's teachings. We think the people who attend Mass here and use this facility have a right to know the truth about the Catholic religion, even if it sends them down the street to the Episcopalians.

Photo; taken October 12 of this year.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Barney Basilica Attacks: Defiant Liberal Catholics in Minneapolis

When St. Paul was talking about a "light on the hill" this wasn't what he had in mind. Rather, it's the kind of edifice that says something very definitive in an ambiguous way about what the Priests of the Archdiocese have long said about the importance of "sexual orientation". Instead, they tell us that there are other issues that are more pressing, like their heavily subsidized "social justice" ministries.

There were reports of a downtown Basilica in the News. Some people were wondering why the Basilica is "Purple". The last time we'd seen these lights was in the Spring of 2008. The Pastor, perhaps thinking that no one would remember the last time these lights were on, insists that they are glowing on behalf of "Breast Cancer Awareness", hardly a suitable use for a church, but then, Breast Cancer Awareness Month's color is pink, not purple. Purple is a color favored by homosexual activists.

But what of Father Bauer's alleged purpose? What other things do purple lights remind us of? Lucinda Naylor, Pro-Homosexual activist, catechist, Jaqueline of All Trades and former "artist in residence" whose degenerate and disturbing art adorn the walls of this most patrician of buildings?

This is the same parish that has a booth at the Gay Pride Festival in Minneapolis every year for the last 10 years.

The Basilica's Rector will never give a Sermon in condemnation of homosexuality, but he needs to. There are so many places he could be a pastor, why must he insist on maintaining this hypocrisy? Instead, he will continue as a termite, destroying the doctrinal beams and walls that support the Church.

Photos from the Spring of 2008 the last time the Basilica staff under the leadership of its Rector decided to gay things up a bit.