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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Liturgical Abuse: Ultra Cool Beach Mass in Germany

Eucharistic Celebration on the beach -- with towel and mat.

Germany. [] On the 9th of September the youth church "Church4you" organized a New Eucharistic Celebration on the beech in at the local swimming lake.  The youth were told to bring a towel and sitting mats. The priest celebrated in green shorts, an orange t-shirt and a yellow stole.

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Basilica Block Party in Minneapolis Actively Promotes Sodomy

Purple Lights on Basilica Look Gay

Editor: [Minneapolis-St. Paul] We thought that a very small and ineffective contingent of homosexual activists did protest too much as they stood outside an infernal event held for the last decade or so to raise money for a parish so devoid of Catholicism that if the supports for the building were Catholicism, it would have fallen in long ago, irrespective of the fund raising attempts.

Now the Archbishop is protesting the insignificant and mostly elderly CCCR, but he'd probably be better off getting rid of those people who say they are Catholic and work for him. This is most quixotic since the Archbishop assigned the homosexual enabling pastor of the Basilica to oversee the parish closings this winter, but still, they weren't even publicly admonished for allowing a Reform Rabbi to "preach" on Good Friday from the ambo. The homosexual enabling pastor of the Basilica was permitted to close one of the parishes offering the Immemorial Mass of All Ages at St. Augustine's parish in the Archdiocese.

The following is an eyewitness descriptions of events are links from various publications about what took place at the Basilica Block Party... which is gay.

We've been sent purple lights highlighting the dome on at least two occasions, we've shown how the Basilica gives tacit approval of homosexuals by participating in a booth of area churches that are ,promoting, not so much as admonishing sinners who have fallen to the sin of Sodomy as is the duty of the pastor and his staff.
Degenerate Art

Even fired artist Lucinda Naylor, who was relieved of her post as "artist in residence" last year during the Bishop's campaign in defense of marriage, where she took a collection of as many of the informational CDs she could find and made a sculpture out of them. For a few weeks, her "artwork" which was briefly taken down, have now been put back up on display for almost a year now, although they don't resemble the story of the passion in the slightest.

Alleged Fifth Station

Basilica Block Party Best moment from day 2: During a song break in
the Drive By Truckers show, the Basilica bells began to chime, and the
band launched seamlessly into an amazing version of Hell's Bells by
AC/DC, as reported from the anti-Catholic Tribune.

"Let's party as if we already have marriage equality," read one of
the signs belonging to Catholics for Marriage Equality, whose stickers
("I support marriage equality") were plastered all over concertgoers.
Co-founder Michael Bayly said his group did not want to discourage
people from attending. "We want people to feel welcome and know that
there are many, many Catholics who believe in equality," a homosexually disturbed activist said, according to the Tribune.

One headliner, Michael Franti, met with members of the gay rights group and pledged his support to them, here.

Local rockers the Jayhawks dedicated a new song, "Hide Your Colors,"
to "free choice in marriage."

Illinois songstress Lissie drew cheers when she said, "It's really
not anyone's business how people choose to love one another. Love is
always a good thing."

"I'm taking 10 percent of the fee that we're getting, and I'm
donating it to a pro-gay-marriage organization," said Franti, and here.

At every one of my shows, I speak about equality. I have a song I
wrote recently called "Love Somebody" that is specifically about
equality in marriage and people being able to choose whoever they
choose to love. In 1991, with the Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, I
put out a song called "Language of Violence" that was about
gay-bashing. In 2000, [Spearhead] had a song called "Do You Love?"
that's about loving whoever you choose to love.