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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Police Confirm: Fire in Berlin Mosque Was Arson

Berlin's Senator Henkel: "If religious buildings burn in our city, regardless of whether they are churches, synagogues or mosques, then I take that very seriously."

Berlin ( The fire in the Mevlana Mosque in Berlin two weeks ago was apparently a result arson. A police spokesman explained that a technical defect was ruled out as cause of fire, also negligent arson was considered very unlikely. This was reported in various media. There was no evidence for offenders. A political background could be neither excluded nor confirmed at this time. The state authorities have indicated as has reported.

The fire broke out on August 12 in an unfinished section of the mosque and caught fire, especially building materials. The mosque facade was heavily blackened. Traces of accelerants were detected.

As of last Saturday Sigmar Gabriel, Minister of Economic Affairs and Vice Chancellor, spoke during his visit to the Mosque of an "assassination" and determined that arson attacks on mosques, synagogues and churches are also "an attack on the center of the society." Even Berlin's Senator of the Interior, Frank Henkel (CDU) said on Tuesday during a visit to the Mevlan Mosque: "If religious buildings burn in our city, regardless of whether they are churches, synagogues or mosques, then I take that very seriously." To mark the event, a protest was staged where undreds of believers prayed on the road. There were also two fires started in mosques in Bielefeld in early August within a week. Link to Trans: Tancred AMDG

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Arson in Three Churches in Lower Austria as Yet Unsolved

Anti-Clerical incitement of hate in Austria for the last years has brought first "fruits".

On the 23rd of December 2012 three churches in the city of Amstetten were set afire.  The area with over 2,300 inhabitants it situated in western Lower Austria.

The most seriously damaged is the church of the Franciscan School Sisters.  The fire spread from the confessional to five pews.  The church will have to be closed for half a year for the clearing away of the burn damage and the complete renovation.

In the two other churches (city parish church and Herz Jesu Kirche) the damage is less.

A police drawing of the suspects has been published.

New Evangelization Necessary 

Diocesan Bishop Klaus Kung stressed in his sermon for the year's end of 2012 the necessity of "a renewed (new) effort for the spreading of the Gospel."

Thus is "everyone, who is close to the mysteries of our Faith know, what they require and correspondingly prepare", what is obviously no longer the case.

The superficiality of the knowledge of the Catholic Faith in the wake of the Second Vatican Council (or better: the abuses in the name of the Council) is no longer concealable by the Bishops any longer.

Also its "disquieting phenomenona" like the disturbing of the peace in St. Pöltener Cathedral by the ORF  recently about "Pussy Riot" -- as a copy or the people's eagerness against the alleged ecclesiastical privileges are a sign of a "certain change of mood" in the land.

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

15 Year Old Sentenced in Arson of Neustadt Cathedral

A relatively minor punishment after a million in property damage:  because of the arson at Neustadter Cathedral and severe property damage, a 15 year old has been condemned to conditional sentence for 20 months.

Vienna (  Because of arson at Neustadter Cathedral and severe property damage, a 15 year old has been condemned to a condition 20 month sentence.   The National Court of Vienna/Neustadt gave a relatively mild sentence because of the "very youthful age" of the defendant and and his customarily orderly manner of life and finally his carpentry school.  The defendant has received time to think it over, the judgement is still not executed.  The Cathedral burnt in March of 2012, which reported, and has been closed till the completion of renovation at the end of September.

The youth had initially confessed to the Cathedral Provost after the act, and was forgiven by the Provost and recommended the possibility of accomplishing community service, continued ORF.  In the negotiations the 15 year old had at first denied the act, then however the exact course of events fell to him.  The judge explained in his sentencing, that the most significant concern of the boy had been that he didn't want his father to learn of it.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Consecration for Liberal Bishop of Basel Will be Possibly Postponed

Editor: some may recall the Bishop designate's controversial ideas.  Too bad it won't be an indefinite postponement.  Not only is there a disaster in his coming, but he's a disaster too, read here.

On the Ursen Cathedral in Solothurn, where Felix Gmür is to be consecrated Bishop, has been the subject of an arson attack. 

Basel (  The consecration of the new Basel Diocesan Bishop Felix Gmür may have to be postponed.  The reason for this is arson on the baroque St. Ursen Cathedral in Solothurn, the seat of the Bishops of Basel.

A 61 year old "Church hater" Andreas Z had put two gasoline cans near the high altar, poured them out and ignited them.  The fire department brought the fire quickly under control, in any case there is substantial damage.  Carbon will be a great part of the interiors damage.

Cathedral Rector Paul Rutz appeared very affected by the attack for his interview with the online edition of the Swiss daily "Blick", above all, because in eleven days the Episcopal Consecration is to take place.  "It looks bad", says Rutz.

The problem is not only the carbon particles all over the Cathedral, rather the film of oil, which must have settled over everything, said Rutz: "What is not clear:  the organ is not going to be playable for the 16th of January."  That is in any case not necessary for the Episcopal Consecration.  "If they decide in any case on Solothun, they can order a mobile organ," said the Cathedral Rector.

In case the Episcopal Ordination is not to take place in Solothurn, the Cathedral will have to be closed to the public for some time.  One would in this case want to do a complete cleaning and not only the traces of the arson attack, said Rutz.  The damages run from about 600.000 Franks (480.000 Euro).

Currently there is still an investigation in progress, which involve the possibility of using other churches for the Episcopal Consecration, says Rutz:  "They must be big enough, have enough parking preparted, the infrastructure must be convenient as well."  The decision where the Consecration will take place will be made by Thursday.

Gmür steps in to replace his successor Cardinal Kurt Koch, who has been since July an "Ecumenical Minister" in the Vatican.

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