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Monday, August 24, 2015

Pressure on Africa's Bishops for Aberrosexual Agenda -- Are Swiss Bishops Also Participating?

Will Bishops of Sub-Saharan Africa be Put Under
Pressure by Catholic European Organizations to
Accept Aberrosexual Agenda
(New York / Lucerne) At the end of the Synod of Bishops in 2014 on the family  Bishop Nicolas Djomo Lola of Tshumbe, President of the Bishops' Conference of the Democratic Republic of Congo , complained in an interview from NBQ that the pressure on poor countries is very strong: "The agencies United Nations and non-governmental organizations, many of them from Europe, make their aid more and more dependent on whether or not the recipient accepts the gender ideology with its negative consequences for the family."
The Congolese Bishops expressed deep concern in the wake of the interview  that there is a  desire to make  "undue exercise of pressure" that is also noticeable in "European Catholic associations". This is in any event his personal impression that he had come to. This impression seems to find much confirmation.

Gift from Catholic Fastenopfer Swiss Catholics for Homo project against Africa's bishops?

Catholic News Agency (CNA) reported that the relief organization of the Catholic Fastenopfer Swiss Catholics along with a well-known US foundation, the project of homosexual activists funded to counteract the attitude of African bishops at the upcoming Synod of Bishops.
At first it was a matter of producing a documentary that should support "LGBT Catholics" in black African states. The producer is the European Forum of Christian LGBT groups based in the Netherlands. In its Annual Report 2014/2015 it states that the Forum is reacting "to the extremely negative impact of the African bishops to the final document of the Synod Family 2014." "We have considered it important to give greater attention to the voice of LGBT Catholics of this region."

Arcus Foundation invests millions in gay organizations

The Arcus Foundation from the United States offered several hundred thousand dollars  for the film project. The Fastenopfer Swiss Catholics are supposed to  have paid a grant of 15,000 dollars. The support of the Arcus Foundation is not surprising. It has promoted aberrosexual activities of all kinds for many years. On their website it says that the Foundation has invested $ 17 million in 2013 aberrosexual organizations alone.
The  Arcus Foundation was established in 2000 by aberrosexual John Stryker, a billionaire trust recipient. The Foundation was able to distribute114 million dollars in 2014. It is committed to the conservation of nature and the natural habitat of animals, especially monkeys, for 'social justice' and especially for LGBT rights. 
In 2014 John Stryker donated $ 200,000, "to help LGBT supporters to influence the position of the Catholic Church and oppose their ultraconservative supporters." Here some American bishops were explicitly mentioned who are committed in a special way for the promotion and protection of the family.

Fastenopfer Swiss Catholics

Things are quite different  for the Swiss financiers. Fastenopfer is the official international aid agency of  Swiss Catholics based in Lucerne. The Fund was established in 1961, collects either directly or through the parish donations. Financial contributions also flow from the federal government and some cantons and political municipalities. In 2014 they received 18.5 million Swiss francs. The President of Fastenopfer Swiss Catholics is Bishop Felix Gmür from Basel. Two of the new board members are directly appointed by the Swiss Bishops' Conference. The objectives of the Arcus Foundation is completely unrelated  Catholic charity Aid and its objectives.
According to Catholic News Agency, co-financing the homo-film project was not decided by the Lenten -Director Patrick Renz, and not approved by the Foundation or the Foundation President, Bishop Gmür. Although the director commissioned for the project backed out of the film at the last moment due to health problems,  it was still implemented.

New homosexual network holds first meeting in Rome in front of the Synod of Bishops 

Instead of a documentary, interviews were conducted in an anthology just before the start of the Synod of Bishops by the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics which are to be published in English and Italian.
This new  network wants to hold its first meeting in Rome from 1st-4th October and thus immediately before the start of the Synod of Bishops on October 4.
On the website of Catholic Fastenopfer there is no indication as to working with the Arcus Foundation and the support of aberrosexual project. The CNA report was also previously denied. If confirmed the flow of money, it would be a further confirmation of the concern expressed by Bishop Djomo that Catholic organizations themselves are taking part, contrary to the teaching of the Catholic doctrine, to exert pressure on Africa to accept the aberrosexual agenda. This includes the cooperation of Catholic organizations in the fields of development aid and human rights with non-Catholic organizations, whose aims are the promotion and enforcement of abortion and gender ideology (see Catholic Women's Movement in Austria in the Network of Abortion Lobby and Gender Ideology ).
Eleven black African bishops are raising their voices in a forthcoming book  against the gender ideology.  To be treated but overlooking the Synod of Bishops  there will also be topics such as,  environment, food, globalization, economy, peace, and dialogue between religions
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: NBQ / Catholic Lenten Fund / Arcus Foundation (screenshots)
Trans: Tancred

Monday, September 2, 2013

Bishop of Basel Allows Blessings of Same Sex Pairs -- Homo-Schism in the Swiss Church?

(Basel) Catholic teaching is clear by divine revelation on the subject of homosexuality. The Bible uses strong words to describe the phenomenon of sexual disorder. Nevertheless, there are Catholic priests who are unfaithful to the Church's teaching and give aberrosexual couples even their blessings. Die Neue Zürcher Zeitung published an article ​​on 28 July calling attention to the contradiction. Adamim, the “Association of Gay Pastors of Switzerland ", another paradox, advertises on its website the “Offer” of homosexual-friendly priests who are willing to also bless aberrosexual couples in a religious ceremony. It would be no exaggeration to assume that among the 20 homoheretical priests that there are at least some active sexually. Such as "Mario, Cath. Pastor” on Adamim’s page, must tell of his aberrosexual history without being a whit ashamed, although he is a Catholic priest.

Aberrosexual Priest Reading of the Bible with “Gay Glasses"

"I had my first boyfriend at 17. Thanks … in the single rooms we were able to live a very close and intimate relationship. Since my childhood ... I wanted to be a priest. This profession has always been very intriguing. At 30 years ... I took my first parish as priest. 15 years ... I had no sexual partner, but masturbated regularly. I was happy ... As a young pastor I fell head over heels with our sacristan. He was 9 years younger than me and not gay. The whole thing was horrible ... passionate for me. I was jealous when he talked with other people. Finally ... I realized that I could no longer keep the whole thing under my cover. It was clear to me that the sacristan, without realizing it, had opened all my gay valves. I only worked… kept to my role and made on action, so in my inner emptiness, and loneliness I felt dry in any spare moments. I ... took a long time out, cured me and started a psychological therapy. Now ... I learned to trust my assessment. I accepted it and tried to incorporate it into my life. I came out to my family and in the pastoral care team. To my great surprise, no one has rejected me. These experiences have made me ... really strong that I even felt the joy of time on my being gay. It's still like that. I stopped now actively looking for a partner. I went for the first time to gay bars and discos. I even made ads in gay magazines. I also met men know and had relationships. That these men also stayed in the rectory and shared time with me, did not bother anyone. There were ... but also crises. The fact that I was a pastor and a public person, also deterred men, and that they could not live with me in general. There was also a time when I wanted to give up the office. There were times when I thought I could never bring my work and my private life under one roof. It was then a gay friend (no sex partner), who had strongly advised me to stay in the church because it would be very important - also for gays, that I as an open gay priest would act out with my homoeroticism. I began to grapple with gay theology. By that time I read the Bible with gay glasses. My relationship with God was different. My religious language was soft and tender. It was clear to me personally that there was a gay variant in the history of creation, and that God was not a homophobe. The topic of homosexuality ... is now public and no longer a taboo. "

Adamim, The Gay Pastor's Association of Switzerland

Everything under the eyes of the competent bishop, who seems to look away from all the "positive experiences".

The association Adamim, based in Bern, is published on its website in open contradiction to Catholic teaching as follows:

We are an active group of gay men in the service of the church: pastors, pastoral workers, priests, catechists, theologians, hospital chaplains, religious ...... from different denominations. Living as a homosexual in the Christian churches is not always easy. As an association, "Adamim", we work in the public sphere so that homosexuality is recognized as a natural variety of human sexuality, and it is the unique ability to love someone of your own sex.

The Catholic "gay pastors" maintain good relations with the Lesbian and gays of church-based Basel (LSBK), an "ecumenical community for all" "gay, lesbian and transgender" with his own "church". The "services" take place at the Elisabethen Church (OKE): "In the spirit of the community-based services they are prepared by alternating teams together with pastors and priests of the three national churches (Reformed, Old Catholic, Roman Catholic). This creates both traditional worship and new and experimental forms. In every service we celebrate a Eucharist or Lord's Supper, "it says on the website of LSBK. The Catholic viewer gets the creeps. The Open Church Erzsébet part of the Evangelical Reformed Church of the City of Basel, which is "fully behind the project".

Basel-based Aberrosexual with Catholic Participation

The website of the Lesbian and Gay Church Base Basel also states: "For several years the OKE is known to be supported by the Roman Catholic Church of the city of Basel. Operating since 1999 at the OKE, Catholic theologian and pastor, wife Eva Südbeck-Baur, as a commitment to OKE and LSBK has given a courageous witness, laying emphasis on her appointment to office, her installation on the 19th of September in 1999 will be celebrated as part of a LSBK-worship." Whatever that says. The fact is that the Roman Catholic Church of the Canton of the City of Basel is co-sponsor of the OKE and also finances this. [With Church-tax] It is also fact that Südbeck-Baur at the Elisabethen Church has celebrated "services" for aberrosexuals. The cantonal church is a peculiarity of Swiss church law.

The Catholic Church of the City of Basel is promoting the Open Churches Erzsébet officially on their website:

You experience new forms of worship and celebrations (...). On Wednesday afternoon pastoral care is offered on Thursday afternoon laying on of hands. (...) The Open Church Erzsébet City is the first church in Switzerland. (...) It offers new, low-threshold access to faith and church, invites, without forcing, those interested and enables new approaches, the challenges of the modern city needs, without losing their profile.

Eva Südbeck-Baur: Homo-service, Inter-Religious Dialogue, Criticism of the Church, Charity

Eva Südbeck-Baur is the example of a "modern" Catholic multi-functional official in service of the Church: the lesbian and gay worship, worship of experimental design, inter-religious dialogue, Christian-Jewish understanding, publications critical of the church by the Caritas staff. Südbeck-Baur in the fall of 2012 left the Open Church Elsbeth and since the beginning, has been primarily employed with Caritas. Together with her ​​husband Wolf Südbeck-Baur is an employee of the newspaper critical of the Church - Independent Journal of Religion and Society[Unabhängige Zeitschrift für Religion und Gesellschaft]. The journal "is interested in what breaks through on the fringes of the denominations and religions" and "exerts a critique of structures and institutions, agencies and individuals, rites and dogmas, anything short of all that prevents religious awakenings." The latest issue of Aufbruch is dedicated to the theme: "Homosexual on the road to equality."

In the Diocese of Basel Church Blessing Celebration for Aberrosexual Couples a Long Practice

In the diocese of Basel "church celebrations" for gomorrist couples have long been the practice. That was under Bishop Kurt Koch [Current Curial Official for Christian Unity] who did nothing about it before he moved to Rome in 2010. Back in November 2003, a Pastoral Conference of Cantonal Church of Basel-Country, a "blessing ceremony" for aberrosexuals was approved by a large majority, although the Swiss Bishops Conference had rejected such. 2004 events were organized in several parishes in the Canton of Basel-Country as completely normal: held for lesbians and gays as in the Parish Center Bruder Klaus in Liesta and the parish center Epiphany in Füllinsdorf . "Partnerships for gays and lesbians still have a hard time finding recognition in our society and in our Church," says one of the Pastoral Conference Basel booklets published, Celebrate the Love? Bless Love. "That's why they needed a sign a binding and strengthening commitment" 'to live the gift of their love as a valuable and liberating gift.'" As early as 21 January 2004 an enthusiastic Basler Zeitung wrote: "Specifically: Gay and lesbian partners have the opportunity to bless their love before a pastor of their confidence. Legally, this blessing really has no legal consequences. But to us, it is about making a mark,' said Father Felix Terrier. "Terrier is pastor of Liestal.

Bishop Gmür Silent on Gay Heresy in His Diocese

While the Bishop of Chur, Vitus Huonder strongly condemned the practice of blessing aberrosexual couples in the Catholic Church by the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Felix Gmür was conspicuously silent. The Neue Zürcher Zeitung therefore headlined its article with, "Bishop of Basel Tolerates Blessings of Homosexual Couples."

The Catholic People's Party (KVP) of Switzerland sees "a need for clarification regarding its sexual orientation and practice" by Bishop Gmür. In the diocese of Basel, the bishop is elected according to the old Cathedral Chapter and not only suggested. The Pope has the right of confirmation. "The drafting of the profile of requirements of the new bishop was on the side the church's canons, 'required' gender competence," says the Catholic People's Party . As Gmür was elected by the chapter to bishop in 2010, he fell into a conversation with the newspaper Thurgau on the subject of sexuality as a "matter of conscience for each individual," which says everything and nothing. The newspaper knew, but also reported that the new bishop from Rome would work for the abolition of celibacy and the admission of women to the priesthood. Gmür did not intend to defend celibacy. This is not necessary if he "personally" lives a "well ordered" life. Another response that raises more questions than it answers. His toothless dealing with the parish initiative, the Swiss branch of the Austrian and West German Pastors' Initiative comes in a formula to express the act most of the bishops in the German language by the "expansion of dialogue, not sanctions." The formula actually means to suspend the responsibilities and consequences.

Horror Missae: Ordinations of 2011 by Bishop Felix Gmür of Basel: 

Colorful Dub hands instead of Christian symbols on the new priest stoles

Horror Missae with Bishop of Basel - When is The Right Feeling Lost

 Bishop Gmür has already been seen in the middle of an image in the category of Horror Missae. It shows the Basle bishop surrounded by new priests full of colorful stoles with daubed hands. In 2011 he was inaugurated the successor of Cardinal Kurt Koch at the forefront with three new priests of the traditional Swiss Diocese. The ordination took place on 5 June 2011 in Saint-Pierre de Porrentruy. The priests ordained were Romain Gajo, François-Xavier Gindrat and Antoine Dubosson. Four to eleven year old children had designed the stoles. Children understandably do as they are led by adults who should know better. Because we know: not all that well-intentioned, is also well taken.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: LSBK / ADAMIM / Messa in latino (screenshoots)
Trans: Tancred AMGD

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Consecration for Liberal Bishop of Basel Will be Possibly Postponed

Editor: some may recall the Bishop designate's controversial ideas.  Too bad it won't be an indefinite postponement.  Not only is there a disaster in his coming, but he's a disaster too, read here.

On the Ursen Cathedral in Solothurn, where Felix Gmür is to be consecrated Bishop, has been the subject of an arson attack. 

Basel (  The consecration of the new Basel Diocesan Bishop Felix Gmür may have to be postponed.  The reason for this is arson on the baroque St. Ursen Cathedral in Solothurn, the seat of the Bishops of Basel.

A 61 year old "Church hater" Andreas Z had put two gasoline cans near the high altar, poured them out and ignited them.  The fire department brought the fire quickly under control, in any case there is substantial damage.  Carbon will be a great part of the interiors damage.

Cathedral Rector Paul Rutz appeared very affected by the attack for his interview with the online edition of the Swiss daily "Blick", above all, because in eleven days the Episcopal Consecration is to take place.  "It looks bad", says Rutz.

The problem is not only the carbon particles all over the Cathedral, rather the film of oil, which must have settled over everything, said Rutz: "What is not clear:  the organ is not going to be playable for the 16th of January."  That is in any case not necessary for the Episcopal Consecration.  "If they decide in any case on Solothun, they can order a mobile organ," said the Cathedral Rector.

In case the Episcopal Ordination is not to take place in Solothurn, the Cathedral will have to be closed to the public for some time.  One would in this case want to do a complete cleaning and not only the traces of the arson attack, said Rutz.  The damages run from about 600.000 Franks (480.000 Euro).

Currently there is still an investigation in progress, which involve the possibility of using other churches for the Episcopal Consecration, says Rutz:  "They must be big enough, have enough parking preparted, the infrastructure must be convenient as well."  The decision where the Consecration will take place will be made by Thursday.

Gmür steps in to replace his successor Cardinal Kurt Koch, who has been since July an "Ecumenical Minister" in the Vatican.

Read further, German orginal...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pope's New Bishop in Basel is a Disaster

This is what happens to you when you study Wittgenstein, you turn into an eternal graduate student, then you make ridiculous and inflammatory statements to the press that aren't Catholic like the new Bishop designate of Basel just did.

The drama continues, as the new Bishop of Basel says some wacky things, on rorate, here.

h/t: Ray from Minnesota at Stella Borealis.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pope Announces the Selection of the Bishop of Basel

The old Liberal General Vicar of the Swiss Bishops' Conference is taking over the completely spiritually ruined Diocese of Basel.
Necktie Priest, Father Gmür as Secretary on the Website of the Bishops Conference

(, Basel)  Msgr  Felix Gmür is the new Bishop of Basel, according to the Vatican Press Service.

Pope Benedict XVI, had assumed the choice of the Basel Cathedral on the Feast of the Nativity of Mary on the 8th of September.

Prior to that, Msgr Gmür worked as necktie priest and General Secretary of the Swiss Bishops conference.

A further speculation of the protestant journalist and church-hater Micheal Meier, that it would have been Dennis Theurillat (60), has proven itself to be false.

He Won't be a Second Bishop St. Thomas Becket

Msgr Gmür hales from Luzern.  In May 1999 he was ordained a priest.

Previous to that - from 1997 to 2001 - he worked as the pastoral assistant and then as necktie [secular] priest of the Parish of St. Anton in Basel.

By 2004 he studied Biblical Science at the Jesuit University, the Gregorian in Rome.

Msgr  Gmür received a Doctorate in Philosophy on Ludwig Wittgenstein's Aesthetic.

From 2004 to 2006 he was active for two years as a neck tie- Subregent in the old Liberal Seminary in Luzern.

For four years he has been the General Secretary of the Bishops Conference.

Msgr Gmür will be consecrated a Bishop on January 16th in Solothurn.

Basel is the largest Diocese in Switzerland with over one Million members.

Editor: We said that Basel would get a "good" Bishop out of this, well, we were wrong.