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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Priest Hearing Confessions Attacked by Acid

On Wednesday, Vicar Mario Guevara, the vicar of the Cathedral of Managua, was assaulted by a 24-year-old woman who poured sulfuric acid on his face and over his body as he heard the confession in the cathedral

Managua ( On the afternoon of Wednesday,Vicar  Mario Guevara, the vicar of the Cathedral of Managua, aged 59, was attacked by a 24-year-old woman who dumped sulfuric acid in his face and over his body as he heard confessions in the cathedral. According to the archdiocese of Managua, the cathedral rector immediately sent injured pastor, Mario Guevara to the hospital for medical treatment. Although he has suffered severe burns, his condition seems to be stable. The woman was stopped by people who were in the church and she was then arrested by the police. The Archdiocese asks prayers for the health and full recovery of Pastor Mario Guevare and invites all the faithful to pray "for all our priests in the days leading up to the feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary".


Friday, April 14, 2017

Pope and Media Silent as Caracas Cathedra Attacked by Reds

[American Thinker] Less than a week after 49 Egyptian Christians were massacred in two bombings in Alexandria and Tanta during Palm Sunday mass, Venezuela's socialist thugs stormed a Wednesday Holy Week mass, assaulting the presiding archbishop of Caracas, the church's worshippers and trashing and looting the church. The attack wasn't on the same level as the terrorist bombing, but it signaled an emboldened and increasingly violent state, which may well have been drawing inspiration from the horror in Egypt. 
As one wag on put it:
Communism: the other religion of peace. 
The archbishop in question, Cardinal Jorge Urosa Sabino, was no ordinary archbishop. For years he has blasted the horrors of Venezuela's chavismo for leaving the poor more impoverished and hungry than ever, even as it purports to speak in its name. He's denounced dictatorship and warned of its ascent in the country. Along with many archbishops, he's tried to warn Pope Francis that materialistic communism is an unmitigated disaster for the country.

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

"Hands Off My Church" -- Young Catholics Call for Silent March Against Hostility to Catholics in Avignon

(Avignon) On Monday, the 20th of May a march will take place in the south French city of Avignon against anti-Christianity, The initiative is being planned by a group of young Catholics. They are reacting with it against the increasing violence against priests, religious and ecclesiastical facilities in the city of St. Ruf. The most recent incident was a violent attack of four suspected North African Muslims against a priest of the St. John Society on May 13th.  The four attackers struck the priest unconscious.

The march isn't only directed against the antagonistica and aggressive disposition of parts of the Muslim  inhabitants of the city, rather in general against the anti-Church climate.  In the demonstration, the organizers deplore the scandal "Piss Christ" from April 2011, as a museum in Avignon as an "art work" of a crucifix placed in the urine of the "artist".  Or against the insulting parades through the streets of the "city of the Popes" and the damage of a cemetery of Valréas.  "The anti-Christian hate grows (blasphemous theater pieces, desecrated churches etc...)"  is named in the outcry of the young Catholics.  "We are complaining with emphasis on the lack of a reaction by the authorities and a part of the media, when it comes to the desecration and profanation and we complain with stress on the absence of any reaction against the violent attack on a man of the Church."

The initiators also call out not to tolerate hostility to the Church. "We observe the Cathophobia as an attack against the identity of France of of the French."  The young Catholics are calling upon the "World culture and the homo-lobby".

The young Catholics call upon the  "World Culture and the homo-lobby", in their struggle against homophobia, "to put a stop to our defamation". [Good luck with that.]

"We appeal that the State President and the Interior Minister who are so prompt to condemn the poor situation of Muslims, hostility against Islam and anti-Semitism, to do their duty by Catholics, who have been defamed and injured by anti-Christian attacks.  We are not second class citizens."

With their appeal, the initiators call upon "all people of good will", to "take part in our protest" themselves.  The March begins on Monday, the 20th of May at 2pm at the Place du Palais of the Popes.   "We hope that many French Muslims and Jewish believers will take part in the silent march".   A logo has been created for the demonstration.  A black edged, yellow hand with the slogan:  "Hands off of My Church".  The colors recall on the Identity Movement, a structureless, informal and spontaneous new movement,  which has its origin in France.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Bild: Una Fides

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

15 Year Old Sentenced in Arson of Neustadt Cathedral

A relatively minor punishment after a million in property damage:  because of the arson at Neustadter Cathedral and severe property damage, a 15 year old has been condemned to conditional sentence for 20 months.

Vienna (  Because of arson at Neustadter Cathedral and severe property damage, a 15 year old has been condemned to a condition 20 month sentence.   The National Court of Vienna/Neustadt gave a relatively mild sentence because of the "very youthful age" of the defendant and and his customarily orderly manner of life and finally his carpentry school.  The defendant has received time to think it over, the judgement is still not executed.  The Cathedral burnt in March of 2012, which reported, and has been closed till the completion of renovation at the end of September.

The youth had initially confessed to the Cathedral Provost after the act, and was forgiven by the Provost and recommended the possibility of accomplishing community service, continued ORF.  In the negotiations the 15 year old had at first denied the act, then however the exact course of events fell to him.  The judge explained in his sentencing, that the most significant concern of the boy had been that he didn't want his father to learn of it.

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