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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Polish Bishops' Conference Rejects Communion for Divorced and Remarried

Polish bishops warn that the praxis of annulment could lead to a divorce mentality.

Warsaw ( Holy Communion can not be  given to divorced and remarried Catholics, "this is the unchangeable teaching of the Catholic Church". Because "what God has joined together, let no man separate, teaches Christ (Mk 10.9)". This is what the Polish Catholic Bishops' Conference said in a press statement. "Marriage is a divine as well as both human reality that has been raised by Christ to the dignity of a sacrament." This is a matter of extreme importance because it concerns  Catholic doctrine.

Catholics should be concerned that Catholic annulment praxis could lead to the "divorce mentality."

The bishops cited Pope Francis who had explained in the Angelus on 8/16/2015, the Eucharist "is not a private prayer or a beautiful spiritual experience, it is not a simple reminder of what Jesus did at the Last Supper". To be fed the living bread means rather, to enter into harmony with the heart of Christ, to accept his decisions, his thoughts, his behavior, reports.

In the survey before the Synod of Bishops, many Polish Catholics had emphasized the value of family. The Polish bishops expressly thanked "God for the fact that there are many healthy families in our country who show 'in good and bad days'  fidelity to their vocation."

At the same time the Polish bishops have recalled that those whose families who are broken have need of pastoral care. Moreover,  the bishops warned against infertility through artificial insemination that is not allowed Catholics  and that stillborn children have the "full right to a  Catholic funeral".

In their text, the Polish bishops did not address  homosexuality and gender issues, which they had already taken a stand on several occasions according to the Catholic doctrine on this point.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Newsweek: Is the Pope Really Catholic?

Newsweek: Title Page with Pope Francis
(Rome) The Catholic journalist and director of the Academy of Television Journalism in Perugia, Antonio Socci, was through his book "Non é Francesco" (He's not Francis) is known in which he denies the validity of the election of Pope Francis. 

In the Italian daily newspaper Libero, he published on 12 September a comment at the report of 8 September papal Motuproprios Mitis et misericors Iesus and Mitis Iudex Dominus Iesus on simplification of nullity of marriage. 

According to Socci, the Pope needs the Synod not to perform his "revolution" , The decision to introduce a "Catholic divorce" had already been taken by the Pope, even before the first session of the Synod of Bishops was opened in October 2014th

After 2000 years of the Church is forced to divorce. Schism always imminent

by Antonio Socci [Trans by Tancred]
Newsweek has set Bergoglio and this headline on the front page: "Is the Pope Catholic?" Subtitle: "Of course, but you would not believe it, according to what we read in the press."
The question is justified in fact, given the fact that the Argentine Pope prays in a mosque and said in an interview to Scalfari: "There is no Catholic God."
In the Church the concern has become huge since the last 8th of September. This is because with the two Motu proprios on marriage annulment, we have an official act of Bergoglio-magisterium, with which one - according relevant professionals - is derailed by introducing a kind of "Catholic divorce".
That would mean the denial of Christ's commandment of indissolubility of marriage and the extinction of 2000 years the Church's Magisterium.
In order to understand the seriousness of the matter, it is sufficient to remember that the Church has suffered a serious schism in the 16th century, by passing through the Anglican schism, lost England just because the Pope did not recognize a single divorce, that of King Henry VIII, who claimed the annulment of his first marriage under false pretenses.

Could that Bergoglian Motu proprio provoke a new schism?

It can be. Incidentally,  even as Cardinal Müller himself, head of the former Holy Office, spoke in recent days in reference to a possible schism in connection with the Synod, it is all the more to be feared  since the 8th of September.
In recent days, a vociferous war of words was reported in Santa Marta with some important cardinals. Information of the Synod is explosive in itself.
Bergoglio has, despite  annunciating his chosen word "collegiality,"  everything already decided on this subject prior to convening the Synod. It was not to implement what the bishops had asked for in October 2014,  that thing which the Commission  had worked on, but the motu proprio which task he had already conceived, more than two months earlier on 27 August 2014.
Why is the motu proprio being challenged from the Catholic point of view?
Primarily, as Professor de Mattei has said, the reforms are  going (obviously from simplification and acceleration), as a whole, in the opposite direction of the path which the Church has always gone. It is a total change of perspective: in the first place it is no longer about defending the sacrament (the salvation of souls), but above all the easy and quick attainment of a marriage annulment.
It is sufficient to consider the abolition of double judgment. De Mattei writes, 'Cardinal Burke recalled that there is in this respect, a catastrophic experience. In the United States there  were from July 1971 to November 1983, the so-called 'Provisional Norms', which de facto eliminated the obligation of the double, matching sentence. The result was that not a single application to the Bishops' Conference   of hundreds of thousands, were rejected from dispensing, and that they began to receive the general perception, that the process used was "Catholic divorce".'

The goal is to make "immeasurable" the number of marriage annulments

On the other hand Msgr. Pinto, Dean of the Roman Rota and  head of the commission that had spawned the motu proprio openly declared the objective of this reform. He wrote in the Osservatore Romano, that Pope Bergoglio wanted,  "a real  'turnaround'  of the bishops, a change of mentality, which convinces them to accept the invitation of Christ."
According to Msgr. Pinto "the invitation of Christ,  the Bishop of Rome is offering to his brothers" which, "is to move from the limited number of  fewer than thousands of annulments so that it could address the immense number of unfortunates who could have a declaration of invalidity."
It was never heard that Christ ever wanted an "immense" number of marriage annulments.
But now it is clear that the aim of the motu proprio is the mass divorce, free and faster and more easily than those of the state (there are already those who are considering whether it would be cheaper to get a divorce from  priests).
So far, up to Benedict XVI, the ecclesiastical courts were rebuked by the popes, because they were too lenient in the granting of invalidity.

Church courts are to be factories of mass annulments

With Bergoglio everything is turned upside down and they are criticized for the exactly opposite reason: He wants to make them into factories of mass annulments.
The MPs Alessandra Moretti [Left Democrats] is right when she says triumphantly that "the epochal reform" by the Pope "mimics the law of the quick divorce  whose rapporteur in Parliament I was," and emphasized "the common vision of church and state in this topic."
But that's not all.
With this Motu Proprio new please for annulment are distinguished - without any doctrinal and theological foundation - which might be considered upside down, even with the question the role of the Church: They would no longer be those concerned that  nullity is determined from the beginning of a sacramental marriage in the sight of God, but runs the risk of being a facility that "dissolves" factually, sacramentally valid marriages for invented reasons today.
"The theoretical affirmation of the indissolubility of marriage is accompanied by the praxis of a pretense to the law in to explain as void any failed marriage bond. It is enough, in conscience, to make one's own marriage invalid, to obtain recognition of their annulment by the Church," said de Mattei.

New grounds for invalidity: The load of dynamite stuck in Article 14 and is called "lack of faith"

The load of dynamite which mainly infects  Article 14 of the Rules, is where the "lack of faith" of the spouses will be summoned as a possible reason for a simulation or an error in the agreement and, therefore, the invalidity of a marriage.
Up until now lack of faith as a reason for the invalidity of a marriage has always been excluded by the Church which confines itself to raising the natural marriage to a sacrament.
Benedict XVI explained: "The indissoluble covenant between man and woman does not require for the sacramental personal faith of the spouses;  it is required as a necessary minimum to have the intention to do what the Church does."
The intention, then, to marry. Therefore, the Church also recognizes the sacramental nature of intermarriage with an atheist spouse or members of another religion: It is enough to want a natural marriage.
Now everything will be overturned and Bergoglio's style is sure to be availed of an ambiguous form, to make the Catholic world believe that doctrine does not change.
So the canon lawyer Paolo Moneta asserted on September 9 in "Avvenire" that "lack of faith so far was no ground for invalidity and it is not today."
At the same time Msgr. Pinto praised  the presentation of the Motu proprio the "renewal through the pontificate of Francis" and said that the number of marriages  "completed without faith sacrament",  would lead to an "immeasurable"  number of invalid marriages, "for obvious faith defect as a bridge to conscience and therefore to give a  sacramental consent by free will."
This will open clear the way for millions of cancellations. Millions!

Marriage annulment because couple married due to unforeseen pregnancy?

But since when do you have to  be holy or acquire a degree in theology at the Gregorian or be holy to be married?
For the recognition of a sacramental marriage, the Church has always required only a free decision to want to get married in the sense of a natural marriage. Likewise, She has always taught that the spiritual disposition of the spouses (holiness) is crucial for the fruits of the sacrament, but not for its validity.
Now everything is different. Among the circumstances that are opening the way to a super-fast divorce, there will also include "the brevity of marital cohabitation" or that two fiancees got married "because of an unforeseen pregnancy of the woman." What has this to do with the validity of the agreement?

The Incredible collection ends with an "etcetera"

The incredible collection even ends with an "etcetera". Does that mean that they can be broadly, arbitrarily applied?  What  law is that?
The weakest parts (women and children) will have to pay the bill of this revolution against families, which in any case is already destabilized under heavy bombardment by the secular culture.
Sister Lucia, the visionary of Fatima, one day said to Cardinal Caffarra: "The final battle between the Lord and the kingdom of Satan will take place around the family and marriage."
The time has come.
If this is the time of the "bishop dressed in white", it will be painful for all (you remember the city in ruins?).
Translation: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Newsweek (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred
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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Pope: Many Marriages Are Invalid Because of a Lack of Faith

Francis at traditional annual reception for judges of the Roman Rota: law "must be oriented to salvation and must not degenerate into splitting hairs"

Vatican City ( In the nullity of marriage should be examined in future reinforced the view of Pope Francis whether the relevant pairs of the importance of this sacrament were fully aware at the time of marriage. A Church court must always take into account the "context of values ​​and beliefs or lack or absence" when he seeking a marriage, the Pope said on Friday at the traditional reception for the judges of the Roman Rota in the Vatican.

If there is an ignorance of the Catholic understanding of marriage, may be a reason for marriage annulment under Church law, said the Pope. Today this possibility is more prevalent than in the past is no longer regarded as an exception. Currently, marriage would "tend to be seen as a mere form of affective satisfaction, founded in any manner and can be changed according to the sensitivity of each," said Francis.

Marriage annulments due to lack of faith mentioned in the debate in the Church in dealing with divorced and remarried have been brought up by those who wish change to the current official practice as an alternative.

Furthermore, the Pope called on Church judges to always keep in mind that the salvation of people who turn to the Church, should not be fail because "of legal obstacles." The law must be based on salvation and should not degenerate into "splitting hairs," says Francis.

Francis expressed the desire to be able to offer all the nullity of marriage free of charge for the person concerned. "The sacraments are free. The sacraments give us grace. And the marriage process is associated with the sacrament of marriage. I myself wish so much that all processes would be free!" He was pleased to see that the Rota for people in financial difficulties, a free legal aid agency is available.

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Vatican's Chief Justice Recommends More Stringent Rules for Annulments

Vatican 'Chief of Justice' Coccopalmerio: engaged couples should be better prepared for marriage,  no allowance for "limited conditions", canon lawyers may not let themselves be misled by social advantages.

Vatican City ( The Vatican 'Chief of Justice' Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmero is suggesting a more rigorous handling of marriage annulments.  It is an "abuse",  if someone distort facts toward invalidation of their marriage, said the President of the Papal Counsel for Legislative Texts in an interview with Radio Vatican on Thursday.

Engaged couples must be better prepared for marriage and the allowance of ecclesiastical vows must be more strictly evaluated.  An "allowance for limited conditions" may not be allowed, says Coccopalmerio.

The Cardinal noted the desire of Pope Benedict XVI., not to decide things only from the view of mercy.  The current Vatican courts are already complying.  Now the other involved parties must follow these admonitions.

The canon lawyers especially are bound themselves "not to be misled by possible advanttages, for example,  social," said the Cardinal.

Coccopalmerio expressed himself during a conference on canon law at the Papal University of Santa Croce in Rome.  The two day conference, beginning on Thursday concerned itself with a possible reform of the criteria, according to which marriage may be invalid from a Catholic view.

Catholic Church law prescribes that a Church marriage can be declared null in certain cases.  In this case it is not dealt with like a divorce rather as a legal ruling that the marriage in the Catholic sense never existed.  Possible grounds for the nullification are to be found in Church law, CIC Can. 1083-1124

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