Saturday, April 28, 2012

Vatican's Chief Justice Recommends More Stringent Rules for Annulments

Vatican 'Chief of Justice' Coccopalmerio: engaged couples should be better prepared for marriage,  no allowance for "limited conditions", canon lawyers may not let themselves be misled by social advantages.

Vatican City ( The Vatican 'Chief of Justice' Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmero is suggesting a more rigorous handling of marriage annulments.  It is an "abuse",  if someone distort facts toward invalidation of their marriage, said the President of the Papal Counsel for Legislative Texts in an interview with Radio Vatican on Thursday.

Engaged couples must be better prepared for marriage and the allowance of ecclesiastical vows must be more strictly evaluated.  An "allowance for limited conditions" may not be allowed, says Coccopalmerio.

The Cardinal noted the desire of Pope Benedict XVI., not to decide things only from the view of mercy.  The current Vatican courts are already complying.  Now the other involved parties must follow these admonitions.

The canon lawyers especially are bound themselves "not to be misled by possible advanttages, for example,  social," said the Cardinal.

Coccopalmerio expressed himself during a conference on canon law at the Papal University of Santa Croce in Rome.  The two day conference, beginning on Thursday concerned itself with a possible reform of the criteria, according to which marriage may be invalid from a Catholic view.

Catholic Church law prescribes that a Church marriage can be declared null in certain cases.  In this case it is not dealt with like a divorce rather as a legal ruling that the marriage in the Catholic sense never existed.  Possible grounds for the nullification are to be found in Church law, CIC Can. 1083-1124

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Anonymous said...

Empty words spoken to placate those of us
who know the system from the open wounds
on our souls and bodies, from it!

He is not at all, serious.