Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Polish Bishops' Conference Rejects Communion for Divorced and Remarried

Polish bishops warn that the praxis of annulment could lead to a divorce mentality.

Warsaw ( Holy Communion can not be  given to divorced and remarried Catholics, "this is the unchangeable teaching of the Catholic Church". Because "what God has joined together, let no man separate, teaches Christ (Mk 10.9)". This is what the Polish Catholic Bishops' Conference said in a press statement. "Marriage is a divine as well as both human reality that has been raised by Christ to the dignity of a sacrament." This is a matter of extreme importance because it concerns  Catholic doctrine.

Catholics should be concerned that Catholic annulment praxis could lead to the "divorce mentality."

The bishops cited Pope Francis who had explained in the Angelus on 8/16/2015, the Eucharist "is not a private prayer or a beautiful spiritual experience, it is not a simple reminder of what Jesus did at the Last Supper". To be fed the living bread means rather, to enter into harmony with the heart of Christ, to accept his decisions, his thoughts, his behavior, reports.

In the survey before the Synod of Bishops, many Polish Catholics had emphasized the value of family. The Polish bishops expressly thanked "God for the fact that there are many healthy families in our country who show 'in good and bad days'  fidelity to their vocation."

At the same time the Polish bishops have recalled that those whose families who are broken have need of pastoral care. Moreover,  the bishops warned against infertility through artificial insemination that is not allowed Catholics  and that stillborn children have the "full right to a  Catholic funeral".

In their text, the Polish bishops did not address  homosexuality and gender issues, which they had already taken a stand on several occasions according to the Catholic doctrine on this point.

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Tartar said...

Every Catholic Bishops' Conference should have come out with a like statement, with like speed. You have to wonder, as I did, why yours didn't.

Lynda said...

Bishops' Conterences are not part of the Church - they are a tool to kill the Faith. There is no issue to be considered: divorce is prohibited; marriage is indissoluble; if a putative marriage is proven to not have come into being, there is a procedure to discover that and make the declaration of nullity, a matter of fact.
As for adultery, it is a mortal sin; and no one in a state of mortal sin may receive the Blessed Sacrament (to do so is sacrilege, a most grave sin, before the matter of scandal arises). The truth is simple. A young child can understand the Faith and the moral law as they are true. Lord, have mercy.

Anonymous said...

God Bless the Polish Bishops! This is a real "spit in the face" to Pope Francis and his 2 "moto proprios" and his agenda, to Kasper, and to the upcoming Synond liberal agenda.

Speaking of Kasper, how is it that a Cardinal who is 80+ is still an active and influential member of the Roman Curia? Isn't he supposed to be sidelined and retired like all the other 80+ cardinals?

Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

Church cannot be killed, is eternal, Bishops can destroy the church, the souls even themselves, but the last word is to the Lord, non praevalebunt ! God bless+

Tartar said...

How did the Polish Bishops Conference kill the Faith?