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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Pope: Many Marriages Are Invalid Because of a Lack of Faith

Francis at traditional annual reception for judges of the Roman Rota: law "must be oriented to salvation and must not degenerate into splitting hairs"

Vatican City ( In the nullity of marriage should be examined in future reinforced the view of Pope Francis whether the relevant pairs of the importance of this sacrament were fully aware at the time of marriage. A Church court must always take into account the "context of values ​​and beliefs or lack or absence" when he seeking a marriage, the Pope said on Friday at the traditional reception for the judges of the Roman Rota in the Vatican.

If there is an ignorance of the Catholic understanding of marriage, may be a reason for marriage annulment under Church law, said the Pope. Today this possibility is more prevalent than in the past is no longer regarded as an exception. Currently, marriage would "tend to be seen as a mere form of affective satisfaction, founded in any manner and can be changed according to the sensitivity of each," said Francis.

Marriage annulments due to lack of faith mentioned in the debate in the Church in dealing with divorced and remarried have been brought up by those who wish change to the current official practice as an alternative.

Furthermore, the Pope called on Church judges to always keep in mind that the salvation of people who turn to the Church, should not be fail because "of legal obstacles." The law must be based on salvation and should not degenerate into "splitting hairs," says Francis.

Francis expressed the desire to be able to offer all the nullity of marriage free of charge for the person concerned. "The sacraments are free. The sacraments give us grace. And the marriage process is associated with the sacrament of marriage. I myself wish so much that all processes would be free!" He was pleased to see that the Rota for people in financial difficulties, a free legal aid agency is available.

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