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Archbishop Viganò Calls for Abolition of the Novus Ordo

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò calls on his fellow bishops to celebrate in the Traditional Rite.

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, the former Apostolic Nuncio in the USA and a prominent critic of the Pope, calls on the bishops to celebrate Holy Mass in the rite of St. Pius V in an interview he gave to  Paix Liturgique.

Paix Liturgique:
 Monseigneur, why has the liturgical issue been so burning since Vatican II?

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò: The liturgical question is of great importance because the ordinance summarizes the doctrine, morality, spirituality, and discipline of the ecclesial body that performs it. Just as the Catholic Mass is a perfect and coherent expression of the Catholic Magisterium, the Reformed liturgy is an expression of the conciliar deviations, indeed it reveals and confirms, without the ambiguities and ramblings of the texts of Vatican II, its heterodox nature. One could say, to use a parable, that the healthy blood of the Gospel flows in the veins of the Tridentine Mass, while in the veins of the New Rite flows the polluted blood of heresy and the spirit of the world.

Coat of arms of Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò

Paix Liturgique: Doesn't Pope Francis, who is not very interested in the Liturgy, have the merit of addressing the real problem by saying that the two liturgical forms, the old and the new, correspond to two ecclesiologies?

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò: That is exactly what I have just said and what Cardinals Ottaviani and Bacci said in their Breve esame critico, Msgr. Lefebvre in his numerous statements and other bishops and liturgists have denounced before me. What are described as "two liturgical forms" of a single Rite are in fact two Rites, one wholly Catholic and one which conceals Catholic truths and through which Protestant and modernist errors creep. On this point Bergoglio is absolutely right: whoever accepts the Second Vatican Council and its heretical developments cannot find these errors in the traditional liturgy, which, for its clearness in the profession of faith, represents a condemnation and denial of the mens, the Novus Ordohas produced.

Paix Liturgique: The documents of the offensive against the traditional rite followed in quick succession over the past year: Traditionis custodes, Responsa of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Apostolic Exhortation Desiderio desideraviCan one assume that the attempt failed and that the old liturgy will not die?

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò: The first deception we must not fall for is the subversive use of governmental and magisterial acts. In this case, we are dealing with documents that were not promulgated to encourage the brothers in the faith but to dissuade them, which stands in blatant contradiction to the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum by Benedict XVI., who, on the other hand, had recognized the full rights of the Tridentine Liturgy. Second, the intemperances of an authoritarian tyrant, consumed with hatred of Christ's Church, open the eyes of even the most moderate and show them that all conciliar fraud is based on a repugnance to the truths expressed in the traditional Mass while according to the official statement, the liturgical reform should only serve to make it more accessible to the faithful through translation.

Paix Liturgique: The way in which Traditionis custodes is applied varies greatly from country to country and from bishop to bishop. Some have recognized the Pope's document, but in reality have not changed anything. Isn't there a feeling, especially in Italy, that Francis' successor will not be able to maintain this repressive line?

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò: The Church is not a society governed by an absolute monarch, free from any higher authority and able to impose his whims on his subjects. The Head of the Church is Christ, and Christ is her only true King and Lord, of whom the Pope is Vicar, as he is Successor to the Prince of the Apostles. When one abuses the vicarious power of Christ and places oneself outside of the succession, by spreading heterodox teachings or by imposing norms related to them, one breaks this inner bond with Christ the Head and with the Church the Mystical Body. In fact, the vicarious power of the Pope enjoys all the prerogatives of absolute, immediate, and direct authority over the Church only in so far as salus animarum, following tradition and faithful to our Lord. Moreover, in the exercise of this authority, the Pope always enjoys the special graces of class within the well-defined limits of this end, while they have no effect when acting against Christ and against the Church. Because of this, Bergoglio's furious attempts, however violent and destructive, will inevitably fail and will surely be declared null and void.

Paix Liturgique: What advice do you have for desperate laymen in this situation?

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò:The laity are living members of the mystical body, and as such have the innate right to demand that the visible authority of the body act and legislate according to the commission it has received from Christ. When this earthly authority acts and legislates against the will of Christ, with providential permission, believers must first understand that this test is a providentially sanctioned means of opening their eyes after decades of being overwhelmed by deviation and hypocrisy, to which many have adhered in good faith precisely because they were obedient to Hierarchy and unaware of the deceit committed against them. When they become aware of this, they will realize what a treasure they have been cheated of by those who should have preserved it and handed it on to future generations instead of hiding it, having depreciated it to replace it with a miserable forgery. They will then implore the majesty of God to shorten the time of trial and to give the Church a pastor who obeys Christ, who belongs to him, who loves him and who worships him perfectly.

Paix Liturgique: The diocesan priests seem to be the target and the main victims of the Roman measures against the traditional liturgy: What advice would you give them?

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò: In the decades leading up to the Council, Church leaders were aware of the growing threat posed by the seditious work of modernist infiltrators. For this reason Pius XII. to centralize power, but his decision - which is understandable - had the effect of inculcating in the clergy that authority in the Church is unassailable, while doctrine teaches us that the uncritical acceptance of any order signifies subjection and not true obedience. This attitude of obedience exhibited by bishops and priests at the time of Vatican II was used by those carrying out the coup to achieve something hitherto unthinkable. Parallel to this, the indoctrination work of the post-conciliar period and the ruthless cleansing of the few dissidents did the rest. In the decades that followed, the narrative of the alleged horrors of the "old Mass" became the only official version taught in seminaries and pontifical universities.

Today's situation allows us to look at post-conciliar events with greater objectivity, not least because the results of the "conciliar spring" are visible to all, from the crisis in vocations to the collapse in the participation of the faithful in the sacraments. The release of the traditional mass by Benedict XVI. has led many priests to discover the priceless riches of the true liturgy, totally unknown to them, and they have rediscovered in this Mass the sacrificial dimension of their priesthood, leading the celebrant to the alter Christ makes and transforms him profoundly. Those who have experienced this "miracle" of grace are no longer willing to forego it. Therefore I invite all my confreres to celebrate the Mass of St. Pius V and allow Christ, Priest and Victim, to work in their priestly soul and give their ministry a firm supernatural meaning.

My advice to these priests is to resist and stand firm in the face of a series of abuses that have gone on for far too long. It would help them to understand that it is not possible to put the Apostolic Mass and the Mass invented by Bugnini on the same level, because in the former the truth is clearly affirmed, to give glory to God and save souls, while in the latter the truth is fraudulently withheld and often denied to please the spirit of the world and leave souls in error and sin. Once this is understood, the question of choosing between the two rites does not even arise, because reason and faith inspired by charity show us which of them corresponds to the will of God and which deviates from it. A soul that loves the Lord tolerates no compromises and is willing to lay down its life to remain faithful to the divine Bridegroom.

Paix Liturgique: Some think that we should use this crisis to ask the future pope not to return to Summorum Pontificum but to give full freedom to the traditional liturgy. Is that possible?

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò: The traditional Liturgy already enjoys de jure full freedom and full rights because of its venerable antiquity, the Bulle Quo primum of St. Pius V and its ratification by the ecclesiastical body for two thousand years. The failure to exercise this liberty stems from the "caution" of the servants of God, who uncritically obeyed every decision of ecclesiastical authority, thereby committing the sin of subjection, rather than obeying God, who is the origin and ultimate goal of that authority. Full freedom for the traditional liturgy will certainly also become de facto restored, but together with this restoration it will necessarily be necessary to abolish the new Rite which has proved to be the cause of the doctrinal, moral and liturgical dissolution of the people of God. The time will come when the misunderstandings and errors of the Council will be condemned and with them their cultic expression.

Paix Liturgique: What do you think is the main flaw of the new Mass?

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò: I think that three critical points should be mentioned, which stem from a single problem of understanding the Catholic liturgy.

The first defect of the new Rite is that it was drawn up with the cynical coldness of a bureaucrat, while the Liturgy is a harmonious corpus that has evolved organically over the centuries, with its immune system adapted, so to speak, to ward off viruses at any time. The assumption that an adult body can be restored to its "original simplicity" by forcing it to return to childhood is an unnatural process that reveals the malicious intent of those who have trodden this path with the sole purpose of making the Church more vulnerable to make for the enemy's attacks. Those who concocted this fraud knew very well that they could only convey their errors by eliminating that Mass, which they condemn and disavow with every gesture, every ceremony, every word. It was not good intentions in those who created this liturgical monster to give free rein to the most perverse and sacrilegious deviations.

The second defect is the deception with which the Novus Ordo was presented and imposed on the Church: claiming that it was a mere translation of the ancient Rite. In Sacrosanctum Concilium the Council Fathers approved the translation of the readings and the didactic parts of the Mass into the vernacular, prescribing that the canon should be kept in Latin and in a sotto voceWhat has been prepared for us by the Consilium ad exsequendam is something quite different, a Rite which seems slavishly copied from Cranmer's Book of Common Prayer of 1549, and which corresponds perfectly to the ideological approach of its authors.

The third defect is that the main object of worship, the Holy Trinity, has been deliberately replaced by the congregation gathered with the celebrant, which has become the lynchpin of the entire liturgy, the reference point of the sacred act. The vision of the priest as "president of the assembly", the loss of sacredness in favor of improvisation, the replacement of the sacrificial altar by a convivial table are the consequences of a doctrinal error that denies the essence of the Mass, in which Christ's sacrifice on the Cross is sacrificed in bloodless form is offered to the Father.

A Rite based on lies and deceit, devised by a modernist Freemason and violently enforced by the abolition of a Rite two millennia old, does not even deserve to be analyzed in all its critical aspects: it must simply be obliterated.

Paix Liturgique: Why is the Pope so hostile to the American episcopacy?

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò: Bergoglio is particularly hostile to the faithful of the United States, even more than to the American episcopate. This is due to the mentality of this nation, which is essentially liberal, but in which - precisely because of the coexistence of different and heterogeneous religions and cultures - conservatives and traditionalists also have their say, who in fact have represented a numerically significant, ardent and committed part. American parishes, movements, and traditional groups show how much the Tridentine liturgy and full Catholic doctrine are being rediscovered and appreciated by the faithful, while the churches where the Montinian Rite is celebrated lose, inexorably, believers, vocations and not to be underestimated, financial resources.

The mere possibility of attending the Tridentine Mass “with impunity” and without social stigma is unheard of and unacceptable to Bergoglio, for the evidence of the success of the so-called “traditional option” undermines decades of progressive proclamations and self-adulation. When you see thousands of believers, young people, families with children, gathered in the old Mass and living their baptism consistently - while on the other side the financial and sex scandals of the clergy and self-proclaimed Catholic politicians are emptying the churches and lose the consensus in civil society - then it's that annoying "control group" that proves the ineffectiveness of a therapy in medicine, precisely because those who have not undergone it are healthy. Just as vaccination with an experimental gene serum must be imposed on everyone so that one does not see that the side effects and deaths only affect those who have been vaccinated, so there must be no community in the liturgical field that shows the failure of this mass vaccination of modernism, which Second Vatican Council was.

The acceptance and openness of some American bishops towards the traditional community and their advocacy of the coherence of Catholics who are politically active, enrages Bergoglio, provoking him into impulsive behavior and uncontrolled reactions that demonstrate his bad faith and revealing the utter falsity of his appeals, to parrhesia, mercy and inclusivity. On the other hand, it seems to me that after decades of ecumenical appeals to "seek what unites not what separates" and "build bridges, not walls," the accusations of the newly appointed Cardinal Roche - decorated with the purple for his loyalty to the satrap -  with which he referred to traditional Catholics as “Protestants," testify to a fundamental hypocrisy, for while Protestants are open to the churches and even granted communicatio in sacris in the presence of prelates and cardinals, traditional Catholics are treated by modernists as excommunicated vitandiIt seems clear to me that the assessment of the intellectual dishonesty of the proponents of the recent restrictions on liturgical questions - all emissaries of Bergoglio - is implacably negative, if only from the human point of view: they are neither sincere nor willing to understand the reasons for their to understand the interlocutor. They testify to a ruthless authoritarianism, a pharisaical formalism, a predilection for simulation and lies that cannot be the premise of any just solution.

Paix Liturgique: Washington, Chicago, Arlington, Savannah: Why have the bishops of these four dioceses declared war on the traditional Mass?

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò: These dioceses — Washington and Chicago for sure, not to mention San Diego and Newark — are run by bishops who are part of Bergoglio's Magic Circle and McCarrick's Lavender Mafia. Their relations of mutual complicity, their cover-up of scandals, their ties to the Deep State [Deep State, "avec l'État profond"] and the Democratic Party find a telling compendium in the esteem accorded to them by Bergoglio, who promotes them and their declarations and catastrophic government actions confirmed.

Paix Liturgique: Behind all these seemingly unrelated decisions (Pachamama, the war against lace and the traditional Liturgy, retreat on moral issues, etc.) do you see the implementation of a strategy or a precise plan?

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò: It is clear that this action of all-out war against traditional Catholics involves a strategy and a tactic and that it corresponds to a plan hatched decades ago to destroy the Church of Christ and replace it with its ecumenical, globalist and apostate counterpart to replace. It would be foolish to think that they act without aim and without organization. Even the election of Bergoglio in the 2013 conclave was planned: let's not forget the emails between John Podesta and Hillary Clinton on the need to promote a "Springtime in the Church" in which a progressive pope would change her doctrine and morals for them to the ideology of the New World Order. Measures were undertaken against Benedict XVI. to persuade him to resign. The subversive work of the innovators in the council was also planned. The action of the progressives loyal to Bergoglio in the synods, in the dicastery meetings at the Curia and in the consistories is planned. On the other hand, Satan always hides behind the enemies of Christ and the Church, with his intrigues, his deceptions, and his lies.

Paix Liturgique: How do you see the future of the Church?

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò: I believe that in the short term the Church must reckon with the catastrophes caused by Bergoglio and his like-minded association of corrupt people. The damage caused by this "pontificate" is incalculable and is now also understood by ordinary people, to whom the sensus fidei makes clear the absolute incompatibility of the present hierarchy with the ecclesiastical body. The alienation we observe in the secular sphere between the political class and the common man is a reflection of the deepening alienation between ecclesiastical authority and the faithful.

In the longer term, however, I believe that this deep crisis of faith will spur the Church to renew and purify herself, definitively abandoning that deeply liberal attitude that has hitherto united God and Mammon, Christ and Belial, Pius V and Bergoglio thrown together into one pot. We have seen the disfigured and horrific face of the enemy who has managed to penetrate to the Holy of Holies, appealing to compromise, the mediocrity of the clergy, the reverence for men and the timidity of the hierarchy. We see the holiness and humility of so many good priests, religious and believers emerging from their paralysis and understanding the epochal struggle that lies ahead. At the same time we see the corruption, dishonesty, immorality, and rebellion against God of those who present themselves as the true stewards of Christ's authority, which they instead usurp with malice and exercise with violence. Even a child understands which side to stand on, who to listen to and from whom to distance himself. That is why the words of our Lord are so valid today: Unless you are converted and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 18:3).  That is why the words of our Lord are so valid today: Unless you are converted and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 18:3).

Translation: Giuseppe Nardi
Image : Stilum Curiae

Trans: Tancred



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