Thursday, September 15, 2022

Woke Lord of the Rings Social Engineering Project is Widely Despised

Edit: this truly horrible adaptations of Tolkien’s work attempts to repurpose it as a raft for their propaganda, and it’s being ridiculed and disparaged by the Hoi  Polloi, who are being attacked by the chattering asses.

People are sick of this Neo Marxist garbage.



Frank T. said...

And I am sick of hearing about "Lord of the Rings".....period.
For decades this has been touted as on par with Sacred Scripture.
I read the Trilogy. It was OK.
I did not go ga-ga over it.
It never occurred to me to re-read it.
And I have no interest in seeing a Movie about it.

Just my 2 cent opinion.

Tancred said...

Your solipsistic opinion isn’t what is important about a great work of literature being exploited by the usual suspects.

Frank T. said...

You must mean exploiting it like you are, to your own solipsistic ends.

And it is not a "great work of literature". That is laughable.

Anonymous said...


Cyrus said...

EMJ showed that Tolkien was gay. I have no interest in reading this fool who couldn't criticise Jews.

Jim Hoffnung said...

According to the American writer Harlon Ellison, the two most common things in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity.

In your case, Cyrus, it's methane and stupidity.

Tancred said...

Cyrpus, I just read his 30 page booklet on Tolkien. I'm guessing you don't have a citation for your appraisal.

EMJ's thesis on Tolkien is pretty weak stuff. Of course, both Tolkien and Wagner had access to the same Teutonic legendarium.

The problem with EMJ is that sometimes he engages in boomerism and doesn't understand things but proceeds as if he does.

Do you agree with him about Traditionalism being a Jewish op, also?

Frank T, I'm in pretty good company when it comes to a very positive opinion of Tolkien's monumental work. Compared with other "great books" and works, it literally towers above them in terms of the deep appreciation many of its readers have for a book, and it’s heroic scope, as well as its cultural influence. It truly is our time's Illiad. I expect you're in the same category as those Jewish critics who didn't understand Tolkien, and therefore reviled his work for their own reasons because of course, they revilethe West and Christendom.

Anonymous said...

Is Tolkien at all like Dungeons & Dragons?

Tancred said...

Sometimes EMJ has a D&D understanding of the world.