Friday, August 14, 2020


I wouldn't get out of bed for such a view of the Eucharist.  And, I doubt these men would risk their lives for it.


Unknown said...

You hit it on the head. Priests who risk their lives for the faith, for celebrating Holy Mass, for bringing the Eucharist is the darkest places and times are not formed by a liturgy that sees them as "presiders of the assembly". Priests who were martyrs, Saint Maximilian Kolbe whose feast we celebrate, were priests at an altar offering the Sacrifice of the Cross, not presiders at a table leading the community in worship.
Saint Maximilian make us courageous and generous with the love of Christ the Priest.

vetusta ecclesia said...

Why does your illustration appear to shew a prison camp Mass celebrated ad orientem?

vetusta ecclesia said...

Correction: NOT celebrated ad orientem

Stop Voris said...

I wondered about that myself. Perhaps, it was to fool their overlords or it was hastily constructed?
I noticed there were no candles nor altar cards

Anonymous said...

It's a dire emergency and has to be kept to a minimum.
Bp.Slupski talked of offering the Holy Sacrifice in underground barn basements around Poland 1961-1967.
Sometimes he had to go from
"Dominus Vobiscum" straight to the Sanctus Canon Communion and Post Communion prayers.

Don Durfus said...

Fake news.

MLK said...

Fake News my foot!
This clown is a sorry excuse for a bishop.

What a sanctimonious pant load.

DD said...
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Tancred said...

Or the painting is anachronistic.

Tancred said...

Anyway, what's actually wrong with what Cupic said?

I begin to wonder when people who were attacking those of us who were critical of the bishops in the past, like Patrick Coffin, are flagrantly attacking a Bishop for saying something that isn't particularly controversial.

Anonymous said...

It’s Limpwristed pablum held up as something superior to the actual sacrament.

Tancred said...

How is it limp wristed?

XOXO 💋 xoxo said...

I’ve read it 5 times and I’m not sure what it means. Is turning mere mortals into bread a greater miracle than turning bread into G-d? Does that even happen?

Tancred said...

I took it to mean that we share in Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross.

Anonymous said...

Patty-cakes trying to be cute, as usual.

Tancred said...

Why not pick on the host of other problems Cupich has rather than jumping on a bandwagon about something that’s unclear and probably orthodox.

Anonymous said...

Probably couldn't find a photo to contrast with the other stupid shit he says


Anonymous said...

Part of the problem is we are uneducated about our faith,
objectively speaking.
Catholics under 55 read this + think to themselves,
"I'm doing good to not curse my existence,choices,surroundings,
and have no idea what's going on in my country + daily life,what's he talking about?"
Not taking sides nor insulting anyone,just objective assessment.
Not a fan of Cupich nor bashing him either.
While being full blown novus ordo cog in the wheel + proud of it,he still has education knowledge + memories of the Church before late 1960's.
He's not intentionally speaking over our heads.
It's likely he learned this in catechism class before 1968.
Also,I could be 100% wrong.
Even if they're modern ecumenical types,conciliar Bishops need to educate their faithful on basic Catholic tenants and Church history.
This alone is something that would benefit us all.
We are supposed to read the catechism once annually...
If this is too I apologise.
God bless -Andrew-

Anonymous said...

Pray for his conversion + moral temporal spiritual well being.
Offer a Holy Sacrifice of the Mass stipend for him.
(Thuc Lefevbre or Mendez line priests or bishops preferably)
God willing he'll have a St.Paul on the road to Damascus experience.
Not wishing harm rather a genuine true conversion to the
Holy Catholic Faith.

Mike Hunt said...

Bernadin: queer
George: not queer but a coward
Cupich: radical pro-queer perv