Saturday, August 15, 2020

Former Superior of FSSP Says ++Lefebvre Was Sedevacantist

 OTTAWA – [Catholic Dredgister] An order of priests that became “like orphans” 30 years ago when it broke away from the schismatic Society of St. Pius X has prospered by observing Church tradition and stressing unity with the Holy Father.

“There is no possibility to get to Heaven without being united to the Pope,” said Fr. Andrzej Komorowski, the recently-elected Superior General of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP), a Society of Apostolic Life of Pontifical right that celebrates the Traditional Latin Mass. 


Bisig said the unjust suppression of the flourishing seminary, which had 120 seminarians by 1977, and Pope Paul VI’s subsequent suspension led to a change in Lefebvre’s attitude towards Rome, and his language became increasingly “polemical.” Lefebvre began to entertain sedevacantism, the idea that Paul VI was not the real pope, and thus the Chair of Peter was vacant, Bisig said. But the archbishop kept this opinion largely out of the public realm because most priests in the SSPX would have been scandalized.



Constantine said...

Misleading news reporter:

"Lefebvre began to entertain sedevacantism". BEGAN TO entertain does not mean he was Sedevacantist. Temptation is not sin.
As far as Fraternity of Saint Peter is concerned, thay are more hype than substance. Do they give Communion in the hand yet? Probably they soon will. Maybe they will have Pachamamma Rite priests one day celebrating a Pachamamma Mass in Latin for's the mixing and mutually cross cultural enrichment that counts, you see. This "cross enrichment" is what Pope Benedict wrote in his motopropio.

Anonymous said...

What a load of Rubbish constantine, you obviously know very little about the FSSP. What great Pastors of souls they are! Deo Gratias!

Peter Comestor said...
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Constantine said...

There is no schism when the Pope and bishops endorse political agendas claiming people with fake religious ideas and/or erroneous opinions have some kinds of intrinsic rights in society to Express themselves, or think their ideas need to be accepted. The Pope and clergy are not authorized to invent rights if Man.

Constantine said...

@Anonymous, you don't need an FSSPX priest to give you good "counseling". Any priest from any order can have a good priest for you. But the FSSPX have accepted, at least officially, on paper, that the Council needs to be listened to with submission of our wills. There is nothing to accept when a Pope and Council uses as pretext Church institutions and authority to springboard humanist political agendas.

Anna said...

There's the Magisterium of Deposit of Faith and there's the holy magisterium of "pastoral" Vatican II.

Anonymous said...

He held the sedevacantist opinion privately,what's the problem?
Not only that but he is dead.
Why bring up Men who aren't here to defend themselves.

Peter C said...

Constantine' defense of the schismatic Lefebvre is both baseless and pointless. The Archbishop refused to accept the entire Magisterium of Vatican II and its 2800 other bishops united with two Popes. His choice to self-excommunicate by breaking the bonds of Communio and subsequently dying a schismatic outside the Church points to his non recognition of the papacies of John XXIII and his successors.
The FSSP, FSPX , PXF, PPXFP and their franchises are likewise de facto outside the Church. All they need to do to convert to Catholicism is to accept Vatican II and all of its documents without reservation, private or public. In my opinion, they won't do that because they are incapable of doing so. They have regressed far too far into illusion and nostalgia.

Anonymous said...

Constantine is correct. I occasionally attend an FSSP and they have even removed the Leonine prayers after Mass. I can’t put money in the basket because the diocese gets at least a part of it and I know what the dioceses do wi5 their money.

Our Lady said,
‘ The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops against bishops. The priests who venerate me will be scorned and opposed by their confreres … churches and altars sacked; the Church will be full of those who accept compromises and the demon will press many priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord.’ Though they have many good priests, if the FSSP as an institution does not fit the description of those who will accept comprise, I don’t know who does.

By the way, even to make such a public proclamation about any soul let alone a prince of the Church, is a sin against the Fifth Commandment. If the holy Archbishop is not in Heaven, nobody reading this blog will be!

LOL I think Mike Voris must eperite some of the comments here.

Anonymous said...

My FSSP Parish prays the Leonine prayers after every Mass.
And if you do not want any of your contribution to go to the diocese, you can designate it so. They do it at my FSSP parish. Some people do this, some don't.
All the same,the Parish has had the warm support of our local Bishop/s for 15 years.

Tancred said...

The FSSP isn’t uniform.

Anonymous said...

We still need to love our Protestant brothers whether in the SSPX, Lutheran, Unitarian, Baptist. They are confused and lost forever. But God is merciful and is humbling the SSPX possibly through sexual sins and eventual destruction.


Tancred said...

Society chapels are more full than ever.

ccc said...

viz: Peter C's comments about Lefebvre 'dieing a schismatic outside the Church'....

First, I attend a diocesan Mass. But, with that said, there is NO WAY Lefebvre died a schismatic.

IF you accept that he was 'excommunicated', clearly when a Priest (ANY Priest, suspended excommunicated, laicized or what not) gives the Last Rights in articulo mortis, the Church clearly and explicitly supplies jurisdiction and any excommunication or other penalty can be waived.

Lefebvre received the Last Sacraments in articulo mortis.

If one were to deny the Church allows for this, they are clearly denying what is in the 1983 Canonical Code, which means they are denying what would be a legitimate magisterial act of Pope John Paul II.

Cole Kutz said...

I don't know where I should come done on this issue, but the FSSP position relies on being the SSPX alternative.

Catholic Mission said...

AUGUST 17, 2020
In his next encyclical Pope Francis will as usual interpret Vatican Council II with a false premise to create a rupture with Tradition and then others will call it 'magisterial'. Andrea Tornelli in all his books when he refers to Vatican Council II has used the false premise and so he will continue to promote the official error.