Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Benedictine Professor: Why Are Almost All of the Cardinals and Bishops Silent?

Current issue of "Catholica". Why are almost all cardinals and bishops silent about the end of Catholicism that Pope Francis brings about? The "other understanding of the Church" behind Amoris laetitia.

(Paris) The international magazine for culture, politics and religion, Catholica, which has been published in France for 30 years, counts "well-known authors such as Émile Poulat, Robert Spaemann, Ernst Wolfgang Böckenförde, Vladimir Bukowski, Stanislaw Grygiel, Thierry Wolton and Jacques Ellul and Pietro De Marco," says Vatican writer Sandro Magister. The editor-in-chief is Bernard Dumont.

Bernard Dumont
In its latest issue, Dumont, whose editorial is also freely available on the Internet, deals with the "unbelievable" silence of almost all cardinals and bishops - with the exception of the four signatories of Dubia - "the dissolution of the traditional form of catholicity by the pontificate of Jorge Mario Bergoglio has been set in motion." Bernard Dumont discusses the apparently desired end of "Roman Catholicism" without, however, raising an outcry, as the historian Roberto Pertici once complained. The end is proclaimed by Rome or those who invoke Rome, and all are silent and seem to submit to the inevitable fate. See the analysis of Prof. Pertici: The reform of Pope Francis was already written by Martin Luther .

Why is this?


The belief reduced to ethics


Dumont also published in the new edition the text of a Benedictine monk and theologian who analyzes and criticizes "perhaps the most radical upheaval in Catholicism of our time." No longer does the sacrament have primacy in the Church, of which the Second Vatican Council said it was the "culmen et fons" of the life of the Church, but ethics.
This subversion is also reflected in the question of remarried divorced as well as the inter-communion with the Protestants.
The Benedictine theologian is Fr. Giulio Meiattini, who this year already published the monograph  "Amoris laetitia? The Sacraments Reduced to Morality" (publisher La Fontana di Siloe, Turin 2018). He is a monk of the Benedictine Abbey of Madonna della Scala in Noci and Professor of Fundamental Theology at the Theological Faculty of Apulia and at the Pontifical Athenaeum Sant'Anselmo in Rome.
Meiattini accuses Pope Francis and his whisperer, Cardinal Walter Kasper, of promoting "cunning" rather than the much-cited "distinction." There is cunning in Amoris laetitia and the mind behind it.
"The state of confusion is obvious".
With these words the theologian and monk begins his essay. It is claimed that the confusion is only supposed, and only the result of a new style of government. Such a picture of the current situation is not something Fr. Meiattini takes pleasure in.
"Can the confusion and disagreement between bishops on tricky points of faith be fruits of the Holy Spirit? Not in my opinion."

Several small steps mean a large one in sum

P. Giulio Meiattini OSB
Then Meiattini indicates that in the matter of remarried divorced people a ready-made plan was pursued from the beginning. With the opportunity of being able to deliver the only speech in February 2014 to the Cardinals' Consistory procured by Pope Francis, Cardinal Kasper "laid the groundwork". Nevertheless, two bishops' synods failed to produce a common line to the problem being discussed. Anyone reading the reports of the "circuli minores" of the 2015 Synod can easily see that there was no common position.
The pope would have had to examine and understand, which would have been the first task of "distinction", "which processes" would be initiated and pursued, and which not. However, such a distinction did not take place. The path taken was not changed.
The fact is that a large majority of the Synod Fathers wanted "no change in the traditional order". The editorial committee of Relatio finalis therefore took care not to include any innovations in the text.
  For this reason, a "small step," according to Meiattini, was undertaken instead of a big one: The editorial committee formulated some undefined positions, which meant a "change of atmosphere".
The non-rejection of these ponderous formulations, which received the necessary two-thirds majority only with extreme difficulty, sufficed that the next "small step," with some ambiguous footnotes in Amoris laetitia, were sufficient to indicate a new direction.
These small steps, which, strictly speaking, did not reinforce the traditional position, were enough to split the episcopate. The next step was papal confirmation of the guidelines of the ecclesiastical Province of Buenos Aires on the Eighth Chapter of Amoris laetitia.
In reality, these guidelines are not mere interpretations, because they contain statements and instructions that were neither found in Amoris laetitia nor adopted by the synods, and never found a majority there.
Through a series of "small steps", a "big step" was finally taken within three years, with a profound intervention. But this has nothing to do with "synodality," according to Meiattini.
Faith would be reduced to ethics in Amoris laetitia , that is the total thrust.
"Ethics has neither the first nor the last word."

"I do not understand how the Bishop of Rome can write such a thing"

And Meiattini continues:
"To be honest, I can not understand how a bishop, especially that of Rome, can write such sentences: 'One should not burden two limited people with the tremendous burden of perfectly recreating the union that exists between Christ and his Church '(AS, 122)."
This formulation is an expression of a very different way of thinking: A gospel ethic, freed from the sacrament, becomes a "mighty burden" rather than a "sweet yoke" and a "light burden."
Such a statement can only be reached if one understands Christianity - perhaps unconsciously - only as ethics. In this way we arrive at results that correspond to the Lutheran concept of simul iustus et peccator, condemned by the Council of Trent.

Intercommunion with the Protestants follows the same logic. What is only decisive is the presumed, inner feeling. For the objective criteria, all conceivable attenuating circumstances are taken into account, and the subjective decision of conscience is decisive. Why, then, according to this pattern, should not even a Buddhist or a Hindu be able to receive the Catholic Eucharist, according to P. Meiattani?
"Damaging the relationship between morality and sacraments can ultimately lead to a non-Catholic understanding of the Church."
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Catholica / Vida inteligente / Cooperatores veritatis (Screenshots)
 Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com


Kathleen1031 said...

We have spent five years in public consternation that a sitting pope is a manifest heretic. We are still just muttering about it, rather than confronting it. We are still questioning why a sitting pope can be a manifest heretic, rather than having the right people state the obvious...
We have a manifest heretic as our pope.
We have no Cardinal/Bishop who will defend Christ and His Church, indeed, they are complicit in the destruction.
We are to be pitied.

JBQ said...

@Kathleen1031: Amen

Anonymous said...

The SSPX are the only ones who represent the Catholic Church today. There should be a movement of traditional Catholic to them, and to urge them in assisting any priests, nuns, or even laity who would like to re-establish traditional branches of the older, larger "Vatican II" Orders that will go extinct within 10 years. There are hundreds of Orders which could benefit by a refounding by religious priests and nuns. They could begin with a handful, and I guarantee that they will have vocations, whereas the large group still spawning the errors of Vatican II and Francis have 0.
Likewise, it is not foolish to suggest that the SSPX start up large scale Catholic priniting houses, book publishers, etc. in the classical style of past great Catholic firms which have either gone out of existence after embracing the "Spirit of Vatican II", or have devolved into an ecumemnical body which has little in common with Roman Catholicism.
I have come to believe that Pope Francis is an instrument of Satan, not Jesus Christ. The gathering in Ireland in which he will participate is heresy from top to bottom. It is encouraged directly from the Vatican....Francis and his associates.
I re-read Saint Francis of Assisi's description of the anti-Christ, the false Pope. It is a mirror image of Bergoglio. The only thing that is good, is that Saint Francis states clearly, that the reign of this anti-Pope/anti-Christ will be brief. I don't know what St. Francis thought of as brief.....my idea is less than 10 years.
God forbid Francis would be Pope 10 years. He'll be 82 in December.
I don't give a ---- what Clement/Boris/ et al will say, but the sooner Francis is gone...dead or otherwise, the better for the Church.
Damian Malliapalli

Bill O'Malley said...

The cardinals and bishops are not protesting over Pope Francis' teaching in Amoris Laetitia firstly because it was the doctrinal statement of the World Synod of Bishops; secondly the section on divorce, remarriage and the reception of the Sacraments by those involved centers on the primacy of conscience as defined 800 years ago by St Thomas Aquinas. This is standard Catholic Moral Theology.

The few grizzle guts prelates who make a bit of contra noises such as Ray Burke and Athanasius Schneider are essentially airport bishops who are on the lucrative TLM and Trad lecture circuit. They are about protecting their meal ticket and their carefully worded bleats give them away. The rest of the posse are theologically lightweight European snobs and American Hillbillies without brains or a moral compass.

Anonymous said...

Disciples of Kant's cant can't follow Christ.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it's happening too slow, but doesn't seem apparent that the momentum is not in favor of Francis? For one thing, he's nearly 82. For another, his associates are the center of tremendous scandals (Maradiaga especially....but he's very ill with prostate cancer), Tauran (one of Francis' biggest supporters in the Curia), is dead....a big blow to Francis. Many of his associates are strongly disliked. Even some of the cardinals Francis appointed are not liberals and do not necessarily support him because he gave them the red hats.
Also, besides the great Cardinal Burke, who is positioning himself as a powerful force at the next conclave, and Archbishop Schieider, and many other priests to be sure...there are a growing number of Catholic scholars who are speaking up, and writing widely read articles and books....against Francis.
To some people it might not look like much opposition, but considering there was nearly none four years ago, it's a good beginning. It'll only grow. And with each scandal (and there'll be some huge ones involving Francis Vatican coming up), he'll be weaker and weaker.

Damian Malliapalli

Bill O'Malley said...

It's not going to happen the way you want things, Koponymos. Pope Francis has been put there through God's providence to begin the process of rebuilding the Church that was almost destroyed by his two predecessors. They either nominally or intentionally attempted to erase the teaching and reforms of an Ecumenical Council. Among the present day aiders and abetters of this regression are unctuous characters like Schneider and Burke who have carved out a comfortable career for themselves as airport bishops and liturgical performers, who bleat a great deal but do little for their fans. They have failed.

The 'growing number of Catholic scholars who are speaking up' are another figment of the imagination. None of the people you are probably thinking about would have the courage, confidence and conviction to appear before the academy of their profession to argue their case. They are lightweights who also bleat but are all talk and no trousers.

Tancred said...

Once again another attempt at belittling someone but short of the facts.

Maybe you should find a constructive use of your time?

Bill O'Malley said...

Yes, the confused poor bugger Kopronymos needs all the help he can get. He doesn't know how to fight his way out of a wet paper bag.

Anonymous said...

Do you need help with the symptoms of your late-stage AIDS?

Anonymous said...

Bill O'Malley is a name on these posts I have not see before, but he uses a name, Kopronymos, that Clement and Boris C. used on me. Kinda odd that another person would start using that label, which makes me suspect that Bill O'Malley (which may be his real name) is in fact also Clement and Boris C. Because when he contributes, they are gone, and vice versa. Maybe he has Dissociative identity disorder, formerly referred to as multiple personality disorder, which is a condition wherein a person's identity is fragmented into two or more distinct personality states.
I knew a woman who suffered from this, but she also had dementia and was over 70.Very nice, but hard to talk to, because she switched from one personality to another as easily as breathing. Her family finally placed her in a skilled assisted living facility....where maybe Bill/Clement/Boris should consider looking into :@ )
Anyway, Bill....if you want to go by that name this week, Pope Francis is acknowledged to have wrecked the Church in 5 short years by very many learned scholars(not just a handful). If you live in England, you should know that 500 priests just signed a statement supporting Catholic tradition and teachings, and by extension against the direction of Pope Francis. Britian ain't that big of a country, and the Catholic Church is (sadly), only about 25% or less of the country (the rest mostly technically members of the "church of England", which on the roll books numbers about 28 million, but of which only about 700,000 practice.), but 500 priests (mostly on the younger side (55 and younger), is a good chunk of the Catholic clergy in Britian. There are not much more than 2,500 Catholic priests in total there.
In Germany, where this schism is starting (Pope Francis has aided and abetted it world wide by his silence....which can be construed as support), many of the younger priests are against Cardinal Marx, this loser Wurzburg bishop, and the general radical direction of the Church.
You call me confused (anf other things), because I don't agree with you, and support Pope Francis, his agenda, etc. Sorry, I don't support a Pope whose agenda is not only causing confusion in the Church, but a violent reation on both sides...for and against. The purpose of the Pope is to confirm the people in their Faith...to foster it, transmit it as it has been handed down...not to depart from it, degrade it, insult its teachings, and belittle or mock those who try to remain faithful....as Francis and his people have done. Just going by the stats, the reign of Francis has been a disaster (Mass attendance, vocations, ordinations, baptisms, conversions, etc. Across the board a disaster. How can faithful Catholics turn a blind eye to it and nod their heads and say "yes Holy Father, whatever you say, Holy Father?
If you were a doctor and had a patient who had early stage lung cancer but knew he loved to smoke, who you encourage him to keep smoking? Or someone who had an enflamed liver from drinking, would you encourage them to keep drinking till they got cirrhosis (cancer) of the liver? Pope Francis and his people are a cancer in the Church, their agenda. This schism blowing up in Germany is a side effect, caused by his lack of guidance and direction according to Church teachings. No faithful Catholic in their right mind would blindly just accept Francis and his agenda, seeing the wreckage it is causing.
Frncis doesn't have that long to go. It is not inconceivable that the next time around,we get a Pope more in line with Benedict XVI...or even Cardinal Burke who you insult. If we do, don't be surprised if this sad event in Germany is brought to an end, and people like Cardinals Marx, and his cronies will be asked to resign. They will be gone. All their supporters will turn tail and run. You'll be right there in that pack when that day comes.
Damian Malliapalli

Tancred said...

I think it’s more likely that he’s really a very bored impotent troll who participates at the Mass of Bugnini and thinks it’s wonderful.

JBQ said...

The bottom line is that the mess generated by Vatican II can only be solved through divine intervention. That is the message of Fatima read by Malachi Martin who died in 1999 and who warned of a foul odor coming from "The Jesuits" in whose company he had originally walked.

Unknown said...

Nor those who radiate with the glow of Hegel's halo.

Tancred said...

Doesn’t have to be “solved” per se. I think we can all “vote” with our feet.