Tuesday, July 10, 2018

New Superior Elected for FSSP

[Catholic Herald] The traditionalist Priestly Fraternity of St Peter (FSSP) has elected Polish priest Fr Andrzej Komorowski as its new head.

The fraternity’s General Chapter, which is currently meeting at Our Lady of Guadalupe International Seminary in Denton, Nebraska, chose Fr Komorowski for a six-year term. He succeeds American Fr John Berg, who had been Superior General since 2006.

Fr Komorowski was born in Poland in 1975 and was ordained in 2006 after studying at the fraternity’s seminary in Wigratzbad, Bavaria. He had served as Assistant to the Superior General since 2012, and is based in fraternity’s headquarters in Fribourg, Switzerland.




JBQ said...

JPII left quite a legacy which the liberals are having a "devil" of a time overcoming.

Thomas Anderson said...

The JP II New Evangelization movements will almost entirely disappear within about twenty years and for an number of reasons: the first is that while making the expected diplomatic noises about being primarily concerned about their mission in local churches, the have bypassed the jurisdiction (with a few exceptions) of diocesan bishops by gaining Pontifical Rite status; secondly, they are culturally focused on the cult of the founder rather than on Jesus Christ; thirdly, they are dedicated to serving a boutique, smug, elitist group of ecclesiastical faddists.

Tancred said...

I know, you believe the Catholic Church began in 1963, but have you looked at the average age of the lamestream orders?

If anyone is elitist and boutique, the faculties of the moribund orders whose average age is topping out at 70 are a haughty bunch who sneer at devotions and despise lived faith, artistry and beauty.

I’ve heard this kind of thing from snotty clergy for years. They especially hate the orthodox laity and are quick to disparage any appeals to morality which might contravene or inhibit their own “private” depredations.

Thomas Anderson said...

Your capacity for confected apologias, rationalization and self-justification is nothing short of breathtaking, Tancred. You really get enormous satisfaction out of fabricating history, drawing all the wrong conclusions from premises that are fundamentally unexamined and flawed from the outset the treating yourself to a generous slice of nostalgia and victimhood. My, my, you love that part don't you, Tancred? The great defender of the little people, the simple people, the persecuted and contemptibly treated 'faithful remnant.' Anyone not in the know couldn't make this stuff up.

Tancred said...

How is it fabricated? You use a lot of impressive adjectives, but then there’s nothing behind them, like a bloated, blackened, evil smelling Hep-C patient, receiving sparse palliative care before his death and no priest comes, because the priest is like you and doesn’t believe in Hell, except to threaten Traditionalists with.

Anonymous said...

Love the way you always have to have the last say Tancred.

Thomas Anderson said...

Tancred actually trapped inside his own flawed syllogism. His only short lived comfort is to deny very loudly that he is in that situation.