Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Schism is Palpably Near

It may therefore be asked whether the Bishop of Würzburg as a whole stands in unity with the bishops worldwide and especially with the Bishop of Rome.  

The Monday Kick Op by Peter Winnemöller
Linz (kath.net)  Who in recent days went to the website of the Diocese of Würzburg, found this link: "In the coming months it will be intensively discussed in the diocesan bodies on the recommendation of the German Bishops' Conference. (Bishop said in his sermon.) 'But today there is a cordial invitation to all mixed-confessional couples to come to the Lord's table.'"

That was not put into the world by an impertinent volunteer from the press office subsequently being quickly removed. On the contrary! This is the official report of the press office of the diocese of Würzburg on Masses, to which couples especially were invited to their 50th to 60th  anniversary and higher. The bishop of Würzburg had invited long married mixed-confessional couples to Mass without any preconditions for Communion.

So Communion was to be a reward for a special occasion, a long-lasting marriage. (The trivial kind of thing it is in most US parishes) This is strange in that the Church law still regulates very clearly that those who give Communion give the Sacrament only to Catholic recipients. Even DBK's highly controversial guidance does not consider unconditional inter-communion as a reward as a possibility. Rather, it is about the remedy of a spiritual emergency. This aspect too is by no means so clearly outlined as the current inter-communion propaganda of some German bishops intends to persuade us.

There is still a valid judgment forthcoming from Rome as to whether a bishop can detect such an emergency in the case of a mixed-confessional marriage. There is a need for clarification. In this respect, it is not only the stunned publication of the so-called orientation aid that causes alienation, but also the unthinking affrontery of some bishops. A fascination of first quality is that the bishop of Würzburg in his own words, no longer has to speak in the cause at all with the competent bodies (eg the Council for the interpretation of the legal texts) in Rome. He just wants to talk to the committees in his diocese. It may, therefore, be asked whether the Bishop of Würzburg as a whole stands in unity with the bishops worldwide and especially with the Bishop of Rome. In addition, it may be asked whether, in the face of this flat invitation, he (still) shares the Eucharistic understanding of the Church.

It is important to answer these questions for the sake of the truth. It's not about seeking the scandal for the sake of scandal. It should also not be disallowed at this point that the emotions, which are thoroughly understandable in the case, will squelch - whether they are pro - or contra - the discourse.

The present scandal is a nuisance of itself. This is not about a trifle. It's not just about a "pastoral solution." It is about faith in the Eucharist and thus the core of our Catholic faith.

The question to be answered is, in a word, whether a schism already exists.

Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com


susan said...

"The question to be answered is, in a word, whether a schism already exists."

....gee Cap'n Obvious....ya think?

Tancred said...

A large number of Catholics aren’t there yet, but Peter Winnemöller is a fairly mainstream journalist and blogger from Westfalia who writes for Katholisches.de, Tagespost, Durchblick and KOMMA.

JBQ said...

Here in this Midwestern archdiocese, there are already socialist communities in progress which bridge the parish architecture. There are two instances, one in print, the other verbal, where churches are now seen as unnecessary. Malachi Martin, the former Jesuit writer who died in 1999, foretold not a schism but a total apostasy. Since he read the Third Secret in the original Portuguese, it would appear that his writings were based on that knowledge.----The target under this radical pontiff is the total destruction of organized religion and the creation of a new spiritual belief system based on world unity. Even Scripture appears outdated in his eyes. He supposedly took the name of Francis of Assisi for his humility when in fact the man from Assisi was the one who foretold of a future "great destroyer" who would totally dismantle the traditional Church.

Unknown said...

Just like standing communion in the hand, this disorentation mentality is soon to begin infecting the Church in the U.S. if it hasn't already.

Jack Duval said...

Full moon time.

Anonymous said...

I think there is a schism,between the disconnected from Catholic Truth and Tradition, as represented by these German Bishops and their followers and enthusiastic supporters(as those who by their silence support them...people from the highest offices in the Church down the line), and those who bravely strive to maintain Catholic Faith and tradition as it has always been.
I think there's been this schism building since 1965, but only in the last 5 year made more dangerous and possible especially by the bad example/leadership of one who could if he so wanted, prevent such a schism and bless/confirm the faithful in the teachings of the Faith and its tradition.
Damian Malliapalli

R0bert Dixon said...

I think the beginnings of the great modern schism took place during the pontificate of Pius IX and became almost irreparable with Pius X. The damage those two popes did to Church unity and credibility cannot be estimated readily.

Anonymous said...

What the f* are you smoking?