Thursday, July 13, 2017

Radio Vatican Promoting Women's Ordination

Women at the altar - This is obviously what the German-speaking department of Radio Vatican wants and has published strange pictures on its Facebook page. After protests by Catholics the pictures were removed - PHOTO

Vatican ( The German-speaking department of Radio Vatican yesterday, again, provoked Catholics with a strange selection of pictures and caused a certain ideological headlines to flash on their website. For example, on the Facebook site, with reference to an article on the Holy Eucharist and the phrase "How was the bread and wine again?" "What is the Body and Blood of Christ? " Strange photographs were published in which various women in civilian clothes are to be seen at the altar with the Blessed Sacrament together with an open sacramentary. Above all, a picture clearly gives the impression that a Catholic priestess is active on the altar.

After protests by the faithful on the Facebook page of Vatican Radio, the photos were later partly replaced or supplemented. 

Edit: some may remember the last two times we reported this when they were promoting sodomy.

Trans: Tancred


Anonymous said...

Whatever, they try to pull this crap and I'm gone to the closest traditional independent chapel and at that point their sacraments and masses will be 100% valid because the Church provides. It won't be long now, chastisement is just around the corner for these creeps.

Jack D said...

Chastisement will be dished out to a much wider group than these people.

Anonymous said...

We are being punished with these wicked old apostates and the muslims for our sins. We have been comfortable in our sins too long. Our Father is chastising us. I will tell you truthfully though, I just ignore everything Francis says and go on with my life as a believing Catholic. I'm not going to let the elderly heretic Francis determine where I end up when I die

Anonymous said...

"I'm not going to let the elderly heretic Francis determine where I end up when I die"

Right on!! The pathetic thing is, that this sob heretic Francis and his people don't realize how much hatred and resistance they are stirring up against their agenda...and by extension against themselves personally.
The press always say how enormously popular Francis is. And he is, with the Catholic radicals,dissidents and femminists, the heretics, the LGBT, the Muslims.
But faithful Catholics, which are more than you would think, hate him and his agenda and his Vatican.
Just afew stats to give credence to the argument.
World-wide seminarian totals are down over 35,000 since Francis was elected and began his destruction of the Catholic Faith. IN the USA, the neo-con Catholics used to cheer when USA seminarian enrollment went up by a mere 50 over the year before. HAHAHA! Desperate to find something positive.
But now, it's down again, and once again, we hear of some seminaries closing, or announcing they will close. IN the 4 1/2 years of Francis, Mass attendance in the USA went from about 25%, to 22%. In the great days of Pope Pius XII, it was 75-80% in the USA. In most of Europe in those days, Mass attendance averaged over 65% in all countries....believe it or not. Ireland and Poland, with close to 90% were the exceptions. Italy was about 65-70%, which was excellent. Today, especially since Francis, Mass attendance is across Europe mostly in the single digit range...including Ireland. Only Poland stands out at still having about 65% Mass attendance. Italy is about the same as the USA--25-22%.
There are now less than 400 of Pope Fran's Jesuits left in Italy, and less than 1,700 Franciscans. Before Vatican II, there were close to 6,000 Franciscans in Italy alone!
The one good thing is that Pope Fran is nearing 81, and he won't be here fom long. I keep reading here and there reports that he's not well...but that is very hush-hush. He doesn't look good.
Let's hope that one day soon, we all wake up and find out that Francis is suddenly gone....either dead, or resigned. And that a new Pope is 100% the opposite to everything he and his cohorts in crime stand for.
Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous You should start going to a traditional chapel now.

Tancred said...

I don't care as long as Jack gets chastised.

Clinton R. said...

Hasn't Rome been preparing to foist upon the Church
women's ordination since the novelty of altar girls
was introduced? For what other reason than to prepare
the Church for women priests would there be to have females serve the altar? It was condemned by Pope Benedict XIV in hi encyclical Allatae Sunt in 1755.

JBQ said...

This is deeper than women priests. Malachi Martin wrote that the target is the Mass itself. The Sacrifice of the Mass is the "only obstacle" to the formation of a one world religion. The St. Joseph sisters here in the Midwest have a collaborative leadership. There is no one person in charge. There are five leaders who sit down and make collaborative decisions.---If you remember, the Chicago Cubs tried this. This works fine on an interactive level. Nevertheless, those such as police officers and military leaders have to make split second decisions impacting the lives of those involved.----This is all about the New World Order and political correctness.

Anonymous said...

From a Novus Ordo perspective,why is it wrong to change the Mass yet the other 6 "new sacraments" are okay?
I ask this in all due respect and sincerity.

JBQ said...

@Anonymous: So, what are these "6 new sacraments"? Do they have anything to do with "Snow White"? I respond with not so much due respect and sincerity. I understand that Jesus the Christ gave us seven sacraments to help us along the road to heaven. He said nothing about Snow White and they are anything but dwarfs.

James P said...

By popular demand: Death Wish IXX.

Anon said...

>>>The Sacrifice of the Mass is the "only obstacle" to the formation of a one world religion.

yes, that's the abomination of desolation, the stopping of the daily sacrifice, as per the book of daniel.

Anonymous said...

I didnt think you'd answer my question.
I wasn't being sarcastic or patronizing.

Anonymous said...

Well, if they get their way, this will mean a change. Now, when we go to confession, we have to say "bless me mother," but the problem with that is that if she is a transgender, we might get sued.

Blotto said...

I can also see that Aretha Franklin classic "Sisters are doin' it for themselves" being adopted as a recessional hymn.

Anonymous said...

So what are the new 6 sacraments you're talking about? I never heard of this!

Anonymous said...

All of the sacramental forms were changed in late 60's & early 70's.

Anonymous said...

just want these notifications to stop for myself but allow them for other people who visit my site.Thanks you..


Anonymous said...

Just get Jack off the page.