Saturday, April 29, 2017

UPDATE: Giacomo Dalla Torre del Tempio di Sanguinetto Elected as New Lieutenant of the Grand Master of the Knights of Malta

(Rome) The 56 electors of the Grand Council of State have elected the new Grand Duke of Rome, Fra Giacomo Dalla Torre del Tempio di Sanguinetto, as the new prince and grand master of the Sovereign Order of Malta. The election took place in the Villa Magistrale in Rome, an extraterritorial area under the Sovereignty of the Order.

The 80th Grand Master in the almost thousand-year-old history of the Order will be sworn in on the Aventine on Sunday. This will not take place before the Cardinal Patron of the Order, Cardinal Raymond Burke, but the Apostolic Special Envoy, the Apostolic Special Envoy, the Archbishop of Cordoba, Angelo Becciu, appointed by Pope Francis on February 4, Substitute of the Vatican Secretariat of State.

The new statthalter of the mayor

The new Order Head of the Order until the election of the 80th Grand Master
Giacomo Count Dalla Torre del Tempio di Sanguinetto was born in 1944 in Rome. He comes from the ancient Catholic nobility from the area of ​​Treviso. He studied at the University of La Sapienza in Rome, specializing in the field of Christian Archeology. At the Pontifical University of Urbaniana , he was a professor for ancient Greek and chief librarians and archives of important collections of the university. In his writings, he appeared mainly with essays on the art history of the Middle Ages.
In 1985, he became a member of the Maltese Vicar, and in 1993 he took the solemn vows. He became a member of the First Order of the Order, for which he has since exercised numerous leading functions. From 1994-1999 he was Grand Priest of Lombardy and Venice, from 1999-2004 member of the Sovereign Council, from 2004-2008 Grand Commander of the Order. As such he directed the order after the death of the 78th Grand Master, Fra Andrew Bertie, already as a statthalter until the election of the 79th Grand Master. Since then he has been the Grand Prince of Rome.

The Dalla Torre del Tempio, Count of Sanguinetto

The Counts di Sanguinetto are closely connected with the papal court. The grandfather of the present head, Giuseppe Dalla Torre del Tempio di Sanguinetto (1885-1967), was the City Councilor of Padua for the Catholic Union and in 1915 he became president of the Catholic Action of Italy. As such he supported the peace course of Pope Benedict XV. against Italian participation in the First World War. In 1918, the Pope appointed him President of the board of the Osservatore Romano, and in 1920 he became chief editor. It's an office he held until 1960. Before and during the Second World War, he turned against the neo-Nazi (ideals) and atheist (Communism) ideologies and their despotic racial and class antagonisms. In constant friction with the fascist regime, he and his family lived in the Vatican for security reasons. The election of John XXIII. and the appointment of Cardinal Secretary Domenico Tardini led to his resignation.
The father, Paolo Dalla Torre del Tempio di Sanguinetto (1910-1993), was a renowned art historian who also dealt with the Church history of the modern age. Since 1938 he worked for museums of the Vatican. From 1961-1975 he was Director-General of the Vatican Museums . As City Councilor of Rome for the Democrazia Cristiana (DC), he also held political positions after the Second World War.
Giuseppe Dalla Torre del Tempio di Sanguinetto, the President of the Vatican, and the General Council of the Knights of the Tomb (Order of the Knights of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem). After teaching at various universities, he was a rector of the Catholic, Roman private university LUMSA, President of the Association of Italian Catholic Lawyers, adviser to Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti (2011-2013) and member of the National Bioethics Council of Italy.

Priority constitutional reform

In a declaration by the Maltese Order about the Lieutenant of the Grand Master,
"One of the most important tasks" of Fra Dalla Torre as a Lieutenant of the Grand Master "will be to work on the reform of the Constitution and the Codex of the Order."
The current Constitution entered into force in 1961 and was last reformed in 1997.
"The proposed constitutional reform aims to remedy potential institutional weaknesses. The recent crisis has revealed some weaknesses in the control mechanisms of leadership. These will be taken into account in the reform. In the foreground, the reform will need to strengthen the spiritual life of the Order and gain more professed members. In addition, more appointments are to be admitted to the first class. The talks have already been started, and all members of the Order are invited to make proposals."
On the powers of the Lieutenant of the Grand Master, the press release states:
"According to the constitution of the Order, the Lieutenant of the Grand Master remains in office for one year, and during this time he is endowed with the same authority as a Grand Master. Before the end of his mandate, the Lieutenant of the Grand Master must convoke the Grand Council of State.

The Lieutenant of the Grand Master who is sovereign and religious head of the Order, has to devote himself entirely to the prosperity of the Order and must be a model for all members with a life according to Christian values. He exerts the highest authority. Together with the Sovereign Council, he enacts statutory provisions that are not contained in the Constitution, announces government acts and ratifies international agreements. The magisterium of the Grand Master resides at the Magistrate's palace in Rome. "
[Update] A short version, which was first published in error, is to be regarded as irrelevant.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: MiL
Trans: Tancred


JBQ said...

As a big supporter of Cardinal Burke, this is very sad. He was "thrown out" of St. Louis. Ejected from the Supreme Court and sent to "Siberia". Who would have "thunk" that Malta would have any relevance? He was then humiliated once again. Kind of sounds like someone who was hung like a portrait on a cross.

James said...

What a mess. Pope Francis is so horrible and his destruction is like an octopus pulling down whatever scraps of Catholicism are left after 50 years of the Vatican II collapse.

May God intervene soon to end this rotten papacy.

Kathleen1031 said...

Amen to that James.
And yes, JBQ, we can plainly see what FrancisMercy has done for Cardinal Burke. He has made an enemy in a high place and he must pay.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Was he "thrown out of St. Louis"? It is my understanding that he was called to the Vatican by Pope Benedict XVI who then appointed him to several influential positions. After Pope Francis ascended, however, then the cardinal was ejected from all his positions of influence and is now marginalized for his adherence to the One True Church.

JayJay said...

Looks like there were some ballots left over from the last conclave.

JBQ said...

@Restore-DC-Catholicism: Justin Cardinal Rigali was sent personally from the Vatican by John Paul II to take over the Archdiocese of St. Louis to stop a rebellion on the part of AB John May who had just died of brain cancer. The pope then personally visited St. Louis. As a reward, Rigali was promoted to head the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.--------I have two emails from an influential individual in the Chancery. He verified that his boss, then Archbishop Burke, was removed under pressure from pro abortion Catholic politicians through Rigali and the new pope Benedict.-------The removal happened in 2008 and appears to be a "quid pro quo" in a deal made with the Democratic Party. This individual states that he was writing a book about his time working for Burke. There has been no book and this individual has been going up the ladder at one of the tv networks. It appears that in essence, he has been bought off. I still have the emails as proof.-----When Rigali went to Philly, he left his nun sister behind (Sr. Charlotte Rigali) at the chancery to file reports on Burke. The issue is not the personality of Burke which has been characterized as antagonistic. The issue is the truth.-----I attended the farewell Mass at the St. Louis Cathedral. The woman head of media for the archdiocese, a woman police major, and another major woman archdiocesan figure were cackling and all but hi fiving as Burke led his entourage into the Cathedral. He was being watched "big time".------I was then afforded a supernatural event which verifies my version of events. I have a Jesuit college degree followed by two Master's degrees. I am also a four year military veteran. I also studied two years of college for the priesthood.----There is no previous or post history of histrionics.

Peter W said...

You can't make this stuff up.

Tancred said...

It was pretty clear at the time that the Illuminists that run big healthcare in that town didn't like Burke's pro-Life initiatives that threatened their thing.

susan said...

Wooooooooooow. I had NO idea of the extent of the machinations going on in St. Louis at the time. Thanks for this JBQ...yet another eye-opener.

Anonymous said...

While I can't say JBQ's report on this specific event is accurate , it sure rings true. Life in the ecclesiastical jungle is often not pretty. JBQ is describing the caliber of leadership with which we are dealing.

jules said...

What the heck does this mean? ----"I was then afforded a supernatural event which verifies my version of events. I have a Jesuit college degree...There is no previous or post history of histrionics."?!!

With a citation like that, who needs evidence?

Tancred said...

Too bad he put that in his account, which otherwise, looks pretty accurate to me. I remember when it happened. I think the feeling was that Burke was too heavy-handed to deal with duplicitous hospital administrators and board members. Anyway, he was just doing his job, unlike most senior clergy in this country and elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that Cardinal Burke is one of the few left in the Church hierarchy who lets his 'yes' mean 'yes' and his 'no' mean 'no'...

I can see why, in today's world that would seem heavy-handed. It is really sad.

I have lost confidence in this pontificate. I can't even hope that it ends soon as given the calibre of the many bishops and cardinals, we will get even worse the next time.

Prayers for Cardinal Burke and all orthodox clergy.

jac said...

Crisis in the SMOM ? But which "crisis"?
If the Pope hadn't succeeded in firing Festing and ordering Boeselager's reintegration, which was an abuse of power since the obedience to the Pope is limited to issues of Faith and morals, there wouldn't have happened any "crisis".
Why did Festing surrender to the Pope's order is beyond my understanding.
And now the smile on Von Boeselager's lips, just behind Fra' dalla Torre, the new head of the Order, says a lot: The Order of Malte is on gthe way to its fdestruction, like was destroyed the FFI Order.

Anonymous said...

It's only a mere question of dirty, dirty money, over 30/40 million euros now are in the right hands, oh yeah, the mercy church for the poor ones, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

The knights of Malta have no effect on my life.

jac said...

The number one question about that purported "crisis" which was triggered by the Pope himself and never would have been happened if Festing didn't resign is:
Was Festing obliged to obey the Pope since the dismissal of Boeselager was a pure internal disciplinary affair, the kind of which has nothing to do with issues of Faith or morals?
Which actions the Vatican could undertake against the SMOM if Festing hadn't surrendered ? In my opinion, none.
My explanation about the sudden change in the Pope's mind was the fear of a huge financial scandal splashing high ranked people both in the Order and in the Vatican, if the lawsuit against Mrs Ariana Slinger, the head of CPVGT, were not dropped by Festing.
An indeed they were dropped immediately once Festing had resigned. Festing obeyed because he didn't want to endorse the responsibility to have let bad guys entering the order and doing bad things in his back, unknowingly to him, the Grand Master.

jac said...

OK, but it has a lot of effects on our Holy Mother the Church which you are supposed to belong to.
The eternal fate of many souls is at stake.

Anonymous said...

How so?

Yvonne said...

This is all so sickening. We have no other choice but focus on prayer to Our Lady and living according to the unchanging doctrine of the Church. God has the justice in His hands. Cardinal Burke is a bastion for American Catholics, thank God for him and may he always be protected.