Friday, March 18, 2016

Even Bill Donahue Can't Stomach Cardinal's Degenerate Parade

Edit: the parade is so bad even a professional mourner like Bill Donahue is moved to complain about something worth complaining about. That groups promoting sexual immorality are invited while those defending the unborn are banned. 

Notice this article ends with Cardinal Dolan complaining about secular forces which, like it or not, he serves when he allows the parade to be abused by the proponents of gender ideology.  It's so typical of the Register.

Complain though the Cardinal might about secularism, he's still caved to the consensus and is causing scandal by allowing organizations that promote sexual immorality in what is supposed to be a Catholic parade. Is he not the Gay Grand Marshal?

NEW YORK — When the New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade kicks off at 11:30am Thursday, two homosexual groups will be among the hundreds of organizations marching under their own banners.
No pro-life organizations, however, will be marching in the annual parade down Fifth Avenue.

“You have a gay group in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade allowed to march, but the pro-life people are banned? The whole thing is perverse,” said William Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights.


Anonymous said...

And with the grave of Cardinal O'Conner beneath his fat feet.

Doesn't surprise me actually. It was only a matter of time. Vatican II started the capitulation to the world and now the "New Springtime" is in full flower!

Lucky for New York though and a lot of other dioceses that the money has not dried up yet.

Vincent said...

Bill Donohue is a clapped out ideologue from the failed 'Culture Warrior' school.
Even his ex wife thinks Bill is a sandwich short of a picnic!

Anonymous said...

Why did 'Cardinal' O'Conner approve of freemasonry?

Geremia said...

Has Bergoglio done anything about this? Isn't this the 2nd year Dolan has cooperated in publicly promoting sodomy?

Anonymous said...

very disgusting to see. We live in dystopia

Unknown said...

Francis probably told Dolan to keep up the good work.


Kathleen1031 said...

I don't understand. To call him a failed culture warrior, aren't we all supposed to be culture warriors? He does it on a grand scale, and has done so for years. I disagree with his support of Cardinal Dolan, believing it to be capitulation, but now he can't avoid the obvious reality, the Catholic church has utterly joined the world, homosexuality and all. Bravo, says the worldlings. One cannot take away the good defense of the Catholic faith Bill Donahue has done lo these many years, and I wouldn't count on "exes" to make accurate and worthwhile statements.
The parade is a scandal, an outrage, but a close second to this debacle is the fact that apparently, there were still hundreds of groups participating, and thousands lining the streets to see it. Probably more! Give us bread and circuses! (and something titillating to see).

southwillriseagain said...

That's a terrible thing to say about the Holy Father without proof. Scandal is a sin.

Unknown said...

Hey South---you want to talk scandal--/shall I recite the litany of pro-homo things the "holy?" father has said and done? Either you are not paying attention or you are one of Frank's useful idiots.

Seattle Kim

Tancred said...

He's clearly false opposition, and nine times out of ten, he's a stooge for the establishment, going so far as to defend the worst Cardinal in the American Church.

sebastian said...

Sounds like Irish TV station RTE organised this parade.

Anonymous said... I thought Cardinals wore RED!