Thursday, August 6, 2015

Famed Shaolin Temple Surrounded by Charges of Scandal

Beijing (AsiaNews) – China’s controversial Buddhist monk, who earned himself the nickname of “CEO monk” after being accused of running the Shaolin Temple like a business, has been accused by a former monk of fathering illegitimate children, stealing monastery funds for his lover, acting with little religious disposition and showing no spirituality.

The monastery has denied all the allegations and has reported Shi Zhengyi (meaning, "interpreting justice" in Chinese) to the police for "fabricated and malicious insults and libel,” according to a statement on its website. However, many want the authorities to investigate the affair.

Shi Zhengyi posted allegations online saying that Shi was an “embezzler and womaniser” with illegitimate children, that he had been kicked out of the monastery in the late 1980s following accusations of theft made by his own master.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm....there could be a big future for that guy as a Vatican apparatchik. "Confucius say, who am I to judge".

Anonymous said...

Love for sex and money is always the same mons. Ricca informed of this guy?

Anonymous said...

Mandarin-speaking Chinese are supposed to be far superior to Non-Mandarin speaking Chinese and non-Chinese in general. Well, the myth has been busted yet again !