Friday, August 7, 2015

Father Lombardi Calls Pope's Public Statements, "Confusing"

Edit: Sandro Magister has commented on an interview which appeared in National Geographic, of the Pope's mouthpiece, Father Lombardi, wherein the Vatican's Press Secretary confides some interesting views about the Holy Father's style, describing it as "confusing".

Father Lombardi also demystifies Pope Francis’s strategy in the field of geopolitics.

He makes the comparison between what Benedict XVI would tell him after a meeting with this or that world leader, to allow him to summarize the contents of the conversation in a statement, and what Pope Francis tells him today:
“It was incredible. Benedict was so clear. He would say: ‘We have spoken about these things, I agree with these points, I would argue against these other points, the objective of our next meeting will be this’ – two minutes and I’m totally clear about what the contents were. With Francis: ‘This is a wise man; he has had these interesting experiences.’ Diplomacy for Francis is not so much about strategy but instead: ‘I have met this person, we now have a personal relation, let us now do good for the people and for the Church.’”

Father Lombardi later writes Sandro Magister asking for a retraction. [Later]

 H/t: Katholisches... AMDG


Anonymous said...

Father Lombardi, there is no need to make a mountain out of a mole hill. Everyone with one foot into competency recognizes what is going on. The cat was out of the bag on day one. Confirmed every day since then. No "retraction" is going to put the cat back in the bag. Either do your best to expose him and his buddies further, get him another job, or quit and spill all the beans.

Woody said...

Bagdad Bob at it again.

Anonymous said...

LOL Exactly!