Friday, July 3, 2015

Radio Vatican Shows its Pride: Attacks Catholic Moral Theology

Update: removed the photo which is a licentious photo of two women kissing each other. It seemed important to include the photo to document just how far Radio Vatican has gone, and that they've done this before. (People probably complained about the two sodomites kissing and waving a flag, too.)

Edit: the photo and the following article appeared in Radio Vatican, German Section. Obviously, the people who work in the office who endorse moral depravity are still there, from the last time we noticed an article like this. The Servite priest from Tyrol being extolled here is, by considerable negligence, along with others like him, is still able to address these issues for the Vatican. Apologies in advance for the photo, but blame Vatican Radio German Section. Here is a translation:

The Church's sexual morality "is in motion". Sexuality will be "perceived in its  personal and holistic dimension more and more"  explains Brixen moral theologian Martin Lintner in the current issue of the Christian weekly newspaper "Die Furche". The President of the "European Society for Catholic Theology" explained his assessment with a shift away from natural law concerning certain "moral acts" in which every single sexual act was judged on whether he corresponded to "natural sexuality" towards a view  already expressed in the Second Vatican Council that "sexual behavior applies to physical communication." 
At the level of concrete sexual ethical norms, despite this positive change, things have not changed much  for the better in the Catholic Church,  writes Lintner. This is revealed in the issue of homosexuality, where the argument of biological procreation function continues to stand apart from the criteria of personal judgment. A mediation between the natural law and personal reasoning is difficult here.
Nevertheless, this reveals a "rethinking", according to  Leitner, not least in the discussions during the Extraordinary Synod of Bishops in the autumn of 2014 and the recently published working paper for the family Synod in October 2015, in dealing with gay people: "The Church is sensitive to the suffering experiences of victims and families where gay people live." This development appears to  the renowned South Tyrolean moral theologians and members of the Servite Order as "significant,"  even if the Church emphasizes that a homosexual partnership differs from  a marriage.


M. Prodigal said...

"moral theologian" for what 'religion'? satan's? His last name would be better as luther.

DJR said...

When I first glanced at the article I thought it did say Martin Luther. I was like, "What the heck?" Had to do a double take to see Martin Lintner.

Those names are very close.

Anonymous said...

Is anybody shocked any more? If this is an indication the way the "RCC" is planning on heading there will be a flood of faithful Catholics leaving the Church.

Lynda said...

Could you please take that sinful picture off your blog? Just because Radio Vatican publishes such does not mean you should stoop to their level.

Patti Day said...

Christ has promised that the gates of hell will not prevail against His Holy Church. That doesn't mean that there will not be those outside and even within who will not try to harm her. The faithful will not leave the Church. To whom would we go?

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

The picture itself is not sinful. "Evidence of sin" and "sin" are not the same thing.

Lynda said...

On the contrary, it is sinful. Such an image is grave matter and obscene and indecent and likely to cause scandal.

Netmilsmom said...

The Gates of Hell will not prevail against The Church but Christ never said anything about the survival of the Latin Roman rite.
There are 23 other rites under Rome who set their own doctrine (but share dogma) and have not gone gay.
Find one and keep it in mind if things go badly in the Latin rite.

Netmilsmom said...

The picture is needed to see how far we have sunk.

Lynda said...

To show such a picture is sinful.

Anonymous said...

To have sunk this low in 2 1/2 years is truly a sign that Satan and his henchmen (Francis and company), have overtaken the Church. The Catholic Church was nothing like this a mere 36 months ago. It is truly a sign of evil....not progress or liberty or mercy or love.....but evil.

I think that all good Catholics should, in light of the Supreme Court ruling on gay "marriage" in the USA, and in light of Archbishop Paglia in the Vatican of the Council for the Family declaring that homosexual couples are very welcome at the Congress for the Family in Philadelphia, we sould mount a campaign to try to convince people to withdraw and not support this conference regardless of the visit of Pope Francis.
I hope both the Conference for the Family, and Francis' USA visit is a flop in all ways possible.

Anonymous said...

The prudent thing to do is to have that picture linked to for those who can stomach it. Many men are aroused by women kissing... at least I think they're women, you never know these days.

Anonymous said...

Our hope is not to stop the homosexuals but to start living holy lives of humility, modesty, and chastity and return to our proper place in the front lines of the great spiritual battle against evil. This kind of evil can't be defeated through political means. The problem isn't with homosexuals or modernists in the Church; the problem is with us, the laypeople.

Over the last several decades, self proclaimed Christians (i.e Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox) have so defiled the sanctity of marriage with lust, artificial contraception, cohabitation, adultery, abortion, rampant divorce, broken families, remarriage after divorce, blended families—and a general indifference toward the liturgical celebration of Holy Matrimony—that marriage has been turned into a social cesspool. The sewage now being added by homosexuals is just a continuation of an old problem. If Christians had been living chaste holy lives, fighting the spiritual battle against darkness and evil with dedicated seriousness, and showing proper respect for Holy Matrimony all along, then the idea of homosexual “marriage” would not have been able to intrude into our social consciousness.

God is the one whose "legalizing" homosexual "marriage" to teach us a lesson. He's telling us that more feces in the cesspool won't make much difference. God has given us the leaders we deserve, including Francis whose a metaphysical embodiment of the average self-proclaimed Catholic in the year of Our Lord 2015.

Tancred said...

Navel gazer.

Anonymous said...

Although some of your points are very good, evil must be confronted, even in a political way. Look at how the people of France, Spain and Italy turned out by the millions (yes, well over 1 million in Spain afew months ago....likewise in France and perhaps also Italy two weeks ago), to stand against homosexuality and a perversion of marriage and rather to stand for the traditional values of the Church and the family.
I think it is a great fear of Francis and his goons to understand how many people are really against him and his agenda. That is why he has been removing holy and good bishops and Cardinals before the coming Synod, and replacing them with the filth that thinks as he and his supporters do. This is a tactic always done by the side that promotes evil and sin. It was done as far back by Henry VIII when attempting to get his desired divorce from the saintly Queen Katherine in favor of the whore Ann Bolyn. That is why several bishops who are now saints, and many monks, especially Carthusians, as most famously Saint Thomas More, were silenced...not by exile but by death. Now they are others are holy martyrs to the truth of the Faith.
Francis and his supporters are doing the same thing...rather than killing people, they are exiling them....holy men like Cardinal Burke, and replacing them with the same rotten and corrupt radicals who think like they do....Archbishops Paglia and Forte, Monsignor Ricca, Cardinals Mariadiaga, Tagle and Dolan etc.
Qe must counter Francis by promoting the opposite to what he teaches...promoting the truth of the Faith regarding all of Catholic tradition. To just live ourselves according to the Truths of our faith, but to look the other way when Francis and his supporters beging to destroy the Church by the sin they support would be a sin itself.
Francis and his people are going to try to turn the Family Conference in Philadelphia into a pre-Synod instrument to promote their radical agenda of Holy Communion for the divorced, and above all, creating a welcoming atmosphere for homosexuality and the idea of gay unions. If you don't believe that, then you are grossly naïve.
It is bad advice to turn away from the rot and just try to live good lives individually. Evil must be brought down, even if it is a pope like Francis.
I still say that Satan and his supporters have entered the Catholic Church since 2013 and the election of Francis. Francis is the root of the problem. It is unbelievable how the Church could change so drastically in 2 1/2 years. There is no other explanation.

Anonymous said...

Just to prove my point, my family lives in the suburbs of Philadelphia . I am a young traditional Catholic,and I live in and work in NYC. I travel a lot so I'm not home often. But I was home visiting afew weeks ago when I read that Archbishop CHaput of Philadelphia stated that homosexual groups as well as those promiting their agenda (gay unions etc.) would not be welcome nor have a voice at theFamily Conference. That was encouraging to hear......but less than two weeks later, Archbishop Paglia (head of the Vatican Commission for the Family....LOL), said the opposite, that ALL WERE WELCOME, INCLUDING HOMOSEXUALS AND HOMOSEXUAL COUPLES.
He directly contradicted Archbishop Chaput, in one stroke opening the Conference up to all the perversion that recent Popes......I should say ALL past popes have stood against.
Who do you think those orders came form for Paglia to declare....Santa Claus?
It came from Francis himself.

Anonymous said...

We should definitely resit Francis and his cohorts within the Church but the battle against secular society is already lost as my previous post explains. When the USA legalized same-sex marriage people kept bringing up men like conservative Rush Limbaugh (4 wives, no children) and Catholic-convert Newt Gingrich (2 or 3 wives, current wife is an adulteress whom he slept with while his previous wife had cancer). And so the sodomites argue, why not give us a chance?

Most self-professed Christians are no different from homosexuals. Why do they copulate? For pleasure; What is the end result of copulation? No children. Married people lust after their spouse like fornicators lust after whores, they have turned marriage into solemnized prostitution that can end as quickly as a one night stand (I'm speaking of divorce). The act of copulation has turned into a selfish act and selfish societies always end up accepting homosexuality. Ezekiel never mentions sodomy as a sin of Sodom, he mentions greed, gluttony, pride and inhospitably; those are the vices from which forth sodomy springs, that's the spiritual environment that inspired the men of Sodom to try and rape the angels in Lot's house.

Italians have some of the lowest birthrates in Europe, I strongly doubt God will come to their aid. Not to mention that the majority of protesters were from the flamboyantly heretical Neo-Cat Way. Within 10 years Italy will legalize same-sex marriage based on current trends. Who even has big families anymore? Only Traditional Catholics and they are treated with the utmost contempt by the episcopate and the Vatican. I was gonna mention Filipinos but 1. Contraception is illegal in the Philippines and 2. The children and grandchildren of Filipino immigrants have much smaller families (this is true with most immigrants from 2nd or 3rd world countries that don't have economic/political access to birth control).

Before we can convert the world we must convert ourselves. That's why St. Francis of Assisi said we must preach the Gospel constantly and sometimes use words. We need to start evangelizing Catholics, we need to hold protestants accountable for allowing divorce/contraception that led to this mess as a method of converting them to the True Faith, and most of all we most convert people with our virtues and holiness resulting from God's Grace.

The age of political Catholicism is dead. We've lost, get over it; Vatican II happened (50 years ago!) and we now must retreat to the catacombs. St. Paul said it best, this is spiritual warfare. It was Faith that brought Catholics into political dominance and it is our lack of faith that made us lose it. We're not a worldly religion like Islam that can just terrorize people into submission; no, it is our charity that will heap coals upon their heads.

Anonymous said...

Benedict XVI once said (loking back, almost like a prophecy), that the true traditional Catholic faithful will become a small group (here and there), while the majority turn to the rot and corruption begun during Vatican II and afterward. The True Faith will shine forth in small pockets and isolated islands of real Catholicism.
I read once where a man and a small group of traditional Catholics were attempting in the USA somewhere to establish a truly Catholic city...not just a little outpost, but a real Catholic city, where everyone shares the traditional Catholic Faith and maintains Catholic tradition despite this current Pope and his army of Vatican II inspired goons.
I even saw photos of the blueprints for the town....they chose for it to look like a copy of Florence, Italy....a city filled with churches and monasteries and convents.
One of their goals was to recruit seminarians, priests, nuns, even former priests or nuns who would want to attempt to resurrect their Orders according to tradition in this Catholic establishment.
Their purpose is to continue the Catholic faith and tradition without the current leadership of the corrupt Vatican and Francis. They acknowledge the Papacy, but not the corrupt leadership of Francis and his they are not some nutjob group of sede-vacantists.
I don't know where they wanted to establish the city, I think somewhere in California. But living there and following traditional Catholicism of all ages would be better than following Francis!

Cyril said...


Cyril said...

Don't hold back. Tell us more.

Barnum said...


Thanks for your sarcastic 4th of July comments. Do you hate Americans as much as you hate Catholics? Oh, I forgot you live within 5 miles of Hwy 401, of course you do. Now go back to your sideshow assignment.

To Anonymous 10:47--

I share your hope that the entire world become Catholic.

I believe you are thinking of Ave Maria Florida, an concept of Tom Monaghan. I haven't followed it closely, but I think there were reports that it hasn't worked out as planned. And that is OK, because such a project is difficult to see through under Federal and State laws, and in certain respects such a town could be, depending how it is structured, a sin against justice (affirmative action for Catholics, in a way-- do you hire the Catholic pharmacist in lieu of a more competent Protestant pharmacist, e,g.?) Living in such a town would certainly make our faith life lax to the extent that the obligation to evangelize would be eased, to say the least. And finally, (forgive you have thought this through, you most likely did) don't forget that an all Catholic town would need laws, police, jails and sanitaria; being raised in a near, maybe 95%, all Catholic town, I have a different view of the project. Circuses are similar in every town.

Remnant Clergy said...

The Vatican took down the page, probably because of your expose, but I saved the photo.

Uri said...

Chad or Burkina Faso would be ideal for such a venture.

Barnum said...


Burkina Faso has Catholic missonaries who are trying to spread the Good News and devout adherents. Chad is fitter for the New Theology, but our fearless university missionaries only was to convert us, not the Musulman.

I am impressed that the wedding was at the tony St. Bart's, surely you were invited. Department Chairmen in their early 30's. How did these guys get tenure when other who have been in the education mill longer haven't? Normally, professors that get promoted ahead of time are usually math or science geniuses. They don't exactly strike one (except you, maybe) as Aquinas and Augustine, do they? Maybe they do have some genius of a sort , and we don't (want to) know what it is.

Uri said...

Then if you care not for the Musulpersons (Muslims to the rest of the human race), Burkina Faso is just the place for you to go: the Mission, new (1570) Evangelzation, and native tabula rasa on which to impress the relentless logic of Neo-Scholastic logic and dogmatics.

Anonymous said...

Cowards in the Vatican.....they should never have put up such trash in the first place.
The whole Vatican, starting with Francis at the top, neads to be thrown in the trash can and a new, traditional, orthodox and CATHOLIC Pope and Curia installed in it's place.
So many people think that after Francis, there will be more of the same. I don't think so. I've read where very many powerful Cardinals, who actually voted for the clown, are appalled by what he says, and want nothing more than to have him out. They regret voting for him. Very many Bishops, (nealy 86 % in Italy alone, not to mention Poland, most of Eastern Europe, and much of the USA and nearly all Africa, are against his agenda). There have been reports of bishops seeking audience with Benedict XVI, not Francis, for advice. LOL!!
I have said before, that I think the coming Synod will be a disaster....for Francis. He and his goons and idiots Kasper,(Tagle, Paglia, Forte, Dolan) will try their best, and the evil they support will be manifest in their actions....Francis's tactics during the Synod will reveal him to be what he truly is. And even the traditional Catholics who knew him fairly well will be appalled
Francis' agenda will loose despite underhanded efforts and pressure by his lackeys and himself, after which, he will be a disgraced and "lame duck" Pope. Shortly after this he will either choose the cowards way out and duck out of sight with a quick resignation, or he will linger on for a year or two and they pass away to his final reward. But Benedict XVI will still be here.
He won't come back into office....but he will have survived Francis. And he will be a power in chosing a traditional, CATHOLIC pope from among the Cardinals..

Tancred said...

I gather they'll test the waters again in a few months.

Lynda said...

If so many bishops and cardinals know PF is a manifest pertinacious heretic leading souls astray, why have they not done their duty and met to formally declare him a heretic and not pope?

Barnum said...

Uri/ Gaybri

O/T as usual, but with even more disjointed maunderings. Have you changed your anti-depressants or something?

And you still haven't told us which of Our Lord's Miracles actually occurred.