Saturday, February 8, 2014

Another Prayer Request

In light of how powerful were the prayers of my readers last time round, I bid your prayers once again for a priest who (I believe) has been wrongly accused of wrongdoing. St. Philomena and St. John Vianney, orate pro nobis!

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Anonymous said...

Immediately and unceasingly until you say otherwise.

It is a serious sin to falsely accuse someone. The circumstances and the fact that it is a priest being accused could turn that sin into one of the mortal variety. I would caution the accuser to make an examination of conscience before proceeding further.

Regardless of the conscience of the accuser I hope the priest uses this opportunity for his own holiness. That would also mean that he would be turning the tables on his accuser and offering the suffering up for their holiness as well. God is good in what He allows to come our way. If only we knew more like the saints in how to put it to powerful use!