Friday, December 13, 2013

Belgian Senate Votes For the Euthanasia of Children -- Without Age Limits

(Brussels), the Belgian Senate voted in the night to agree on the euthanasia for children today. The Belgian euthanasia law, which previously forbade euthanasia for minors, now may also be applied to very young children of any age.

With 50 votes to 17, the Belgian Senate approved the amendment. Now the House must vote on it, then the second and final vote in the Senate. Only a quarter of the senators refused to vote for euthanasia by children's consent. The Belgian euthanasia law stipulates that the patient concerned must submit a request for euthanasia to the judggment of a psychologist who will evaluate the suitability of the applicant. A child is considered with good reason as having no legal capacity, who can not vote and does not have a license. However, for the vast majority of Belgian senators, a three year old child may be able to decide to want to be euthanized.

Law to Kill Troublesome and Costly Ill Children

Therefore, critics accuse the proponents of intending to create a law for the annoying and costly, in order to be able to kill the disabled and sick children legally. The mechanisms to "protect" against abuse, are pure farce, as already is proven in a dramatic way by the euthanasia law in force since 2002 for adults. The ability to euthanize children, would not "help" the kids, but allows adults, to whom they are entrusted, to do away with them.

The Belgian euthanasia law is the most liberal in the world. The senators refused to set an age limit up to which at least one child is safe when in need of protection of his life. A five year old child suffering from "excruciating pain" or a terminal illness is in the "final phase", and can be euthanised in Belgium if the relatives are in agreement and a psychologist's judgment is obtained. The safety barriers, however, apply in practice only as "a nice facade for a murder law" (see separate reports Belgium: Child Pediatricians even in Catholic hospitals, may provide Euthanasia for Children or "My Mother was Euthanized, Even Though She Was Not Sick" - a documentary film tells the brutality of the Belgian euthanasia law and "Woman Was 'Transformed' to Man, but Felt Like a 'Monster' and was Euthanised"- Happened in Belgium ).

"New Form of Barbarism Spreads"

Ahead of the vote, several pediatricians supported the euthanizing of children. Some of these doctors are also active in Catholic children's hospitals. Other doctors warn on of the "dangerous piece of legislation which puts the safety of our seriously ill children at risk". After approval by the Senate, these doctors have accused the senators, "to have voted for a law without weighing the consequences. The value of a child's life now has a price which is set by adults, of which the children will certainly be affected in the desired sense. Sick children do not think about euthanasia. The law is therefore objectively meaningless. It would be necessary, however, to accompany the parents of these children, say the doctors, in order to oppose euthanasia.

"We have to be very concerned about the development of the Belgian euthanasia law and have every reason to be deeply troubled. The Belgian citizens seem to prefer to want an agent that prepares their lives, or the lives of others, for an end, than real pity, or readiness to help and instead to sacrifice the sick and the vulnerable in our society. With great rapidity a new form of barbarism is spreading," say the doctors against euthanasia.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi image: Wikicommons


Anonymous said...

This is because of the error of "Humanism" where "human persons" merely have "dignity" instead of human beings having sacredness due to our being made in the image and likeness of God. When something is sacred it is cared for and protected and held high as something of great and special value. But they teach that we are not beings (think about what that word means). We are only a human variety of creature not much different that a dog and so as not to expose their stupidity completely and spark laughter they tell us we have "dignity".

I guess the poor people of Belgium think that killing a "human person" whose "quality of life" (according to others) is lacking will spare the person of their loss of "dignity". Not to mention the time and expense of caring for them, eh?

Coming Soon to a theater near us all.

Lynda said...

Hell - on Earth.

Aged parent said...

Any words about this coming from Rome?

[Cue the sound of crickets chirping.]

Anonymous said...

I'm like John Kerry, weary. He has to defend an not so bad idea against the murderers of hope sitting up on their hill here and suggest and bribe that murderer of hope who sits at the bottom of the hill over there and to every compromise Kerry suggests the murderer of hope responds F You. Well I'm not exactly like Kerry but a little.

Anonymous said...

Who will stop this madness - this depravity - which seems to have accelerated on all fronts (religious, political , social) since Pope Bendedict's abdication? Is this only my impression?

Our Church leaders have completely stopped teaching Catholic Truth...authentic Catholics are going to be forced underground - probably we are already underground...who can we turn to?

Lord have mercy and come back soon!
" Stop the world I want to get off!"

We are well an truly arrived at the nightmare of Huxley's "Brave New World."


Lynda said...

Yes, we are the persecuted remnant. Blessed Michael Archangel, defend us in the hour of conflict.

Anonymous said...

I don't get all this religious people trying to force life down our throats. Religion is subjective, each one choses to belief what he/she wants.

Each individual should be able to do whatever he wants with his life. I love my life now, but i would certainly hate it if i had a crippled or undignified life. Whats wrong about that?

Anonymous said...

You say : "Each individual should be able to do whatever he wants with his life"?

God has established rules and individuals are free to break them.

Individuals are not free however to avoid the consequences of breaking these rules at a serious level.

Suicide however brought about contravenes Gods will.

Those who willfully and knowingly reject Gods plan by committing suicide also reject God.

There can be no place in Heaven for those who reject God.

Tancred said...

If God doesn't exist, anything is permissible.