Thursday, December 12, 2013

++Müller Complains Against the Lack of Solidarity With Bishop Tebartz-van Elst

Curial Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller: It is not Christian, "if you duck for cover from one of the dirtiest and most inhuman campaigns against a man, fellow Christian, pastor and bishop"

Passau ( / CBA / PNP / pm) Curia Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller has lamented a lack of solidarity with the Limburg Bishop Franz-Peter van Elst Tebartz again. It is not Christian, "if you duck for cover at one of the dirtiest and inhuman campaigns against a man, fellow Christian, pastor and bishop," the prefect of the Congregation of the Roman told "Passau Neue Presse" (Thursday). But he did not address his criticism in more detail.

In the affair of the construction of the Limburg diocesan center some individual German Bishops also distanced themselves from Tebartz van Elst. The Limburg Bishop has been given a time outside of his diocese pending to a decision of the Pope since the end of October for an indefinite time. During this time, a church commission shall review the allegations to the construction project on the Limburg Cathedral Hill. The administration of the diocese during the absence of the bishop has taken on behalf of the Holy See by Vicar General Wolfgang Rösch. Mueller also made a statement back to the Munich Cardinal Reinhard Marx, who said the prefect of the Congregation could not end the debate on the remarried divorcees. The former Bishop of Regensburg had previously stressed in an article in the Vatican newspaper "Osservatore Romano" that the discussion on re-married divorcees, must take place in accordance with the Church's teaching. However, Müller now says, "as one can easily see, we are not to speak of a termination of the discussion, but their foundations in the teaching of Christ and the Church, which are not under discussion for a plebiscite on questions of faith". The Creed was "not to be confused with a party program that can be variably developed in accordance with the wishes of the members and voters." . A "responsible pastoral" is always built "on sound doctrine".

For a presentation of the weekly newspaper "Die Zeit", in which he has been called "the most stubborn opponents" of Pope Francis, the Prefect of the Faith kept with the words: "Rational arguments do not help against bad fantasies." For considerations of the Church critic Hans Küng to the point, Müller is shining to the fact that Benedict XVI. could act as a "shadow Pope," the archbishop explained that he was "a little proud, that is still grown in pure opposition to yours truly from a bitter opponent to an ardent supporter of the Pope". Müller continues: "What a pleasure is is to see Hans Küng still rave in his old age, to be seen by the followers of Christ and visible head of the whole Church', as it says in the Second Vatican Council."

The Prefect of the Faith issued a rejection to an initiative of priests and laymen, who aim to participate in the election of the future Archbishop of Cologne. He relied in this on Pope Francis, who again and again warns against "misunderstanding the Church as if it were an organizations made by people". When ordering bishops it doesn't involved "an ideological power struggle, power distribution and power purchased by narrowed factions which destroy the unity of the Church". Although it was important "the testimony of all that a candidate is worthy," but ultimately applies that "the bishop is chosen by Christ and appointed by the Holy Spirit"

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Cry me a river said...

WRONG, Bishop Mueller. The "dirtiest and inhuman campaigns against a man, fellow Christian, pastor and bishop" is what YOU and other fraudulent bishops AND POPES have done to holy Catholic bishops, priests and laymen.

Tancred said...

He's right this time.

Anonymous said...

He's been right a couple of times recently. Thanks be to God.

Anonymous said...

Well apparently he was WRONG WRONG WRONG - the fraud has resigned!

Tancred said...

Look at the glee from the Leftists and dissidents.