Tuesday, October 23, 2012

News Clips -- Planned Attack on Marriage at Bishops' Synod

Conspirators Handled as Advertised -- Objection to Illegal Criminal Penalty ---- Settlers Storm an Abandoned Outpost -- Bad Comparison -- The Crimes of Syrian Terrorists

Plotters Handled as Advertised

Vatican.  The conspirer Bishop Felix Gmur of Basel stood in -- as it had been long planned before -- on behalf of adultery at the Bishops' Synod.  Msgr Gmur the specially drilled journalists, how the Church addresses people, who "live in other family forms".  He prated on of two divorced bigamists, who have lived for fifty years in adultery.  Bishop Gmur would like to know if fifty years of fornication "can't be really valid in our eyes".  The Church should recognize adultery -- demanded Msgr. Gmur.

Objection to Illegal Criminal Penalty

Germany.  The British SSPX Bishop Richard Williamson has lodged a claim against the new German penalty.  The penalty was conformed to a non-existing sin, according to international legal standards, of "inciting hatred".  Another hearing will take place next year.

Settlers Storm an Empty Outpost

Occupied Palestine.  Dozens of Jewish settlers recently attack -- under the protection of heavily armed occupation soldiers -- in the abandoned outpost of the settlement Tarsala south of the 40,000 population city of Jenin in the northerly West Bank.  Witnesses reported that fourteen vehicles with bands of settlers stormed the place.  After that security patrols were led into the streets between Jenin and Nablus.  The inhabitants were threatened and insulted.

Poor Comparison

Germany.  The New Evangelization must be begun by individuals.  The Neoconservative Cardinal Joachim Meisner said this for the to the press official of the Diocese of Basel.  As Christianity received its freedom under the Emperor Constantine in 313, it didn't give Christian families and Christian schools:  "Then one began at point null and we appear to be again at that point."  Only:  Then, Catholics were highly motivated and anchored firmly in the faith.

Crimes of the Syrian Terrorists

"The refugees from the terrorist infested part of Aleppo report of abortion, kidnapping, abuse and burned from their homes and their cars stolen.  'My son was shot by a sniper of the [so-called] Free Syrian Army', shouted a father infuriated in an abandon school functioning as a refugee camp.  The boy has a cast on his foot and metal rods in his bones after an operation.

From an article on the online-edution of 'Springer' daily news 'Welt' about the foreign terrorists inciting a Syrian civil war on the 25th September.

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