Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Holland: Catholic Grade Schools to be Abolished

School Federation:  "The connection to the Church is already minimal at present" -- Auxiliary Bishop:  This enables the foundation of  "truly Catholic" grade schools, which the state had frequently suspended many in existence with disapproval.

Amsterdam (kath.net/KNA)  A large part of the Catholic grade schools in the Dutch diocese of s'Hertogenbosch will remove the description Catholic during the foreseeable year of 2013.

As the newspaper >>Trouw<< online (Monday) reports, that according to the determination of the scholastic board Signum, a large number of the 24 schools will eliminate the word "Catholic" from its self-description.

"The connection to the Church is already minimal now", stressed the Signum president Jan Timmers.  Of a break with the Church one could not say.  "We have been disengaging from the Church for years", says Timmers.  So, the schools will also celebrate the Islamic Ramadan at some time between Easter and Christmas.  Also the description of the scholastic mission statement will no longer be relegated directly to the Catholic Church, but to the "individuality of each child".

The Auxiliary Bishop in s'Hertogenbosch, Rob Mutsaerts, informed the report the following that it is better to
remove the designation "Catholic", because it doesn't correspond any more to the school's concept and moderating content.

This may enable the foundation of "truly Catholic" grade schools.  Till now the state has denied such new foundations and it has adversely managed numerous existing Catholic grade schools.


Unknown said...

Thank you for the "hermeneutic of continuity"!
Who are they trying to fool?

Anonymous said...

Will the Catholic Church even survive the modernism so invited into it's house since Vat II.

Anonymous said...

They should have dropped the label long ago. After all, this is the home of communion in the hand. These people are rank apostates. Such are the poisonous fruits of the Council of Wretched Memory, i.e., the Hippie Council, i.e., Vatican II.

Jack said...

My understanding is that many Catholic schools in Europe and Canada are supported, at least in part, by the secular governments.

What the government funds the government can control.

It might be best to have Catholic schools totally devoid of state funding.

Anonymous said...

Say "Catholic" schools in Canada...

Wulfrano Ruiz Sainz said...

After 60 years you still don't know what the legacy of Vatican Council II is?

Then let me tell you.

It's a legacy of mad destruction of Catholicism, of Apostasy, of Blasphemy, of reason and motive for the End of the World.