Wednesday, August 29, 2012

CSU Politician: The Gay Lobby is "Aggressive and Intolerant"

Attacks against the opponents of  marriage being equated with  homosexualy disordered relationships show that the sodomists who cry the loudest for tolerance are those who can not bear opinions other than their own.

( In the debate about marriage equality of homosexual depravity the CSU Bundestag representative, Norbert Geis (72) complains about the "aggressive and intolerant" manner of discussion.

Is it possible to reasonably discuss anything with homosexuals?

The attacks against the opponents of homosexual marriage often demonstrate, "that precisely those who cry the loudest for tolerance, could not bear opinions other than their own."

This was written by Geis in a commentary for the edition of the Berlin weekly, 'Junge Freiheit' for the coming Thursday.

A factual discussion is not possible for that reason.

The privilege of the family is in the Constitution

The demand that the state has to protect marriage and families in a special way, is in the German Constitution.

This can not be distorted into discrimination against homosexually disturbed couplings.

Then this allows the "small, but vocal homosexual lobby no opportunity, to force equality with marriage and family",  criticized the law expert.

This tendency to leveling is unfortunately reinforced by various decisions in the Federal Constitutional Courts.

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