Saturday, August 11, 2012

Cardinal Meisner: People Are Afraid of Offending Muslims, Not Christians

Cardinal Meisner:  "It is significant that Christians are often the targets of satire and blasphemy.  With Muslims, one goes much more carefully, because one fears that there will be anger".

Cologne (  Cologne's Cardinal Joachim Meisner criticized the treatment of Christians in Germany.  It is "significant" that Christians are often the targets of satire and blasphemy., said the Bishop to the «Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger» on Saturday.   "With Muslims one has to be more careful, because one fears that they will become angry."  Such public outrage is merely "the false reaction" and is denied to Christians.  It is "unfair, for them to distinguish themselves when it doesn't cost them anything".

Cardinal Meisner defended the Pope's legal action against the satirical magazine "Titanic".  "It looked to me as though they wanted to whipe their dirty boots on the Pope's white cassock," said the Cardinal.  Under the headline "The Leak is Found" thePope was shown in a white cassock with a yellow patch on the front and a brown one on the back.  The Hamburg regional court has  prohibited the further spread of the title picture through an injunction.

Meisner confides that he himself has never seen the picture, because he "doesn't want to pollute his eyes with it".  Some things "you should not come into close proximity to."



Simeon said...

It isn't fear of offending muslims. The media has mocked them with cartoons often. This is more about hatred. And who better to spit upon but the Catholic Church? Even evildoers know where to strike if they want to "hit" God. You don't see them mocking the Amish this way do you? Baptists? Methodists? Mormons? Anglicans? The Orthodox? Buddhists? Pagans? Atheists? No other religion gets the public contempt but Catholicism.

This alone is enough to point out the true religion. The Devil and it's servants always know God and His servants. "But the wicked spirit, answering, said to them: Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are you?"

Dan said...

Well, Cardinal Meisner is sure in a position to know. He has downplayed his own Catholic Faith so as not to "offend" his Jewish friends.

As for offending Muslims...apparently the Cardinal does not read the newspapers. Muslims are mocked in the media nearly every day - not as much as Catholics, to be sure. The number one enemy to these people is the Catholic Church and the people who are behind the mocking, belittling and blaspheming against Christ's true Church are the same ones Cardinal Meisner is so chummy with, as noted above.

Be consistent, Your Eminence: preach the Truth to ALL those outside the Church.