Sunday, August 12, 2012

Modernist Monks Strong-arming the Elderly?

Modernist Abbey Church Interior 

Edit: the Collegeville saga develops as reality closes in and the truth comes out.  Many of the monks lead very comfortable lives.  Even the ones who've been credibly accused of preying on children get to take vacations to Europe.
In an effort that reeks of desperation, the Modernists at Collegeville are trying to strong arm elderly donors in what appear to be immoral ways.
This is what comes of frittering away spiritual capital that you not only did nothing to build up, but have done everything to tear down.   These men are surely like the ravening wolves of the Gospel, or the man who ought to have a millstone tied around his neck.
Sure, the law might not be too worried about the students who attended a private school in the 80s and 90s, but they're not going to be happy about taking advantage of the elderly.

If you look below, some of those men accused of preying on the elderly are also credibly accused sex offenders.

From the Pine Curtain:
Saint John’s is party to legal battles in both the California and Minnesota court systems.
It has been alleged that employees of the Order of Saint Benedict (including St. John’s University and Saint John’s Abbey) engaged in “financial elder abuse” and “predatory fundraising”. 
According to legal documents, Saint John’s is accused of:
1. Liability of Gratuitous Tranferee of Trust Property
2. Liability of Gratuitous Tranferee of Personal Property
3. Constructive Fraud
4. Participation in Breach of Trust
5. Breach of Fiduciary Duty
6. Financial Elder Abuse 
Among the alleged participants:
Mr. Jim Dwyer
Fr. Benedict Leuthner
Br. Dietrich Reinhardt
Mr. Dan Whalen
Fr. Eric Hollas
Fr. Robert Koopmann
Ms. Denise Holstad Photo Mr. Rob Culligan
Mr. John Young
Mr. Gary Stoos
Mr. Mark Brown

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