Monday, July 30, 2012

Auxiliary Bishop Laun of Salzburg Does 180 on Homosexuality

Austria.  German speaking homosexual websites are overjoyed over the most recent statements by Auxiliary Bishop Andreas Laun of Salzburg.  The prelate had previously warned about this on '', that homosexual is seen as the worst sin above all. He even cultivated the illusion for them, with "your loving relationship with one another".  With his commentary, Msgr Laun is relieved of being the "archconservative hater of homosexuals" -- happily declare the homosexual sites. The one time homosexual critic, he has now "turned around 180 degrees" .  The Auxiliary Bishop stands supposedly in line with the Catechism, ready however on the ground for a "overcome" the same, wrote Wolfgan Bergmann -- anti-Church business manager of the anti-Catholic publication "Standard". In total, the homosexual sites have taken note that the Conciliar Church is garnering attention for its "homosexual friendly tone".

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Pray for the pope. said...

Another bishop who is no longer a member of The Catholic Church. Too bad we a dachshund instead of a German Shepherd protecting the Herd. Telling people with disordered sexuality that they are okay with God may well be worse than the sin itself. Uninformed people tend to think that Homosexuals are merely sissy men or sexually confused men who engage in same sex "love", when in FACT they are a tiny speck of a minority among a huge infestation of violent sexual perverts.

Anyone who has ever spoken with a victim of these sick, sick, sick people can tell you about the psychological hold that they were yoked in because of the pull of evil made easy by the chemical reactions produced in the body. It does not take more than ONE TIME to confuse the human brain because the sexual drive, especially in men is so strong in order that humans can "be fruitful and multiply".

Pray for the sexually confused. Pray for all people to stay away from television, movies, magazines, radio and all other media whose sole purpose is to indoctrinate you to accept Evil. Protect your children. Store solid Catholic books, Bibles and Catechisms so that they never lay eyes on the contaminated writings of the counterfeit church of the Freemason Conciliarists.

Pray for the Consecration of Russia.