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Danish Bishop Offers Pontifical High Mass in Germany

Bischof Kozon bei einem früheren Pontifikalamt

From Copenhagen to Neustadt

28 Jul 2010

[] On the morning of Sunday the 29th , the regular celebration of Sunday Mass in the Old Rite was celebrated in Neutstadt, Pfalz, by Msgr Czelslaw Kozon, the Diocesan Bishop of Kopenhagen.  Bishop Kozon is a student friend of the Cathedral Rector Dr. Norbert Weis, who is celebrates the traditional Rite in the Catholic area in the Monastery of Neustadt.

It is beautiful, and we would have gladly pointed out this Mass celebration earlier, if we only had experienced it earlier.

In any event the question is posed with greater urgency why till has no serving German Diocesan Bishop  not see the situation, to realize the Episcopal Mass for the Traditional faithful of his Diocese in this visible form:  regardless whether it had been that these faithful had been marked as outsiders,  who do not really belong and whom the German Bishop ordinarily greets them from afar?   Will  your Excellency be bullied at the next arrival of the Bishop Conference because of infractions against the German Catholic code of conduct, if he allows a Pontifical Mass according to the books of 1962?   Is the grey eminence of Langedorf really concerned about more than just Summorum Pontificum?  Or will one be mercifully spared the tender mercies of the Bishops of the Lehman-generation, to still experience the Liturgical bankruptcy of their life's work?

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