Friday, June 1, 2012

Cardinal Turkson Warns of War in Syria

Radio Vatikan berichtete (Latein: Gero P. Weishaupt)

To protect its people is the most important rule of a government, especially Syria's government.  This was said by Curial Cardinal Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson this Thursday t the news agency "Sir".  He hopes that the Syrian government will heed UNO-delegate Kofi Annan, to initiate a new initiative for peace in Syria, said the director of the Papal Council for Peace and Justice.  His plea came on the conclusion of a meeting of his Council  as part of the Jubilee for the Encyclical "Pacem in Terris" by Pope John XXIII.  To Radio Vatican he stressed the roll of the Church in "peacebuilding":  The Church is itself  "by nature a Peacebuilder, her founder was a Peacebuilder" ... (rv/sir 1.6.2012)

Translation from Latin into German by Father Weishaupt.
Translation to English: Tancred

In Latin:  

Cardinalis Turkson de bello in Syria inchoando monuit

Moderatorum civitatis, moderatorum quoque Syriae, maxime est proprium populum protegere. Hoc Petrus Cardinalis Kdwo Appih Turkson, Cardinalis Curiae Romanae, Iovis die procuratoris sedi nuntiis divulgandis, "Sir" titulo, dixit. Se spe esse affectum fore, ut moderatores Syriae Kofi Annan, qui a Foedereratarum Nationum Consilio mandatum accepit quique inceptum iterum ipse inchoavit paci restiuendae, ut Praeses Pontificii Consilii de Iustitia et Pace notum fecit. Cuius monitus fine cuiusdam conventus eius Consilii de anniversaria memoria Litterarum Encycliarum Summi Pontificis Ioannis XXIII, quae a verbis "Pacem in Terris" incipiunt, prolatus est. In Statione Radiophonica Vaticana percontatus partem in memoriam revocavit, quae Ecclesiae in pace conferenda agit: Ecclesiam ipsam suapte natura pacem fovere, Conditorem eius enim pacem constituisse". ...

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