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As He Looked at the Cross, He Wanted to Shove Off

Quite a Resemblance
Edit: doesn't bother much with this man's self-justification,  unlike Independent, but it does offer some interesting insights.

The German corpse desecrator Gunther von Hagens has just released his last blasphemy.  But God -- in whom he does not believe -- put a spoke in his plans.

(kreuznet)  Gunther von Hagens (67) is a very devout atheist and desecrator of corpses.

For his last desecration he took a large number of human bones and woven material to cobble together a plastic Christ and hang it on a cross.

The church-hate daily 'Welt' reported on this.

The controversy of desecrating corpses has made von Hagens a multimillionaire.

Fleeing from the Cross

Gunther von Hagens
© Jorgebarrios, Wikimedia, CC
Von Hagens was there as the tree was felled and cut into an over three meter high cross.

AS the Cross was erected for the first time, the corpse desecrator had tears in his eyes:

"Let's shove off",  he said and turned away.

The Corpse Desecrator's Health is at an End

The atheist is a ruin.  He has been suffering since 2008 from a severe form of Parkinson's.

His speech center is severely damaged.  He shudders so much that he can hardly be understood.

25 pills in the morning and 25 pills in the evening keep him alive.

There are electrodes implanted in his head to prevent his quivering.  The electrodes protrude from his head.

Grasp the Pope's Attention

In order to give his blasphemy cross the largest possible notoriety, Hagens has planned a crusade over the Alps to Rome.

He wants to display his corpse desecration in front of banks churches and ski resorts.

The trip was supposed to end at the Vatican.

The necrophile even hopes, "that the Pope will personally personally struggle with it himself".

Last Stop Hall

Actually, as his accomplices nailed the figure on the cross on the 20th of February, the corpse desecrator lay in the hospital.

His state of health may prevent his "Crusade to Rome".

Now the blasphemy is in a hall in his corpse desecration worship in the 20,000 population city of Guben-- situated on the Polish border.

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