Thursday, March 1, 2012

Saint Louis Diocese Backs its School Administration Firing Homosexual Teacher

Edit: This is an interesting contrast to what Cardinal Wuerl is doing in Washington D.C.. A Saint Louis School is firing its music teacher, since the administration became aware of his intention to "marry". You might as what Al Fisher is doing in the school in the first place, but at least they're getting rid of him. More should follow and once the canons are faced, more in positions of responsibility will be courageous enough to resist this perpetual media assault on the Church and Her institutions.

Some may point out that both Diocese are following protocol agreed upon by both parties, but actually, only one of the parties is concerned about defending Catholic moral teaching against its enemies and seems largely unmoved by media pressure.

Archbishop Carlson of St. Louis once threatened to close down Catholic social services when he was Bishop of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He will not be moved by the distortions such as are frequently available at Huffington Post.

This school teacher signed a document agreeing he wouldn't publicly challenge the Church's teachings. He's done.

[] The Rev. Bill Kempf, St. Ann's pastor, said in an emailed statement that the parish was "recently informed by one of its teachers of his plan to unite in marriage with an individual of the same sex. With full respect of this individual's basic human dignity, this same-sex union opposes Roman Catholic teaching as it cannot realize the full potential a marital relationship is meant to express. As a violation of the Christian Witness Statement that all Catholic educators in the Archdiocese of St. Louis are obliged to uphold, we relieved this teacher of his duties."

The Christian Witness Statement, which educators sign when applying for Archdiocese work, says all who serve in Catholic education should, among other requirements, "not take a public position contrary to the Catholic Church" and "demonstrate a public life consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church."

The Roman Catholic Church does not condemn homosexuals who remain "chaste," but it takes a strong stance against same-sex marriage and homosexual acts.
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