Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Conservative Linz Pastor Called to Rome: New Auxiliary for Linz?

I know nothing! Bishop Schwarz
© Pressefoto Bistum Linz
Something is Going on Behind the Scenes in the Scandal Diocese of Linz, Austria

It will not be simple for the Vatican to name a new Bishop for Linz.  Because in the meantime, Catholics are in the balance.

( Linz diocesan insiders are estimating that there is going to be another attempt by Pope Benedict XVI., to name an Auxiliary Bishop for the scandal Diocese of Linz.

Previously it is being aired that this could be the case by Easter.

In the meantime most are of the opinion that the appointment won't happen till the summer.

An Episcopal Denial Means Nothing

On Sunday the Old Lieral Bishop Ludwig Schwarz of Linz spoke to the Viennese boulevard magazine, 'Krone'.

He denied that there is an impending appointment of an Auxiliary Bishop.

Actually, that doesn't mean much.

Nothing is known about the Content

Recently, the rejected Linz Auxiliary Bishop, Pastor Gerhard Maria Wagner of Windischgarsten has been called to Rome.

He may have become aware of this date himself.

There is nothing available surrounding the content of the discussion.

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