Friday, September 30, 2011

Victory! Homo-March of Shame Prevented in Belgrade

The morally and financially bankrupt EU is not the measure of all things.  Proof of that is that the left homo-mafia is not finished, corrupting all states.
The Serbs Turn Against EU Depravity

( Serbia has forbidden a planned march of left-extremist homosexual-onanists in Belgrade planned for this Sunday.

Civilian groups had made their decisiveness known, not to allow this anti-family and child provocation from taking place.

Against the Homosexual Thralldom of the EU 

The Socialist Interior Minister, Comrade Ivica Dacic (45), have announced today in Belgrade that the police will forbid the planned homosexual provocation, if they don't cancel it for themselves.

"The Police are unable to support the development of such gatherings for reasons of safety, because they lead to conflicts, victims and bloodshed and lead to great chaos" -- maintains Comrade Dacic to Serbian media regarding the prohibition.

Under pressure from morally decadent and financially bankrupt EU, Belgrade allowed a left-extremist homosexual-onanist march of shame for the first time there.

Actually the citizens rose up and afforded decisive resistance to the chaotic goings on.

The Contamination of The Human Esteem

Today, this planned horror was also sharply condemned by Patriarch Irinej (80)-- the Head of the Serbian Orthodox.

It constitutes a "parade of shame, which will contaminate human esteem" -- he analyzed.

Again homosexually disturbed individuals were described by Serbian politicians, euphemistically, as "sick people".

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