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SSPX Spokesman: If the General Superior Agrees, The Society Will Come Along

Thank the Society of St. Pius X that finally the Superdogma of the "Second Vatican Council" can be criticized.
A Very Happy Father Lorans

(  The openness with which the Society theologians have discussed in doctrinal talks about the difficulties of the texts of the Second Vatican Council , have not endangered the most recent stage of the discussions of the doctrinal Preamble.

The Speaker of the Swiss General House of the Society of Pius X, Father Alain Lorans, said on the  21st of September for the French newspaper 21.

 The Congregation for the Doctrine and the Faith tailored the Preamble to accomodate the objections of the Society's positions critical of the Council.

Catholics will be Recognized as Catholics Again

An agreement with Rome and with the regularization of the canonical status of the Society is something Father Lorans thinks is "not so critical".

It's much more important to give back the Traditionalists their liberties as Catholics again.

That was begun with the Motu Proprio "Summorum Pontificum'.

The Society Holds Tight

It is clear for Father Lorans: If the General Superior of the Society, Msgr Bernard Fellay, agrees to the Preamble, the Society will come too.

Father Lorans offers no information on the doctrinal Preamble.

He defers to the official statement of the Vatican.

The Preamble leaves "open justifiable debate, studies and theological clarifications of certain expressions or certain formulations, which are in the present texts of the Second Vatican Council and the subsequent Magisterium."

The Taboo Surrounding the Pastoral Council is Gone

Father Lorans stressed that the problematic points in the Second Vatican Council "may be discussed, without putting obedience to the Church in question."

This is so that the Vatican recognizes that these controversial texts necessary for approval are not the same as for dogma.

Father recalled the internal distinction between the statement of the Vatican Press service on the "Doctrinal Preamble" of September 14. and the note by the Secretary of State to the Society on the 4th of February 2009.

Back then it read:

"For future recognition of the Fraternity of Saint Pius X., a full recognition of the Second Vatican Council and the Magisterium of the Pope John XXIII., Paul VI., John Paul I, John Paul II and Benedict XVI. is an indispensable condition. "

According to Father, there are two years worth of theological discussions between these two statements.

This had had enabled us to illuminate the doctrinal problems.

The question as to whether Rome had developed more in those two years or if the presentations of the theologians of the Society had anything to do with it is something Father Lorans is leaving open to question.

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